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Get the best tips on how to get legendary cards in Clash Royale. Increase your legendary odds, just follow these steps. We all know Clash Royale is a great real-time game that was released back in 2016 by Supercell, the same developers of Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach. Clash Royale is now so popular that it has its own official esports team league and constant tournaments with millions of youtube views. It's impressive to see how much Clash Royale has evolved.

Both the game's interface and card battle system are rather straightforward, and the art design is warm and friendly. Clash Royale is quite welcoming to new players; becoming a good player is greatly based on having a great strategy and playing constantly. Although most of the time it may seem as the game relies more on luck rather than skills, especially when it comes to getting Legendary Cards.

The easiest way!

We know that relying solely on luck may seem unfair for most players and it might make them think that the chance to get legendary cards is low, still with a clear goal in mind, there may be some ways to show your skills and put all chances on your side to get Legendary Cards.

There is no shame in buying cards and chests with money; if you are a busy player and don't have time to play Clash Royal every day, it may please you to know that you can buy chests thanks to the Clash Royale shop. Chances in every chest are different, but the odds you can receive Legendary Cards from these chests are better. 

The easiest way to get Legendary Cards is to get to Arena Level 7 and play your challenges until you receive 500 points to unlock the Legendary King chest which you can get from the shop. If you get the legendary king chest you'll have a 100% guaranteed legendary rate, although it may cost you money 2,500 gems or 50,000 gold (around $9.99 depending on your country).

Every Legendary King chest will let you switch between 2 different stacks with cards of the same rarity, which increases the chance to get a Legendary card you want.

From time to time you can also find Legendary cards in the shop and will cost you around 40,000 gold. Legendary cards and Legendary Chests will appear randomly at the shop; if buying isn't a problem for you, please try visiting the shop constantly as these offers will only show one or two times per month.

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King and Fortune Chests!

You may see other Chests at the shop, like the King Chest and The Fortune Chest, but getting them is not the best option if you want to get legendary cards. Consider that the King Chests have a lower chance of dropping a legend than Legendary King Chests. 

On the other hand, the Fortune Chest has only a 10% chance of dropping a legendary, so chances are not that high, and the only legendary card it may give you is the Royal Ghost. So, unless you want to get the Royal Ghost card, you may as well want to save your money and try your luck with the Legendary Chests and Legendary King Chests.

Try your Luck!

Luck was really important in earlier stages of Clash Royale; a great number of players would complain about how hard it was to get Legendary Cards, which was mainly due to the lack of legendary cards. There were only 44 cards in the Clash Royale when the Legendary rarity was added: 14 cards were common, 14 rare, 14 epics, and only 2 were legendary cards, which lowered your chance if you wanted to get legendaries.

It may not appear that easy to get Legendary Cards, but please don’t get discouraged. The chance to get a legendary is affected by the current amount of common and Legendary cards. Thanks to the last updates, clash Clash Royale has 99 cards with playable cards and 17 of these are legendaries, which makes the chance to get legendary cards higher than before. Still, chances tend to change, and they will, as soon as the next common or legendary card is available in the game.

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Level up!

Getting legendary cards will become easier later on, as it also depends on your Arena Level and on how often you play, after all, getting a high Arena Level will not only give you access to more free chests but will also increase the rarity of the rewards in every chest.

Being a constant player and opening your next chests in time is important if you want to get legendaries. The more chests you open; the closer you are to get Legendary cards.

As Well as Free!

Clash Royale has its own game currency and lets you either buy things with gems or gold. The best option you have if you want to buy chests and try to save some time and money is using the gold boosts. You can buy these boosts from the shop for 100 gems, this will give you a 300 gold bonus for every time you win a battle (including 2v2s), the bonus will last for the next 3 days and has a 3,000 per day restriction so the maximum amount you can receive from this is 9,000. Try to get 10 wins every day and the bonus will be worth your gems.

No Pain, No Gain!

