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MapleStory Accounts

MapleStory is a 2-dimensional Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game which is based on free to play model. It was first developed and released in Korea by Wizet company in 2003. The game is still playable in many regions with various versions like Korean, American, European, Japanese, Thailand, and others. In July 2015 Nexon company released sequel called MapleStory 2 which features similar world, classes, and storyline with different graphics and 3-dimensional environment.


In the game, players can travel through Maple World doing various activities like fighting monsters and completing quests. During the journey, they can gather experience towards next levels giving them more and more powerful abilities which will allow fighting increasingly dangerous enemies including bosses. In addition to the skill system, players can also allocate some of the points gained from leveling process towards their passive statistics which are Strength, Dexterity, Luck, and Intelligence. There are also various classes to choose from like Dual Blade, Buccaneer, Demon Hunter, Kanna, Dawn Warrior, Mage and others. In total there are over 40 jobs that players can choose from and that number is still growing with new content patches.


Why buy MapleStory account?

There are numerous reasons why buying an account is worth your money. If your goal is to achieve certain levels like 100, 120, 150, 206, 230, 235, 250 or any other it is always faster to get an account than to train it by yourself. You can get what you have always dreamed of, as fast as saying 1 2 3 because 3 is the number of minutes it will take to buy things you need on MMOAuctions. You can choose from wide server variety: Scania Windia, Broa, Bera, Luna, and others.


Getting to the end game content in MMORPG is usually a dull task to take. This sentence is especially true in MapleStory which is a very grind oriented game. You will have to kill hundreds of monsters in order to advance to the next levels. Since there are now hyper skills and the level cap has been raised it takes more time than ever before. Online games haven’t been created for making users bored but for giving them fun and enjoyment that comes from fun activities like bossing, minigames, events, and others. Those often are available only to those who reached high levels by putting hundreds if not thousands of hours into the game.


People often use various methods to make this process less boring or even fully automated with hacks, bots, and cheats. Although this might seem like a good idea, in the beginning, those methods are a heavy violation of the rules in pretty much every online game. Buying an account in most of the games isn’t punished as hard as using 3rd party programs since it doesn’t affect game balance as it is. By getting your account from other players you are kind of replacing him on his journey in the game so it usually won’t be looked as a wrong thing to do. Buy MapleStory account today and boost your gaming experience with new challenges.


What to look at while you buy MapleStory account

Getting a brand new character in the gaming world might be exciting. You will be checking out things like mesos which are on the account, valuable items, levels, skills, stats and others, but there is still more important stuff to see. During account trades always you need to be one hundred percent sure that user you are about to trade can provide each and every detail that was given during account creation. Current data is very important you will need passwords, pins, safety questions, emails, etc. but what usually is overlooked is the data that was provided during the registration process. Accounts in many games can be recovered with this information. You should always try to get them when buying an account since it will never be safe if you cannot get them. In addition to that, it is also possible sometimes to recover an account providing your real ID. If you want to be as safe as possible during your trade with other players you may ask for this information.


Safety of our users

Our main goal is to provide a secure RMT marketplace for our users. We want all of your trades to be safe because we are players just like you and we know that in the gaming world there are numerous scammers waiting to take what you have been working for. Trades between players are usually revolving around trust between each other. When you make a deal to sell the account to somebody one of you is giving his part beforehand - either it is an account or gold - the other one must put his trust on the line. That’s why we are giving our users a method to increase their safety - Scam Killer program.


This is the database created by people who are trying to stop scammers everyday. When you are trading someone he has to provide information like a phone number and billing details for example. Those can be later processed by a Scam Killer database which will check if provided information have ever been used in a fraud attempt. If a person you are about to exchange goods with is dishonest and might want to steal what you have you will be informed about this fact beforehand.


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