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Uldir is the first WoW raid you will encounter in Battle for Azeroth. Uldir, Halls of Control is another Titan facility found in Azeroth, this time in Nazmir, Zandalar. It used to be a quarantine laboratory where Titans tried to dissect and analyze their mortal enemy: The Old Gods.


After Titans ceased their operation on Azeroth the facility has been shut down for thousands of years. Over this time wards deteriorated and Uldir became source of corruption in Zandalar.


Taloc The Corrupted


Taloc was the powerful titan construct in charge of keeping a watch for any signs of corruption in the region but as the time has passed his systems deteriorated and Taloc went erratic. This boss opens Uldir raid.


Taloc is nothing what you would expect from first boss of the first WoW raid of the newest expansion. Usually those bosses are tank-and-spank encounters that sole purpose is DPS check and trying out if you have spent enough wow gold on gear. This boss, however, is slightly different. There are three phases to this fight and they are all about your spatial awareness. Not only you have to carefully place blood patches around the room but you have to dodge one-shot mechanics while doing it which won’t be unique to BfA raids. So if you are having problems you can always buy uldir boost.


Most important ability you will have to learn to deal with is the plasma discharge. Three players in a raid will receive a debuff and after three seconds they will leave a bloody circle around them that will do ticking damage to anyone standing in it. Every player will leave three of those circles before debuff ends and they will never go away, so you have to have them stacked as much as possible next to each other not to flood the area with them. Those blood stains can be removed. Once boss reaches 100% energy it will begin cast skill called “Cudgel of Gore” charging at the current tank and slamming the ground one shotting everyone except the tank in a 30 yard radius and clearing the blood patches as well. After the charge is complete he will then return to his weapon knocking over and damaging anyone in his path so be sure not to stand between Taloc and his mace. If you find this too hard you might reconsider buying a wow boost, uldir boost from more experienced guild.


Last important mechanic in this phase you will have to look out for is Sanguine Static. Boss will target a player and then send streams of blood in their direction and if you’re hit by these you will get knocked back which can potentially land you in the plasma discharge pool.


Once phase 1 finishes around 60% of his health the boss will move towards the middle of the room with 99% damage reduction. During this phase, you will have to deal with two kinds of adds. Volatile droplets will fixate on a player and explode whenever they come into contact with any player so be sure to stand behind the tank on this one so he can soak the incoming damage. Coalesced Blood has to be picked up by the tank, while they are alive they will continue casting blood storm that works the same way as plasma discharge. So for this phase its best to stack up behind the tank and move together to avoid the discharge.


Once the elevator reaches the ground he will knock everyone off clearing the area of any red puddles and killing all the remaining adds and phase three will begin.

The last phase is basically a combination of the previous two with plasma discharge and cudgel of gore mechanics but additionally, you get an occasional volatile droplet spawn tank has to soak. The only difference being that this time around you have a much bigger room to work with so if you have made it through the last two phases this one should be a breeze.




One of the watchers within the facility has been gifted with the unstoppable will to discover a final “solution” to the Old Gods problem. Her functions remained mostly intact despite many systems of the facility falling into madness.


You can say that Mother fight consist of two bosses, one being the Mother herself and second one being the stage of the fight.

Mother is a single phase encounter that takes place in a room divided into chambers that fill with fire over time wiping the entire raid. The basic mechanics revolves around leaving each chamber before flames appear but every person in the raid can go through the barrier just once.


Mother herself is not really difficult. Tanks have to watch out for Sundering Scalpel which places a narrow, frontal cone on top of the current tank dealing small amount of damage but also applying 50% increased damage taken debuff, however this ability seems to be avoidable to if done right it’s possible to have MOTHER fixated on one tank during the entire fight. Rest of the raid has to watch out for Purifying Flames which will have one of the floor tiles burst in flames after short delay. Getting hit by one of those small aoes will cause severe damage but getting shot by two is guaranteed death. Another important thing to master is the winds mechanics. On a timer a gust of wind will come from the left or the right side of the chamber pushing you towards a vat filled with lava the idea is to fight against the wind and not getting pushed to the vents. You have to keep in mind that winds and purifying flames can overlap.


Eventually, you will need to leave the chambers and the real difficulty starts. Chambers will slowly fill their energy bar as soon as Mother enters one. At 100% energy, the chamber will fill with flames wiping the raid and no amount of wow gold will save you. You switch the chamber by going through the blue defense energy wall, passing through will deal damage to the raid and places a stacking debuff on the entire raid that increases the damage taken for the next six seconds. That is why you have to pass through in groups of three. First group that goes through should be one tank, one healer and one DPS as going through will spawn an add three seconds after someone goes through. This is pretty tough not matter how much buy wow gold you will. The spawns have to be tanked and interrupted as single Clinging Corruption cast will place a raid-wide DoT that deals massive amounts of damage. Fortunately, those adds can be stunned and knockback, so a good AOE stun paired with good dps should negate this threat quite easily. There is one thing players have to be aware of, the defense shield acts as a field-of-view obstruction so players won't be able to attack those adds unless they are in the same chamber with them, but AOE damage like blizzard can still go through thats why tanking them near the grid can help bursting them down quickly. The walls also prevents healers from casting direct heals on the party in the other room. Considering the limitations you have to be extremely smart about who goes through and when. Last person going through should be a tank that is tanking the boss and his dedicated healer, because as soon as Mother enters another chamber, that room begins filling up the energy bar. Another room is just a repeated version of previous one, in the last chamber however you want to pop your bloodlust and nuke the boss down as she gets 100% increased damage taken debuff.


