EVE Online null-sec chat blackout - end of an era?

EVE Online null-sec chat blackout
Bartosh 14.07.2019 0

Shocking news struck the EVE Online community, as the chat blackout in null-sec regions was announced. The unprecedented change made a huge commotion and caused many controversies throughout the EVE Online community. Some players are even threatening to quit!

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What is this all about

To this date, the chat was not only used for communication but due to its built-in feature, it was primary espionage and recon tool. Whenever someone entered a certain area, it was noticed on the chat. Now someone’s presence will be revealed only in case if the individual decides to send a message. Other players will not be able to tell if there is anyone else around.

Previously you could see large fleet movement. It was harder for enemies to catch you with your pants down and you always had the intel. Now this will turn all the warfare upside down.

As someone said: ‘First CCP with Drifters invasion scared us, that there is a monster around. Now they’re turning the lights out’.


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CCP interference

To this day CCP, the creator of EVE Online, was notorious for not interfering much into the game, outside of Real Money Trading prohibition or some major, unavoidable updates. Recently it has changed. First, we had mysterious Drifters invasion, where players were being attacked by NPS’s, and now the null-sec chat blackout. Is it the beginning of a new era? Or should I say, the ending of the old one, where player-lad corporations and alliances were the main authority? Or is it just a one-shot event? We’ll see, but if you have any comments, feel free to post them on our Twitter or Facebook


EVE Online community is divided. Some of the players are mad at CCP for their actions since the developers left the players on their own, and now the company is stirring the in-game environment on a scale never known before. On the other side, we have Alex ‘The Mittani’ Gianturco, who says, quote: ‘I’m a fan of no local in null, especially if they add observatories/sensor networks structures, and novel ways to counter/disrupt those nets’. He adds in another post: ‘Also consider that unlike with the Drifter idiocy, CCP has discussed local and intel/recon improvements for years with the CSM’.


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Is it a good mean to break the games stagnancy? Or just unnecessary interference? Whatever happens, there will always be winners and losers.

The game is online for sixteen years. In some USA states, it could start its driver’s license course. In other countries, it could legally get married or buy alcohol. Surely, sixteen years is a long period, but wasn’t it the independence, that people loved the most about EVE Online?

We’ll see how the changes are going to affect the community and each of 7,000 solar systems in New Eden. One thing is certain though - nothing’s going to be the same ever again.

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