ESO Scalebreaker DLC - Scales Are Made to Be Broken!

ESO Scalebreaker DLC
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Elder Scrolls Online Scalebreaker DLC 

August is getting really close and that means, the ESO Scalebreaker DLC is going to be available really soon! The expansion will include two brand new dungeons: Lair of Maarselok and Moongrave Fane that will be available for all the people that buy it in the Crown Store and the ESO Plus members. There will also be some content for everyone, including the people that play for free! Battlegrounds maps are getting an update, while there will be some new interesting systemic changes to crafting and guild trading.

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Dragon Stories Continue

Scalebreaker begins another chapter of this epic saga. Players will get a chance to see what impact the events of Elsweyr will have on the world of Tamriel. Both of the new dungeons will be strongly connected to the preexisting storyline, but they’ll also be great standalone adventures.

Lair of Maarselok will focus on saving the Grathwood’s Elder Root tree from a spreading corruption. Players will have an opportunity to join forest spirit Selene and warlock Carindon to embark into the blighted jungle to find and stop the Dragon that’s the source of this threat.

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In the Moongrave Fane players will get a chance to face the vampire Hollowfang Clan that managed to capture a Dragon. They’re preparing a powerful ritual that’s going to use the Dragon’s blood to get the awe-inspiring power.

These dungeons will reward the players with worthwhile loot. We can expect new weapons and armor sets, as well as collectable items, like mementos, pieces of furniture and a brand new pet.

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Scalebreaker System Changes

Multi-crafting – it’s basically the definition of a quality of life improvement. A small change, but it’s something that players were asking for a long time. Basically, you’ll be able to craft, refine or deconstruct multiple items at once.

Multi-bidding for Guild Trader – another QoL change. It allows guilds for bidding on Guild Traders in up to 10 different locations. As soon as you win in one place, all your other bids get withdrawn and refunded to you. The higher amount of gold you’re bidding on a certain trader, the higher his priority goes.

Undaunted Keys – first of all, the keys will soon be listed as a currency, instead of being treated as stackable items. A new reward called Undaunted Coffers will be available for finishing certain dungeons. You can open them with the keys and they will contain slightly wider variety of rewards than the Undaunted Chests. Finally, the Undaunted NPC’s will offer some shoulder style pages for large amounts of keys.

Battlegrounds – Ald Carac and Isistrus Outpost maps are getting slight changes for some game modes. Both of them have been adjusted for Deathmatch and Chaosball, while Ald Carac also got some changes for Capture the Relic mode.

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Get ready for Scalebreaker!

There’s no exact release date yet, but since E3 we know that the Scalebreaker and the Update 23 are supposed to launch in August. If you need some extra power before the new DLC comes out, make sure to check out the ESO offers at MMOAuctions!

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