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Clockwork City
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Clockwork City is just around the corner, launching at 23rd of October but the PTR version has been available for some time now. As hype for this new DLC builds up I think it is time to take a brief look at the new trial - Asylum Sanctorium.


What is clockworks city?

Clockwork City will be a continuation of plot that begun in Morrowind as players will venture into the realm of brass, steam, and gears created by none other but Sotha Sil himself. The clockwork god has always been a mystery, during the entire Elder Scroll series we only meet him once during the events of TES 3: Morrowind, Tribunal expansion just before being betrayed by Almalexia, and even then we see him in a twisted, malformed by dwemer technology form. 

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During the main quest of Morrowind, we learn that Sotha Sil was studying divinity in order to understand it's origin and possibly re-create it. This has led to many experiments of questionable ethical foundations. Deep inside his artificial realm, the Clockwork God created a place for his most dangerous failed experiments, isolated and locked up for further study. The abominations within are crazed by the experiments Saints, once faithful guardians of the Tribunal, one of the most revered beings in Morrowind (aside from "Three Gods" themselves) now gone mad by Sotha Sil attempts to bind their souls inside brass steam-powered husks. Now Asylum Sanctorium gates have opened and St. Olms, St. Felms and St. Llothis are waiting for the adventurers. 


Choose your own Trial?

Asylum Sanctorium is a trial with a unique setup providing vertical, not linear, progression. There are three bosses overall, mentioned before St. Felms and St. Llothis and final boss St. Olms. It's up to the players to decide which boss they want to approach first. The decision will tailor the completely different experience. Players can also choose to ignore one, or both saints and face St. Olms with his companions at the same time forging yourself an ultimate battle. Considering that this trial, as usual, will have two difficulty settings, we might safely assume that everyone will find an appropriate challenge for themselves within the walls of the Asylum, from the new players making their first steps in Trials to the most hardened veterans of the raiding scene. 



Loot, loot, loot!

New raid obviously means new rewards. Those will include new sets and new weapons with skill effects similar to veteran Maelstrom Arena and veteran Dragonstar Arena master and maelstrom armaments. Rewards will be better with increased difficulty and ultimately, completing trial on Veteran Hard Mode (veteran trial with all 3 bosses at the same time) will reward players with perfected versions of those weapons (better bonuses to same skills). Apart from Perfected weapons, completing the Trial on Veteran Hard Mode has a rare chance of dropping Clockwork Reliquary with new dwemerish polymorph, what is more, those unique rune boxes will be tradable until opened giving veteran players something that can be sold for a nice pile of gold


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Below you will find an hour long video of Hodor's very own Alcast doing the PTR version of the trial. Enjoy. 

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