WoW Market

World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment is among the most popular games in MMO genre. Constantly growing and evolving brings joy to many players on a global scale. Wide variety of items, pets and mounts makes World of Warcraft a phenomenon in terms of in-game universum. No wonder that WoW market is one of the biggest and best prospering online economies comparable only to EVE Online.


What do you need gold for in World of Warcraft?

We couldn’t come up with more stupid question, than this.


The online game money is the most important factor, as it’s opening most of the gates and leads to a power. Skill without items is worthless. Levels without items are worthless. Lastly, grinding without purpose of becoming absurdly rich is worthless. Yes, it is just an online fun, a toy, but it means life to some people. How are you gonna fight Burning Legion without the gear with top statistics?


Which item would be worth buying?

Basically we can divide World of Warcraft items into two separate groups - useful and useless. Useful items are those, which are enhancing your character, in any way making it stronger, faster, more agile, durable etc. or parts of something bigger for crafting. 

Useless? The very rest. Simple cosmetics, like color of your robe or a hat do not give you more power. These are vanity items. Perfect example is a Sea Turtle mount. It gives you no bonus movement speed neither on the ground, nor in the water. It just... is.




EVE Online trademark PLEX was a sign. It became a tool to fight with RMT. Others were sure to follow.

This way the most important purpose of having enormous amounts of online gold is to buy a Token for it. Since Blizzard Entertainment implemented a possibility to pay for subscription with in-game money, farming became mandatory. Depending on region and realm the price of Token varies from 130k in US to over 250k in Korea.

Since you can redeem your token for a (Blizzard Entertainment global online shop) balance, it creates interesting opportunities.  In theory you can legally get non-online money for playing the game. Aside of it you can choose to buy other Blizzard titles or gear.



Money can make you powerful not only in real life but also in a realm. There are some limitations (for players not to twink), but most of the powerful items you can own by purchasing them. For a ridiculous amount of gold, of course. Anyone saw a Brutosaur...?



They are like cars in WoW realm and there is no reason for not using one. It makes you mobile. Let’s say, that last day grinding you spent one hour sheer walking. With a mount, that gives you 60% more movement speed, you’d save more than 20 minutes of your life. And time is one of those resources you can't buy. And it looks absolutely dope on top of that.



There is also no reason not to have a pet. Of course nobody orders you to collect them like crazy, but having a online battle pet might be helpful in fighting Burning Legion.


How to get more gold in World of Warcraft fast

There are some methods of getting wealthy in the realm of Azeroth. Some are easy, some hard, some risky.



It became a trademark for WoW.

Each and every MMO game has its own resources farming mechanics. You can go wherever you want and gather collectibles. Depending on the market situation, realm conditions, patch, expansion and updates there are things worth collecting and useless. Generally whatever can get players closer to potion, flasks and food, is worth collecting and will always sell good, as there is constant global demand on those items.


To farm effectively you will have to learn and level up farming professions - herbalism, mining, skinning, fishing. The best option here is to have couple of characters, each specialized in different professions, working for your welfare.


A tip: never sell to vendors. In 99% it’s not worth it. It’s better to have a Bank Character and hoard all the gathered stuff, than get rid off just it like that. Sure, it takes time and patience, but it will repay. Selling to vendor is fast and lazy way of monetizing items, but for acquiring their true realm value you need to head to the Auction House.



A little more advanced than farming, but guarantees more profit. Since you can produce more advanced items, you can turn low value things into something more expensive. There is a list of professions worth leveling and maxing, as they are pretty sure way of good income in every realm:

- Alchemy - people will always be in need of pots, flasks and others. Arguably the most useful profession in WoW market.


- Blacksmithing - making rare armors and weapons in theory should be profitable, but reality shows, that there is usually low demand on those.


- Cooking - raiders and PvPers will always need consumables. Combined with fishing can make for good, sustainable source of income.


- Enchanting - theoretically can give you money, but most of the times it's not worthwhile.


- Inscripting - profitable to a point. Every new player needs glyphs, but competition is high here and market is rather small.


- Leatherworking - similar to blacksmithing. Good profit, small demand.


- Tailoring - similar to blacksmithing and leatherworking. Nice profits, small demand.



If you are strong in the realm, you may want to boost somebody for gold. One hour of efficient boosting can make you decent money.


