EvE Online: 13th elections for Council of Stellar Management begin!

EvE Online:  13th elections for Council
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

It's this time of year again when EvE players can participate in the most unprecedented event in online-gaming history: CSM elections, where they can cast a vote to choose their representatives to the council of capsuleers that guard player interests and negotiate changes with the developers of EvE Online: CCP. 

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Usually, the new "Council of Stellar Management" is presented to the public at EvE Fest, this year, however, the elections have been moved past that event to bring each CSM term more in line with the production cadence at CCP. Instead, during this year's Fanfest a list of approved candidates was announced. The list consists of 47 notable capsuleers including the infamous backstabber The Judge or real-life United States politician Brisc Rubal.


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The elections will last for a week and will reveal the next 10 members of the 13th CSM to advise and assist CCP in the continuous development of EvE Online. To cast a vote your account must be in Omega state at the time of voting. Every active Omega account gets to vote once but each vote allows you to choose up to 10 names in the order of your preference, from highest to lowest. Votes are cast and counted in a "single transferable vote" system to achieve proportional representation. 


The election will run for one week, from 12 noon UTC (EVE Time) on 4 June - 12 noon UTC on 11 June.



For more information about the candidates please make sure to check out the CSM Campaigns Forum Thread. You can also follow a fan-created website that keeps track of all candidates, their publications, interviews, and tweets at CSM Wire

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