Clash Royale Clan Wars - learn how to contribute for your clan

clash royale clan wars
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The competitiveness is what made the greatest online titles so great. You can play a regular RPG, FPS, or RTS and have fun, but once you finish the main storyline, once you complete all achievements, the game loses its sense. Multiplayer games never end. Even if you reach the level cap, even after collecting all the best in slot items, killing each boss several times, and slaying countless enemies in PvP, there is still something to do. Some games, mainly MMORPGs, offer patches and expansions every few days to keep players attached. 

Others, like MOBAs and shooters, tend to lure players with an unrepeatable experience that every match brings. One way or another, the in-game online rivalry is the name of the game in the modern gaming world. It doesn't exclude mobile apps as well, with Clash Royale being one of the brightest examples. Short, action-packed, engaging matches, clan rivalries, and constant struggle to get to the higher places at the top of the popularity list in the SuperCell bestseller app. Today we're going to talk about the feature that absorbs us the most - the Clan Wars.

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What are the Clan Wars in Clash Royale?

As we all know, most multiplayer games have some sort of socializing aspect that allows us to form organized groups, be it guilds, alliances, or tribes. In Clash Royale, we have clans. Every player can - and should - join a clan. Being a clan member opens up a lot of possibilities and useful features like exchanging and donating cards, sharing decks, and so on.

Obviously, since the game relies on competing for 1 v 1 or 2 v 2, there has to be a way to determine which clan is the best in the world. It is what the Clan Wars are for.

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The matchmaking

First, we have to determine how strong our clan is. It would make little sense if a clan full of newbies were to fight against a top 10 organization. However, unlike in Clash of Clans, where we have total clan war weight, there are no clear rules about matchmaking in Clash Royale. Likely, players' trophies, total clan trophies, personal bests, and the number of cards collected are taken into consideration. Still, we failed to reach any certain data on the topic.

The collection day

For every war, you should go prepared, right? It is the point of having a preparation day before a battle day. During the collection day, your and your clanmates' job is to collect as many Clan Cards as possible. You will use these cards to form a War Deck later on, so it's vital to have a wide choice. The fewer cards you have, the fewer possibilities it will give you. 

During the collection day, you will have several challenges to complete. For each of them, you will earn Clan Cards no matter the outcome, but you will earn more of them for the win. There are several game modes that clan members can play. Versatility and ability to adjust will be crucial here, as you may end up playing something else than you're used to.

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The war day

Clan members will have one battle during the War Day. Battle the enemies and make sure you do your best to have the highest possible score. Winning the battle during war day is the only goal in Clan Wars. Your whole clan uses the same Clan Cards on War Day. It is why it's so important to give the best of you the day prior to collect as many cards as you can. Cards in your War Deck cannot be higher level than your own card levels. Thus if you waited with upgrading some of them, it might be a propitious moment to do so. 

Creating a meta deck may be hard with Clan Cards, especially if you lack some of them. Your clan should ask the best deck builder to create a setup suitable for everybody. The thing to remember is that you should play whatever you are comfortable with. Playing a meta deck that you don't know how to use will always be worse than playing an off-meta deck that you are used to. You ought to test the deck with friendlies before the Final Battle. 

There are some new additions, compared to the long-gone Clan Chest. You have a social tab during the Clan Wars, where you can track your war progress, talk strategy, and plan the deck. In the War Tab, you will see battles that need to be completed. The time that your clan has left in the current war is shown in the top left corner. In the top right corner, there is the clan icon. After tapping it, you will be given your clan stats - battles completed, cards earned, past wars data, etc. "Nudge" is the feature that you will like. Thanks to it, clan leaders and co-leaders can send a Nudge to a player that is yet to attack. As we all know, the activity during the war is a pain in the neck, and sometimes it's hard to make someone fill their duty. Nudging them helps much.

The rewards

Why would anyone want to play Clan Wars if there were no rewards to fight for, right? There are seasons in Clan Wars, just like in the Ladder system. The season lasts two weeks. After it ends, the System takes your best Clan Wars score and uses it as a base for further calculations. There are two types of reward:

- Victory Gold - You gain it for winning bouts on both the Collection Day and the War Day,

- Seasonal Chest - The reward is based on the highest trophy count in the season.

What can you get? The rewards are pretty much random and different each season, but most of the time, it will be cards and Gold. You can never have enough of these.

Clash Royale Clan wars guide

Your activity matters the most. During the Preparation Day, it's a team effort. The more cards you collect, the more resources you have to play with. If you are not 100% confident, that you will be able to participate in the Clan War - don't even bother. You may do more harm to the war effort if you opt-in and don't play than if you didn't participate whatsoever. It is essential because, in the case of a tie, it's the number of Crowns that decides the victor.

You will have to be versatile. While you look at your clan cards, there should be a beginning of conception in your head in terms of forming the deck. Most likely, you have your favorite playstyle, and you should stick to it during the war. Clan, as a whole, may ask the best deck builder to create and share something close to meta for clan members, but wise clan leaders will not force anyone to anything. If you have your play style crystallized, and the clan cards allow you to form a good deck, you should be good to go.

Clan members earn medals for every win. Collecting as many medals in war day battles is crucial for the overall win. However, it doesn't mean that you can neglect the Crowns. If it's possible for you to score more Crowns in war day battles, go for it. In the rare case of the clan war medals tie, it will be the Crowns number of Crowns that breaks the tie. It is why you should not play your favorite Mortar Siege deck on the clan war day. It may give you a win, but not many Crowns. On this day for that one particular battle, you should go something like Tempo deck or a Beatdown deck.

Everyone gets ready for the release of the most recent update - Clan Wars 2! Brand-new duels on the Clan War Leagues, Clan boat battles, and lots of PvE content so users can enjoy a new game mode. The Clan Boats duel will definitely continue the competitive tradition instead of getting a more casual approach, but this time players will need to sail a river or an ocean so they can follow their competitors by getting lots of points through hard work.

The more medals you earn in war day battles, the better your progress in Clan Leagues. When this event was first revealed, it had all the clues that going to be an epic adventure, Some times the best events are published in July or August. Players could use different decks set so they don’t start over the next time they play. So far, Supercell has three of the best mobile video games on the market. Will they continue that path? 

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Clash of Royale - Summary

Clash Royale Clan Wars is a feature that every Clash Royale player needed. Clan War is a substitute for local games that have the sole premise of determining who's the best. On top of that, each clan war, every successful war day, is supposed to give you the satisfaction of beating other clans. 

Moreover, it is a great occasion to find out, which players in the clan are active, and which players will not play their battles. If you are thinking about a major success and reaching a high level with your clan, you need to gather only the active clan members. Selecting those that could perform on the war day battle, who take good care of their card levels, who are able to win in different game modes and adapt, will be crucial. They will do their best on Collection Day to give your clan the best chance to win the war day battles, and reach the higher league. 

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It is your job as the clan leader to lead, make good tactical decisions, to eventually ut your clan on the map. It is your job as the clan member, to help with everything from cards collection through numerous game modes during collection day, deck build, increasing card levels, up until they win in the war day battles. Your clan is counting on you.


What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a multiplayer online battle arena, where you push to destroy the enemy towers to climb the rank ladder for eternal glory.

Clash Royale how to play?

You collect cards and build your battle deck. Then you go on to play in a 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 mode. Your goal is to destroy the enemy towers. Each destruction scores you a Crown. Whoever has more Crowns - wins.

Do I have to participate in Clan Wars Clash Royale?

There is nothing forcing you to participate. If your clan leaders are trying to force you (the more participants - the better), but you still don't want to, it's time to change the clan.

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