ESO Psijic Order Guide - A full step-by-step guide for PSIJIC ORDER

ESO Psijic Order Guide
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With the new Summerset expansion, you can learn to control space and time with a new set of skills awarded to the adventurers by the mythical Psijic Order. Just like in the previous DLC skill-lines, players can gain access to them in the expansion area by performing factions story arc quests and faction-related side activities. 



how to gain an access to psijic order skill line

To gain access to the skills you have to unlock the skill tree first. To do this you must have Summerset expansion purchased to travel to the Psijic island of Artaeum (to enter, you have to complete Summerset pre-quest 'A Queens Decree'). Once inside go to Ceporah Tower (the biggest building on the island) and find Loremaster Celarus residing there. Loremaster will give you "The Psijics' Calling" quest.


Your first objective will be to obtain 'The Augur of the Obscure' in the Western Coraldale Delve in Summerset. With the talkative skull in your pocket, you can now start sealing the Time Breaches scattered all across the Summerset Isles and Tamriel. After completing both steps you will gain access to the Psijic Order Skill Line. 


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Levelling up

To gain access to every skill in the tree you will need a Rank 10 Psijic Order. To achieve this follow a chain of quests: 

  • The Psijics Calling 

  • Breaches on the Bay

  • Breaches of Frost and Fire

  • The Shattered Staff

  • A Breach Amid the Tress

  • A Time for Mud and Mushrooms

  • The Towers’ Remains

  • Time in Doomcrag’s Shadow

  • A Breach Beyond the Crags

  • The Towers’ Fall.


Unlike Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, you don't have to complete daily quests in order to reach Rank 10. All you have to do is close all the time rifts in Tamriel and complete the main story arc. 


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how to seal Time Breaches in ESO

To seal a Time breach simply approach it, when you'll get close enough you will get "use the Augur of the Obscure" prompt. Augur will try to describe the exact location of the time breach so its easier to find, using the Augur will also grant you a "buff" that will reveal the breach to you. 



Doing so will open up a breach that can then be sealed. 


where to find time breaches

 ESO Power Leveling




Iliac Bay


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Stonefalls and Skyrim


Valenwood Breach


Northern Black Marsh





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