The final chamber, apart from Mother taking more damage, there will be new mechanic introduced called Surgical Beam. A cross-sectioned laser beam will drop from the ceiling and will start rotating, anyone caught by this beam will die. Altho this beam is pretty easy to dodge it may overlap with the winds mechanic which will make this last room a pain to deal with.


Fetid Devourer

Not all Uldir experiments were conducted on local life forms, they also ran tests on local spiritual beings, Loa, that inhabited the forests of Zandalar. After killing one of those beings it has been disposed improperly and the body of that demigod has been taken over the dark god presence looming in Uldir.


This is the first “intermission” boss that has very few abilities and boils down to simply “kill before enrage”. So spend that wow gold for those wow alchemy flask, especially the BfA flasks and start bashing!


It is very important to position the boss properly as one of its skills is Shockwave Stomp that deals small amount of damage to the raid and knocking players back a fair distance. By positioning the boss inside one of the alcoves players can have their backs covered by a wall reducing the distance traveled. Players will have to watch out for Corruption Corpuscle is a very damaging aoe that spawns in twos in two of the six alcoves forcing you to move the boss around. Once the spawn of Corpuscle is over boss will rush towards the spawned egg and start consuming it which will heal it for 10% of its health. This eggs, however, have very little health so dps can dispose of them before Devourer has a chance of healing himself and no amount of wow gold will save you!


Entire raid has to watch for skill called Rotting Regurgitation. Once boss reaches 100 energy he will unleash a cone damage spell on a random player, getting hit will cause massive damage followed by very potent DoT.  Another damage over time skill cast is Malodorous Miasma which will be cast on a random player for 18 seconds, not only this DOT will damage nearby players but also mutate into much more potent one after it expires and it cannot be dispelled so your healers will have to focus healing on the afflicted members.


In this encounter there is no need for tanks to swap, but still you need two tanks to stand next to another since the boss has a skill called Thrashing Terror, which will thrash the target closest to current tank for 300% of boss melee damage every fourth attack. This means second tank should be literally ghosting the first one.


At 50% health Fetid Devourer enrages increasing damage dealt by 25% and damage taken by 50% that’s the time you should pop your Bloodlust.


Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth


When Azeroth sundered a disgusting servant of the Old Gods arrived on the shores of Zandalar with intention of bringing the, now isolated, tribe into service of the Old God N’zoth. Zek’voz did not anticipate defenses of the Uldir facility and got himself captured, dissected and dismembered then hidden away in Titan’s Archives waiting for his opportunity to escape.


A three phase encounter with a brief “intro” phase where the boss will show off most of his abilities.


Tank will have to deal with Might of The Void which is a three-cast skill. It will start with short-ranged cone attack that applies 25% reduced healing for 8 seconds on the target hit, followed by Shatter which will cause physical damage and increase damage taken by 50% for 40 seconds finishing off with another void lash. After the full combo the tanks should switch. With proper cooldown management tank is able to hold two rounds but there is no reason to risk it.  


Each time boss reaches 100% energy he will cast Surging Darkness on the tank marking his location that will work as the epicenter of three huge AOE abilities that raid has to dodge. From this position three variants of AOE rings of void will spawn randomly - huge ring with gap in the middle, smaller ring with a gap in the middle that gets filled after some time etc. . Fortunately enough this ability is pretty easy to dodge as you can place the epicenter in the corner of the room and ignore this mechanics entirely or just buy wow boost, pve boost, uldir boost and forget about it.


Titan Spark causes unavoidable damage to random players throughout the fight and simply has to be healed through.


Once Zek’voz is at 90% health his proper first phase will begin. In this phase 2 spawns of Qiraji warriors will appear in teams of three, each group will fixate on a player and chase him around. If they manage to reach this player it will apply a nasty, stackable dot that also slows the target. Fortunately all forms of crowd control work on these guys so it's easy to just stun them and burst them down. Another ability to look out for in this phase is Eye Beam. A giant Eye will spawn in the middle of the room that will start selecting random non-tank targets and will then cast a beam that will bounce to nearby targets dealing significant amount of burst damage and each time it is allowed to bounce the damage increases. After few shots the eye hides. Unfortunately this skill can target melee which is pretty cruel and forcing melee players to just stand away from the boss for the time being.

Around 65% of health boss will transition to Phase 2. Eyebeam will no longer spawn but you will have to deal with two new abilities. Void bolt spawning Void Reavers will spawn, they have to be interrupted.  3 interrupts per add will cover the entire duration of the spawn. They can be stunned and silenced. Another ability is Roiling Deceit a dot placed on a couple of players which leaves a pool on expiration, if anyone runs into that pool it will spawn a Guardian of Yogg Saron add which will explode dealing huge damage to the WoW raid if it’s left alive for too long and they have fairly large health pool. This DoT is fairly long so you can drop them far away from the WoW raid so nobody spawns extra trouble by an accident.


Around 45-50% health phase three will begin. Titan Spark ability now deals more damage, orb of corruption will drop from the ceiling and someone will have to intercept it, if it is intercepted (lands on your head) it will either despawn or launch back into the air. If you manage to intercept it you will get a temporary buff called Corruptor’s Pact which increases your damage done, health and healing by 100%. When this buff ends however, you will be afflicted with Will of the Corruptor you will become mind controlled and that lasts till you die or boss is dead.