Buy it

Buy gold… Seems like a joke, but I’m dead serious. There are various places, where you can actually buy WoW gold. For real money. This is a shortcut for loaded and impatient people.


How to trade in World of Warcraft


Thanks to its Auction House interface WoW has revolutionized global MMO item trading system. Usually what happens after new MMO game is introduced, there are many people grinding, farming and playing 24/7 to get resources and trade them as fast as they can on certain sites. Here due to Tokens and legal WoW market Blizzard Entertainment has a share a lot from potential online money makers income.


Trading on WoW market is easy like hitting a button in a browser. You start by going to the Auction House interface and place a bid. If it's accepted, you will receive a notification on your mail box. Your freshly bought item comes also through the mail box. To place an item selling bid you need to leave a deposit. You get it back when the item is purchased, but you pay a small cut, or when you cancel.


WoW market has some minor limitations It used to be impossible to trade between factions via normal Auction House, and you had to look for Cross-Faction Auction Houses located in neutral zones - city of Dalaran and Shattrath. Also there are soulbound items, which become untradeable when certain conditions are met.

It gets tricky, when you want to make money on WoW market. You need to be cautious, patient, preservant and not afraid of taking risk.



Beware, when you see items listed very low - think twice. You may think you landed a trade of your life, but in the meantime you will lose your account. Next day as you log in after loading screen is gone, you may find your bags empty. At some trading sites you may browse your own items!


Trade Skill Maste scans the WoW market data for you searching for an item listed at attractive price. But the add-on will not do everything on your behalf. You will have a small window of opportunity, so you need to be online.


Landing one or two good transactions can be more profitable than pumping oil in the Persian Gulf. However if you are just a regular ‘johnny’ playing the game, hoping to make big money via Auction House, it may be very hard. In each realm there are people, to whom gold making is a full time job. They’re spending the whole weeks in the Auction House hunting for best trades, they are aware of current realm’s conditions and preferences, and trading add-ons are often their only company. They're eating WoW market data for breakfast, and their mail box is burning. You have to either fully commit into trading or count on your luck.



Say that you have 500k worth of items collected and you need 200k immediately, as if your life was depending on it. So you list your stash really really low value.


Of course this works, but:

- you may lose badly,

- you will not get many friends throughout the realm, especially among gold makers (check your mail box for death threats),

- aside from professional gold makers, it may also result in ruining item price in WoW market.

So it is recommended to post a message on trade chat, asking whether someone is willing to buy your item lower than in auction house. There may be someone actually interested in buying all items you want to sell in a bulk. It may be worth to give this guy a little discount. 


Rules of market

These are dependant on trends in current realm. Now we can divide players into four main categories:

- questers - these guys are focusing their time and effort on completing quests. naturally while fulfilling the quest you’ll farm some stuff on the fly. They rarely buy anything specific, most likely these would be consumables, which they are using during the quests. They are selling everything they do not consider useful, which makes it pretty random,

- farmers - as befits they are farming. They spend most of the time collecting various trash like rocks or plants, and selling them in bulks. It is said that farmers are bringing around half of total goods listed for sale. Generally they bring more than take,

- raiders - they bring mostly rare and epic BoE equipment, enchanting materials from their upgrades, but generally they buy more materials from professions than they bring. They are also the biggest source of supply for all potions, elixers, flasks, scrolls etc.

- PvP - they bring next to nothing to the Auction House and buy almost the same as raider. They take less consumables, but almost as much gems and enchanting materials as raiders. 


This brings us to some conclusion:

- questers and farmers supply more than they demand,

- raiders and PvPers demand more than they supply.


Taking into account the fact, that questers and farmers are generally constantly active, raiders are going for raids in afternoons on weekdays, and PvPers are doing their thing on weekends, we can come to some more conclusions:

- best time to sell consumables will be afternoons and evenings,

- best time to buy things will be early morning, when raiders are coming back with loot.


These are pretty much gard data, but remember - everything is changing. New update, new raid, new expansion, and nearly everything what you knew about the market turns to dust.


WoW Black Market Auction House

This facility is run by Madam Goya, currently located in Underbelly in Dalaran. It is an auction house that provides rare items for players to bid. You never know, what item is going to be placed there.


