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OSRS Fire Cape & Infernal Cape Services

One of the biggest achievements for inexperienced players who have never completed this challenge is getting Fire or Infernal Cape in the Old School version of the RuneScape. Whether you are going the first or the second item you have to come prepared not only for an hour-long fight but also for the very challenging mechanics. After all, one mistake in the TzHaar Fight Cave or Mor Ul Rek can lead you to your demise. If you have tried and failed those challenges you probably know how frustrating it can be to spend hours on the boring waves of easy enemies just to get one-shot killed by either Jad or TzKal-Zuk in the last phase of the battle. To avoid mistakes and a time-waste that this challenge might generate you can purchase RuneScape Old School Fire Cape and Infernal Cape Services from the professional players in this section of our market. Pay someone that knows better how to achieve a victory in those minigames and get your Fire/Infernal Cape today!

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Old School RuneScape - old but gold

Among the titles that were popular long ago and are popular still until today, there is one that did not lose any players or maybe even increased in the player base. Obviously, we are talking about RuneScape that just recently released the Old School servers for their game. Here players get to check out how RS looked like during the “browser years” after the release. It also quickly became clear that the old version of the game is the one that the community loves more as Old School RuneScape has more active players than RuneScape 3. We encourage you to try both games out to see for yourself how it is possible that after such a long time those games are not only alive but also well. If you are already playing RuneScape make sure to check out what our users can offer you at our marketplace and start becoming a better gamer with our listings!