EVE Online Amarr Ships - Where the secret of their power lies in

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Amarr Empire, once the greatest empire of New Eden with the biggest and most technologically advanced fleet suffered greatly after their encounter with Jove. Amarr Ships represent their philosophy - dominate and intimidate. Amarr vessels are sturdy, intimidating albeit a little bit slow, and limited in their fitting options.


Table of contents

  1. Amarr Ships - long and short-range weapons

  2. EVE Online Amarr Ships

  3. Frigates

  4. Cruisers

  5. Battlecruisers

  6. Battleships


Amarr Ships focus mainly on energy weapons and armor tank which limits their versatility. Amarr fleet is know for one of the strongest cruisers and frigates in the game with solid damage at medium range. Amarr combat vessels rely heavily on capacitor and require capacitor related skills to fly reliably. Thankfully Amarr ships are armor tank which is way less taxing on the battery but lowers overall ship agility. 

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Amarr Ships - long and short-range weapons

Amarr weapons of choice are lasers: beam with longer range and lower damage and pulse with shorter range but way bigger damage (and capacitor use). Lasers offer a wide range options and decent tracking speed. Lasers use focus crystals instead of ammunition which have few advantages. Crystals can be swapped instantly so if you need to change ammunition from high-range to low-range in the middle of the fight crystals can do this instantly, furthermore T1 crystals have infinite uses (T2 and faction decay slowly). Unfortunately laser weaponry is limited to EM and Thermal damage.

The Holy Empire has second-best (because nobody can beat Gallente) drone hulls in New Eden, cruisers such as Omen make a great use of drones, combined with selection of ammo ranges can result in most reliable sniper builds in the Empire.

Amarr Electronic Warfare of choice is tracking disruption which lowers target’s optimal range and tracking speed. Tracking disruptors can be scripted to boost one of the aspects. Unfortunately this type of e-war is easily countered by tracking computers that are often fitted on ships.


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EVE Online Amarr Ships

Below we will briefly go through some of the Tech 1 ships of the Amarr Empire. We will skip rookie ship Impairor and limit ourselves to combat vessels starting with Frigates




First Amarr EWAR ship, one of few ewar frigates that actually can be useful outside fleet scenarios. Crucifier is quite capable in 1v1 PvP encounters when fitted properly. Even tho it has two turret slots its common to fill them with capacitor-sucking modules to maintain EWAR and active tank.


Very fast and agile for an Amarr ship with extremely fast align time. Thanks to damage bonus and three turret slots it can dish out a passable damage. Good tackler.


Missile ship that has been changed into a logistics which is quite unpopular. Logistic frigates have very limited range and effectiveness of small repair modules is negligible but can serve as a good training vessel for future logistics pilots.


Scanning and exploration frigate that is pretty hard to fit all four basic exploration modules due to only three mid slots, we’d recommend dropping cargo scanner and rely on data and relic analyzers along with MWD.


Very solid tank due to armor resistance bonuses with four turret slots and energy turret capacitor use reduction bonus. Not made for tackling due to two mid slots but makes for a great PvE and Level 1 mission running frigate.


Just as in case of any other race, there are two destroyers - one being a gunboat using race-favored type of weaponry and the other one being a drone boat.


Coercer is a small gunboat of the Amarr empire. 8/8 turret bays allows it to pierce through Level 1 missions like hot knife through butter, easier to kill in pvp thanks to higher signature than frigates but same levels of tank. Thanks to plenty of low slots Coercer can enhance its damage output even further. Also makes for a good salvage ship.


Is first ever Amarr drone boat that can hold three full squads of light drones. Thanks to bonus to capacitor warfare modules’ range it’s good at kiting while slowly sucking out the capacitor. Thanks to drone speed bonus you maintain few targets at once.

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Amarr cruisers are rather weird. Each ship is specialized in something and, weirdly enough, Amarr drone cruiser beats the Gallente… Vexor.


Drone cruiser with damage and mining bonuses. Apart from strong drone bonuses Arbitrator also gets bons to tracking disruptors and a decent 4/4/5 slot layout making it extremely versatile. Weapon selection is pretty meh due to two turret slots and two missile launchers but weapons can be ignored completely in favor of drone support mods and nosferatus. With good drone skills can even beat the Omen for PVE and is absolutely amazing for pvp.


Basic logistic cruiser. Good for cap-chains due to his cap transfer bonuses, beefy tank.


Thanks to armor bonuses Maller can fit a massive tank but it kinda falls short in the damage department. Often used as a bait or frigate killer.


Amazing laser damage potential. Thanks to good bonuses, slot layout and decent drone bay Omen is perfect multi-purpose ship (used very often for Level 2 mission running). Decent base speed for an Amarr ship (especially when compared to Maller) and with small signature radius for a cruiser makes Omen also capable “speed-tanker”.




Amarr battlecruisers follow the pretty standard line up of a drone boat, DPS and sniper.


Prophecy is able to use either turrets or missiles giving it a little bit more versatility, thanks to a massive tanks and a large drone bay often is used as a bait. Functions well as a tackle but not really anything else due to small dps output.


Good all-round ship with a good mix of damage, range and decent drone bay. Thanks to 7 high slots (6 turret 1 utility) this ship is perfect for PvE. Good slot distribution allows even for shield tanking or more efficient armor tanking. Very flexible ship with plenty of options.


Oracle came along the line of Battlecruisers able to fit large turrets to medium hull. A typical glass cannon sniper, this is a pure dps ment for alpha-strike fleets.



Amarr fleet is famous for their battleships. Their tough, painful lineup is often core of many armor fleets.


Iconic Amarr drone boat, only Battleship capable of fielding full set of heavy drones or sentries. Thanks to massive number of low slots Armageddon can fit a beast tank and thanks to 7 high slots Armageddon can fit one utility high slot like neut or remote repair for fleets.


One of the most common Amarr PVE ships because of the range and tracking bonuses. Thanks to a massive capacitor it's also easier to active tank. With high Amarr Battleship level you can switch beam lasers to pulse and deal pulse amount of damage at beam laser range.


The Disco Ball. Abaddon has bonuses to both: damage and tank along with 8 large turrets. The “Golden Brick” is probably the most iconic and most deployed ship of the Amarr navy. Thanks to massive damage and disgusting buffer tank its presence on the battlefield is always welcome. Unfortunately the capacitor is lacking so its very dependant on cap boosters.

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