If you are the kind of player who doesn't want to buy cards and you want to save some money, remember that you can only get Legendary cards for free from Arena Level 4 chests and upwards. You may also want to get to certain levels as you need it to unlock specific cards unless you get a Legendary Chest. Once you unlock arena level 5, you can buy a Legendary chest for 500 gems at the shop (500 gems are equal to 10,000 gold ) it contains one Legendary Card regardless of the Arena Level. It sounds like a great option if you want to get Legendaries from upper Arena Levels, still, you may prefer saving those 500 gems for later.

You can get the legendary Chest from the Special offer menu in the shop, they appear in the shop about one or two times a month and you can only buy one per day.

There is also a higher chance to get legendary chests for free from normal battles after you have reached 2000 trophies, therefore increasing your wins and saving all your gems will later help you get legendaries.

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Clash Royale Chest Cycle

Surprisingly enough, unlike cards, chests in the Clash Royale are not determined by chance but follow a 240 cycle. The period begins after getting to the end of the tutorial level, once you get the 4 Wooden and get your first Silver Chest, which counts as the first chest. In every 240 period, there are 180 Silver Chests, 52 Golden Chests, 4 Magical Chests, and 4 Giant Chests (Mega Lightning, Epic, and Legendary Chests follow a separate order).

Please feel free to open your chests constantly. Cycles will not continue if you don’t have at least one chest slot empty; you must have a slot open to get the next chest. 

You can also search for more information at Clash Royale's wiki. If you still have a question about chest rates search on Orange juice YouTube channel, there are numerous Clash Royale tutorial videos you can watch and a specific video on how Cycles work. 

Even though most of the information you can find online is not current and does not consider every update; the game does share similar mechanics as it did back when it started. 

Legendary Factor

Every chest has an independent legendary factor (chances of dropping legendary cards depend on arena levels too). Chests in the normal cycle have a lower legendary factor than special chests. The Magical Chest is the best chest in the normal Chest Cycle, as it has the highest legendary odds, it's followed by the Giant Chest, Gold Chest, Silver Chest, Crown Chest, and Free Chest in that specific order.

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The Special Chest Cycle

There is also a Special Chests Cycle that starts once you reach 300 Trophies and get into the Arena level 2. This period is 500 chests long and it guarantees a free Mega Lightning Chest (previously known as super magical chests), an Epic Chest (you cant get a legendary card from an epic chest since it only drops epic cards), and a Legendary Chest that you will get in a random order (you can only get a Mega Lightning Chest after the end of your first cycle).

Thanks to the cycles you can receive for free at least 2 Mega Lightning Chests, 2 Epic Chests, and 2 Legendary Chests before you reach 2000 Trophies. 

Both the Legendary and King Legendary Chest have a 100% chance of dropping Legendary Cards, while the Mega Lightning Chest has the highest rate after them. Consider that you may not get legendaries until you reach Arena Level 4.

If you reach the 2000 trophies and are still below Arena Level 9, you will get a Legendary Chest in every 2 Special cycles, while being in Arena Level 9 or higher will give you one guaranteed Legendary Chest in every Special chest period.

Play a Card!

Let's say you are not getting lucky, plus you keep on losing and you can't reach your next Arena Level. Sure! Buying a Legendary King chest or Legendary chest from the shop is the easiest method to get legendary cards, still, you don’t want to expend money or maybe you just don’t have the Arena Level or you really want to get a legendary card without having to get a legendary chest from the shop.

As we have mentioned, getting to specific Arena Level is required to have access to some chests in the shop and so that the Chest Cycle can continue, so if you have been losing the battles you play there are quests that can get you more experience and chests. Try to play some quests that don’t involve winning, like the “Play a Card” challenges which will reward you regardless if you win or lose your match.e

Using the mirror card for these challenges can give you an advantage. These challenges count the mirror card as both the mirror card itself and the mirrored card. 

Clash Royale constantly thanks its players and has Special Event Challenges that can award a guaranteed legendary card if they get enough wins. 

Join the Clan!

