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EVE Online Trading
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EVE Online Trading is like in no other game to this day. From this guide, you will learn about market trading. Check also our other eve pro guides like EvE Isk making. There were multiple theses written describing and analyzing the everchanging EVE market. It is very likely that you have heard stories about EVE Online moguls that have riches beyond imagining and wage wars without ever leaving the station. In this basic tutorial, we will cover a few basic methods of conducting trade in EVE Online using the Market. From this place, I invite you to familiarize yourself with our EVE Online ISK offer.

Players generally conduct their trade using marketplaces on stations. There are, however, NPC stations that have higher trade volume than others (for various reasons, people just trade there), and those are called “trade hubs”.

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There are five major trade hubs in New Eden:

  • Amarr - Domain - Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy
  • Rens - Heimatar - Rens VI - Moon 8 - Brutor Tribe Treasury
  • Dodixie - Sinq Laison - Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant
  • Hek - Metropolis - Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory
  • Jita - The Forge - Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Most of those EVE Online trading hubs have an average population between five to six thousand players and trade volume ranging from 91 billion to 693 billion ISK. There is one station that stands above all the others and is the center of trade for the entire New Eden and that’s Jita. Jita has an average population of 33,500 players and market volume of 120 trillion ISK. That’s why many price comparison website and apps treat Jita prices and “standard”.

There are a few activities you can perform on such a trade hub, most basic ones are hauling, station trading and refining. There is also speculation, which is buying items out in hopes that their price will rise in the future, but this requires advanced knowledge of the game and we won’t be covering it in this tutorial.

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EVE Online Trading - Hauling

Hauling is basically transporting goods for one station to another to make a profit. The basic principle is this: you find some cheap goods on one station, haul them with your cargo ship to another station to sell those items for a hefty profit. It is quite a good way of conducting business since not many traders want to spend time traveling. There are some setbacks to this method, finding a safe and efficient trade route requires some in-depth game knowledge as it changes often, sometimes you will need to alternate your trade route on a daily basis. There are some foolproof (and highly contested) routes, for example, buying cheap modules from mission hubs and selling it at trade hubs is a good way of starting your hauling adventure.


Before you start hauling, however, it is recommended to skill up your racial Industrial skill to use your beginner hauling ship efficiently and get your Hull Upgrades up to fit those Expanded Cargoholds or Inertia Stabilizers for faster align time to avoid those pesky ganks.

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EVE Online Station Trading

The principle is similar to hauling, buy low sell high within the same station. To begin you need to find items that are traded a lot with a big difference between sell orders and buy orders. The biggest source of such items is NPC drops from missions, ratting or combat sites. If you are trading in Hek, for example, you should know that Angel Cartel is the NPC pirate faction that runs around the area and you should know that they are good for salvage as they drop armor plates so it’s a good place to buy cheap armor plates or angel cartel related gear like cheap prototype projectile turrets or shield modules. By performing station trading your profit margin will be paper-thin so you want to maximalize your gains by minimizing the expenses, one way to do it is by having proper trading skills:


  • Margin Trading will reduce your market escrow for putting up a buy order
  • Social and Connections skills will reduce your taxes
  • Procurement, Marketing, Daytrading, and Visibility will allow you to buy, sell and modify orders outside your current station
  • Trade, Retail, Wholesale and Tycoon will increase the amount of active market (buy and sell) orders available to you



Refining is pretty simple but requires a lot of skill training to make a decent gain. Basically, you need to level up your Reprocessing and Reprocessing Efficiency skills to level V (as well as Social and Connections for lower taxes), then you just buy raw ore off the market, reprocess it and sell the minerals you get out of it. It's quite easy to make a profit off high-sec ores sold by newbie miners that don’t know any better so aim for bulk quantities of Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, Kernite, Plagioclase, and Omber.


In the end, I invite you to share this. You can also search for another article on our website. From our great content and experience based guide you can learn things which helps you be the best. No matter if you want to be the best in pvp or pve. Here you can always find something for you. On our website, you can exchange your ISK for real money. We provide top service so if you need help or more details just contact us via livechat. General data like profit, trading tips, security (low risk) or just how it works you can find on our order page. Just choose EVE Online in tab Games in top menu.

Those are the basic form of trading, there are other tricks like 0.01 ISK-ing ore rare item speculations but this requires more knowledge of the game and its current machinations. Remember to never invest what you can’t afford to lose and, as always, fly safe o7

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