FFXIV Shadowbringers Is Coming Out Soon!

FFXIV Shadowbringers
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FFXIV Shadowbringers Launch Trailer

During their E3 press conference, Square Enix revealed a launch trailer for new FFXIV expansion. It’s less than a month until Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers’ release on and we finally get a closer look at the themes and contents of the upcoming update.


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What we know about Shadowbringers

The expansion’s launch is really close and plenty of information about it was available already. Shadowbringers will be live since July 2nd (player who buy it in preorder will get early access that’s planned to begin on June 28th). The announced changes are:


  •        New races:  Viera and Hrothgar
  •        Added jobs: Gunbreaker and Dancer
  •        New Shadowbringers storyline
  •        Level cap increase to 80
  •        New cities, locations, NPCs, enemies, dungeons and raids
  •        New content for Disciples of Hand and Disciples of Land
  •        New features: Trusts and New Game+
  •        Removal of Tactical Points (TP)


Races and jobs

Both of the added races will be gender-exclusive. Viera is the female only race that looks like humans with rabbit ears. Hrothgar is a race of massive anthropomorphous lions. As for the classes, gunbreaker is a tank class that deals damage with a gunblade. Dancer is a ranged physical damage dealer class. They will use various throwing weapons and some of their dances will buff their allies.



Multiple new locations will be added to FFXIV in the Shadowbringers expansion – as a lot of the action will take place in Norvrandt, a region of The First. Multiple different versions of Hydalean exist in the FFXIV lore, Shadowbringers will lead us to the first reflection – a realm from which the Warriors of Darkness came.


First one is the stunning high tech city of Crystarium that is located next to the Crystal Tower. Next to it lies the Lakeland, the area that player will explore at the beginning of their journey through The First. Another city is called Eulmore and the rumor says that it’s a distorted reflection of Limsa Lominsa. There’s also a desert area of Ahm Araeng and lush forests or Rak’tika Greatwood. There will also be Il Mheg - a magical land of Pixies who are going to be one of the new Beastmen tribes.



Besides Pixies, a race ruled by queen Primal Titania, there will also be a tribe of Dwarves, who are probably related to Lalafell and the Nu Mou who will inhabit the Rak’tika Greatwood. There will also be plenty of interactions with other races who live in The First.


Raids and Dungeons

There will be two new raids in Shadowbringers. First one is and 24-man alliance raid called YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. It’s heavily influenced by NieR game series. The second one is a 8-man raid called Eden. Moreover, the expansion will add nine dungeons to the game!


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System changes and features

Like every other expansion, Shadowbringers will increase the level cap by 10 so it will become 80. Tactical Points will be completely removed and every job will switch to using MP only.


Meanwhile a New Game+ feature will be introduced to FFXIV. It will allow players for playing through the story once again, with higher difficulty, using their main, high level characters it’s a mechanic known from numerous single player games and a few MMOs. Trusts will be another new feature. They are NPCs that players can bring with themselves to certain dungeons. It’s going to make things easier for solo players to progress through the Main Scenario.


Crafting and gathering

Square Enix also announced some endgame content for crafting and gathering classes. The feature is called The Restoration of the Holy See of Ishgard and is supposed to be an improved and more engaging version of the Doman Enclave Reconstruction. DoH and DoL classes will get a chance of bringing Ishard back to its former glory.

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Shadowbringers story and themes

The players will have the possibility of traveling through The First, which is a realm that’s being devoured by the destructive Flood of Light. To get a better idea about the storyline, themes and aesthetics of FFXIV Shadowbringers, watch the official trailer!

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