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Hearthstone Cards

Hearthstone's basic pieces that the game consists of are Hearthstone Cards. Each Hearthstone card represents a unique action which can be performed on the table at certain mana cost. There are three main types of cards: spell cards, weapon cards and minion cards. Hearthstone Cards come from a variety of editions like expansions, adventures or tavern brawls. Hearthstone Cards are used by players to create their custom decks composed of 30 cards. Hearthstone features 1189 cards which can be collected by players. Hearthstone Cards are also categorized by rarity, class and set. Rarity determines the difficulty at which it is to obtain a card. Higher rarity usually means that card is more powerful but harder to be obtained. Class category means which class can use a certain card, however some of them are neutral which means every class can use them. Looking for virtual goods connected with Hearthstone Cards? Check MMOAuctions for the latest offers from players and traders worldwide!