Joining a Clan is the smartest option to increase your chances of winning, and to get legendary cards. Clans are extremely important in the game, especially if you want to get to your next arena level and want access to more chests such as the War Chests.

Clans will also give you access to the trading system, so, don’t be afraid of your level. If you play your cards well, members may have your back covered and help you on your quests or share with you relevant information; you may have a question only they can answer. Most clans will receive you warmly, so try to join one as soon as you can. Besides, if your Clan performs decently in Clan Wars, you can get a Legendary in a Seasonal Chest after the end of the Clan Wars season.

Joining a clan is not only important for the game's community but also a great method to get legendaries, and it will give you access to the trading system. Yes, thanks to the clan system you can now trade cards, and Legendary Cards are not an exception. You are only going to require one legendary trade token per trade and don’t worry, you won't lose if you cancel the trade.

You can receive Tokens from special offers in the shop and special event challenges. Clan war chests will also give tokens, so make sure you do every clan war battle, you will get a clan war chest as long as you play. If you got a legendary card you didn't like, trading cards with another player may as well be your best option. The right bargain can save you a lot of time and trouble.


Best Legendary Cards!

Although most players may immediately assume you should be getting the Mega night and Sparky as these legendaries have some of the best stats in Clash Royale, there may be the better legendaries for you. Playing Clash Royale highly depends on how every player develops his strategy and game style, so search for more information on what are the best legendaries for your specific deck.

The Graveyard Card and the Miner may currently be the best legendaries for most decks in Clash Royale. Graveyard decks have a great defense; while the Miner card fits in almost every deck, it may well be the most versatile legendary card in Clash Royale, so see if it works for you, also give a try to the Electro Wizard and Ice Wizard.

On the other hand, the Fisherman may currently be the worst legendary card you can play; still, things change as the game constantly receives updates. Save the legendaries you don’t like for later, cards get buffed and nerfed all the time.


The quest to reach a Legendary Card in Clash Royale is an exhausting challenge. Supercell made it this way so that decks don’t feel unfairly overpowered. In the end, getting legendary cards depends on getting lucky and having the right skills as much as it depends on the player's interaction with its community.

Clash Royale is not a pay to win game, despite investing a lot of money, you won't get better at the game unless you play constantly and put an effort in your strategy, and that's what makes it perfect. Then best decks don't usually have the best legendaries in them. Money is not that important, Clash Royale is all about competition, strategy, and fun. 

If you have another question or want to search for further information, please visit the game's wiki. You can also search for strategy guides and try to watch some battle videos on youtube. 

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There is a great number of streamers with thousands of views you can follow, they constantly upload new youtube videos dedicated to Clash Royale and other Supercell games like Brawl Stars. And please don’t forget to join a Clash Royale community! Maybe there is some information you can share with other members!


Is there a way to know my current Chest Cycle?

You can search for specific chest tracker sites and apps that show you which are your next chests, don't worry, the chest order doesn't switch once the cycles start. The best thing is that you don’t have to sign up for these sites. You are only going to require your game's ID number. Sign in your Clash Royle app and search for it in your game profile, you can see it under your player name.

How long is it going to take me to get legendary cards if I´m a regular player?

Well, if you play regularly, getting a legendary card for the first time takes less than 3. It may appear like a long time, but consider that Legendary Cards have the lowest odds. Chances may be higher depending on how often you play.

Why can't I see the super magical chests anymore?

Super Magical Chests are no longer available in Clash Royale and were replaced by the Mega lighting chests back in 2018. 

I love Clash Royale, but I want to play more action games, did Supercell release any? 

You can try Brawl Stars! It was released 2 years ago and was also developed by Supercell. Brawl Stars is free-to-play and super fun and has the same warm and friendly art design as Clash Royale. You can check the trailer video on youtube or join the Brawl Stars community to have a good start.

Can I get legendary cards from customer support?

Players can't receive items from the customer support team. Please remember that the support team can't give cards away as they are only there to provide information.

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