Each Black Market auction last 24 hours. Players can extend its duration by bidding in the last 30 minutes. Item placed in a Black Market is realm-specific, available for both factions. Players cannot put items on Black Market. It's entirely up to Blizzard. Winning a bidding sends you a notification on your mail box, same as normal Auction House.


A sort of a fun fact is the Unclaimed Black Market Container, a kind of a online, WoW market lottery. The cost of it varies, as well as its content. You may purchase it for 20k and find a Zulian Swift Tiger inside, or you may choose to buy it for 100k and find... a cloth. Are you the risky kind of player? Or rather measured and steady? No matter which play style you choose, most of the times it's worth to check, what sort of item is available.




With so much trading data, offers and bids in the realm’s market it’s nearly impossible to do effective trading without an add-on, so it's better to have them at hand. They are also the way of how to check Auction House online in WoW. The most popular are:


- Trade Skill Master - possibly the most useful and global praised WoW market add-on. There is no possibility to list all of its features, but we can assure you that every serious trader is using it. It sorts the trading data all over the realm, allowing you to choose satisfying content from millions of auctions, contains tons of statistics and many more. Trading in WoW takes less time thanks to TSM.


- Undermine Journal - provides the service of scanning the realm WoW market data in search for the best trades and average price of certain item. Allows you to check best possible opportunities, also works on trading data, guarantees hundreds of useful statistics.


It's up to you, which add-on will you choose, but there is no reason to choose only one. You can also check the internet and search for more WoW helpers.


Non-realm WoW Market

Despite of Blizzard’s efforts to cut the gold makers and sellers profits, there are some things, that players want to skip no matter what. Time, cross-faction trading, maybe selling the account or monetizing the online gold. Whatever they need, at MMO Auctions they will find it. The best WoW market online offers boosting, power leveling, gold and item trading in WoW and many more. Guaranteed safety, which is the most important on WoW market. We provide player-to-player contact, rest is up to you. Feel free to check it out. 



How much is WoW gold worth in real world?

Why would we want an in-game currency? It’s just a digital replica of something having value only in the certain realm. Theoretically. WoW market is a global online phenomenon,which brought the gold farming to another level, if you just look at the statistics. 15 years online, over 10 million players owning countless trillions of in-game gold worth at least few million dollars in real life. If these statistics aren't enough, let us go a little further.


We all know stories of people who gained huge wealth through simple grinding. We heard about a student who earned 1.3 million dollars with WoW. We read the story of Katrina Fincham, who had 75,000$ earned through grinding stolen. Finally we notice the whole companies built only for farming and selling WoW gold. How much is it worth?


It depends.

Definitely at one point it was worth more than official Venezuelan currency, which actually isn't a joke. According to some statistics, World of Warcraft gold was 7 times the value of Venezuelan bolivar!


After creating a possibility of buying token for in-game gold, the WoW market went a little bit crazy. Prices were fluctuating, until they kinda stabilized and now we can easily find them in the Internet. This gives players opportunity to choose between legal resources, and shady transactions.


Basic factor influencing the WoW/real money rate is WoW Token price. Currently depending on a region you can buy a Token for around 20$. Then you can exchange it in an Auction House for gold. Based on a region, the price varies and it’s around 133k in US, 184k in EU and 216k China.


Before implementation of Token there was enough global gold demand for people to farm it on a daily basis.

Implementation of Token surely hit the gold seller’s pockets, but not enough to make them quit. There is not much more for Blizzard to do in terms of denying global gold farming. Even though real money trading is a violation of the terms of service, many people still decide to trade in-game items for dollars. Lots of players don’t see any other reason to play the game. Some of them choose to sell their whole accounts!



As for every MMO game there is also a black market, where you can buy pretty much everything that is obtainable in World of Warcraft - mounts, gear, gold, accounts, power leveling, boosting and so on. And we can understand an untamed desire to own the legendary Pendulum of Doom,that requires 7 331 Uldaman runs. We understand mount collectors and their infinite search for Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. We understand that from different point of view simple hat with a candle can be an item of great desire.


But after all, when you sit down and calmly think about it - is it worth it? Unless farming WoW gold is your full time job, you have a job to earn money, that you spend on the game later on. What is the point of it? We hope maybe someone in comments will be kind to explain, why is is so important to be the coolest and the strongest guy online. Feel free to post comments and give us a feedback on our Facebook or Twitter


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