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Tree Of Savior Power Leveling

Powerleveling in Tree of Savior

Don't want to spend a lot of time grinding through exp level after level? Hire someone else to pump up your account to wanted lvl. You must provide access to your game account and it may sound suspicious and scary, but most of the power leveling specialists operate inefficient and trustworthy manner. Also, you will receive a cash deposit as a security measure. This is not the wild west period of Internet history when scammers and exploiters freely roamed the world wide web. Nowadays Powerleveling is a serious service as can it get. While this specialist will be pumping up your account you must remember not to log into your account, mute people from your contact list and change password when the whole deal is done.


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About Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior (TOS for short) is a free to play Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by IMC Games and published in some regions by Nexon. It was developed by Kim Hakkyu, creator of famous and acclaimed Ragnarok Online. The music score was composed and performed by various artists like SoundTeMP, the same people known for their work on music in Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada. TOS design is based on Lithuanian culture and mythology. And with the comeback of Popo Point Shop on Apr '19


TOS was first revealed at Handgame EX in 2011 under the code name “Project R1”, which led to the attainment of the “spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online” name to it. The Game was published on Steam Greenlight platform on May 12, 2015, and approved in less than 10 hours. The International version was released on Steam as an Early Access game on March 28, 2016, with the final version of the game releasing as a free to play the title on Apri 28 2016. Players can travel throguh the map of the huge world and discover all the different regions inspired by history and legends of Lithuania.


Player vs Player and Guild System

So what you can use your pumped character for? To play the game, including fighting other players in various game modes


Team Battle League

Called TBL for short, this is a Player vs Player gameplay mode, where players compete with other players from the same regional servers. TBL have four different sessions each day, one hour long. Everyone can watch it, but characters over Rank 5 are allowed to participate. All participants receive Battle Points after competing. The points can be used to purchase items in the Point Shop.


Gemstone Feud

This is another PvP game mode, where two opposing teams battle one another for precious Gemstones. It has no entry count limit. Players can participate every day at 10AM, 2 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM in their respective server region's time zone. This mode is open to characters that are on level 350 or above only. After the start of each session, participants are divided between two camps. Gathered Gemstones can be exchanged for valuable items.


Guild and Guild Territory Wars

Any player can create a guild with additional features like Guild Hangout. The higher level your character has, the more willingly other players will join your Guild. It members can participate in different activities like boss hunting and guild wars. They also can do farming in their hangout. The main feature of Guild is the Guild Territory Wars, which is a large-scale PvP challenge. Guilds fight each other to take control of areas of territory in a field. The reward for seizing the area depends on the grade of the field.


Dungeons and other game modes

Uphill Defense Mission

This is party oriented mission where every team member must protect the Divine Torch from the attacking waves of enemies. Only Level 120 characters and above can participate in this mission. It rewards participants with valuable items. Kill hordes of mobs in a dungeon to get the rewards!


Challenge Mode

This game mode allows you to fight powerful enemies for equipment and additional reward items. Each player can only enter this mode once per day. The only way to gain access to this mode is by using a Challenge Mode Voucher and defeating a certain number of monsters of level 200.



TOS uses a class system which determines skillsets available to player's character. At the beginning there are five classes available. By advancing through the game and completing quests, player has an opportunity to gain access to three additional classes. Class skills can be strengthened by improving class attributes.


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