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League of Angels 3 guide and tips
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There are many ways in which an MMORPG can become successful. Maybe the main story in incredible, or maybe the combat system is amusing. Either way, true gamers recognize a fine piece of art when they see it. If you play League of Angels 3, you will understand what we are talking about. League of Angels 3 is a turn-based combat game where players choose their team (here is called League) to fight against the IA in the PvE and other players in the PvP.

You can play Leagues of Angels 3 on Facebook, meaning that users just need to click the share button if they want to get support from their friends or just share their experience with other people. Unlike most browser-based games out there, League of Angels 3 features an entertaining main story that may feel unique for most gamers.

Although the vast majority of the users agree that the "pay-to-win" sense that this game has is one of the worst of the industry, others may peacefully enjoy everything that League of Angel 3 has to offer. You are now at MMOAuctions, the absolute best place on the internet to find everything you need about the video games you like. We love every genre, but, as you may guess, we have an especially place on our hearts for massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

It is why the next step in your quest for league angels' success is this amazing guide that we wrote for you. We will support you on a journey full of danger and new things to discover. We will share with you tips on how to start an adventure in Grace's continent. Let's live this fantastic video game together and try to make it out alive!


Getting started in League of Angels 3

The first thing that we want to declare is that you won't have a traditional class system in this game as you are probably used to in conventional games. Instead of that, you'll be in control of heroes. The heroes are the characters you'll control to hit your adversaries as hard as you can. You will start with a few heroes, but later in the game, you'll select among a wide variety of heroes with different powers and abilities.


To get the heroes you want, you must make progress first. Luckily, leveling up in the firsts levels is easy. You can quickly get to a reputable level, so that won't be an issue for you to cancel the game. You will start as a warrior and later on become an archer with the tools and weapons you get. At last, you can become a powerful mage ready to hit them all as hard as possible. You can also choose between a female and a male character, but the difference is purely esthetic. The stats and powers that the heroes have are the same regardless if they are a man or a woman.


Search for your combat style

If you played the previous versions of League of Angels, then you are familiarized with the mechanics. LOA 3 is like the old games: you hit, then they hit you and so on. The biggest difference between this title and the previous one is that you can't put an autopilot to play for you this time. You need to arrange your heroes beforehand, knowing what you are about to face. Your goal is not only to hit them but also to support your other heroes and cancel the attacks thrown at you.

As you advance through the main story, you'll need to choose between leveling your character for rated battles or advancing the main plot. You need to think this over very carefully because if you decide to skip some quest, you will have a hard time beating the hardest bosses or experienced players. You will succeed in battle if:

  • You select the targets that need to be selected; 
  • You choose the right damaging skills for enemies and your heroes; 
  • You distribute buffs among your heroes, sharing them in a proper way to support your whole team just by pressing a button. 

Just be sure to vary your strategy from time to time, so your enemies don't get it that easily.


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Learn to manage your squad

It is a turn-based strategy game, meaning that not every time the tactic you use will be as effective as you may think. Sharing your strategy with other players can be good to improve the fellowship, but in the end, it may be counterproductive for your game style. The best is for each player to search for their style. After all, the MMORPG's main goal is to find a way to play it that you genuinely like.

The first thing that you need to accomplish to be the master of your heroes is balance. If you find the right balance between Archers, Mages, and Warriors, then you will rule the League of Angels III world. Although your heroes' level is fundamental to have a chance in battle, it is not the only thing that will determine victory. You can change the outcome of the fight if your support heroes are correctly synchronized with your damage heroes or healer heroes. It's not just about hit to hit. It's about thinking in every possible scenario before you search for a way to achieve victory.

If you want to know which are the best heroes available in this game, we encourage you to press the "news" button so you can see the Best Heroes articles written by us. Don't keep it all for yourself! Sharing this information with a friend may help him to get better over time. This way, you will learn which is the best healer, best attacker, and best defender among all heroes.


Unravel the secrets that the PvE and the PvP have for you

Most of the time, players will be battling in the main story, doing quests, and completing challenges to increase their levels. PvE battles are incredible, they are focused on dungeons and strong bosses that won't let you breathe if you are not prepared enough. The main goal is to destroy the Lord of the Black Dragons, but first, you'll need to get 12 artifacts from bosses. Keep in mind that the best players will get better rewards. The time you invest in leveling up will be time well spent.

You may desire to skip all the main story processes and move on to enjoy the PvP. Understandably, you may like the PvP more than the PvE, but the truth is that to participate in the PvP, you must first reach level 52. Worry not - achieving this level will only take you a few hours. Nonetheless, if you don't spend enough time leveling up your character, it is highly possible to encounter opponents much weaker or stronger than you.

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Be sure to complete cooperative guilds

It is always good to share a pleasant time with friends enjoying everything that League of Angels 3 has to offer. Guilds are the equivalent of clans in classic games. Here you will share with other players the same hierarchy and structure that you are expecting. There are some events that can be enjoyed around the months of July, August, and September. Not all of them are available yet, but if you really want to participate be sure to add the developers to your networks so you can find out the exact date. To obtain access to the guild functions, you must initially reach level 31.

After that, you will join the Angel Academy to learn the primary functions of guilds. While you are learning how to use the guilds, you won't have access to the bonuses or other rewards, but after you complete all of the procedures, you can create your guild or join an existing one.

Each guild has its boss whom you'll need to bring down in 30 minutes or less. Each participant has a five attack attempts, so you need to prepare what your moves will be carefully.

Some main character events might get you involved in fights against the world boss. The development of this fight will require your hero to be at the top of its capacity. The enemy will be ruthless and won’t let you breathe unless you are in your best version. Some players should choose to support heroes, and some others use the heroes that they like the most. If the guild turns out to be a very organized one, it will get to the Guild War event, where the strongest players challenge each other to become legendary winners.


Level up as fast as you can (but enjoy the view in the meantime)

Some players get so lost into the fact that they desire to level up that they forget to experience all of the astonishing things that are there to be enjoyed. It is not a secret to anyone that the process of leveling up in League of Angels 3 is so easy that everybody could do it fast just by the hit of a button. The speed your level increases in the first part of the game won’t be the same as you move on. It would be epic that this block doesn’t exist, but it is what it is.

The primary way to level up is to take quests seriously. There's no point in barely completing the quests for the sake of doing it - we encourage you to go deeper, you may be positively surprised. Quests give experience, gold, and equipment that your characters need to increase their skills. The better equipped your character is, the faster and more efficient your progress will be. It's all a perfect cycle that needs to be properly completed.

You'll observe that when you are leveling up, the bosses will be harder to beat, and the guild's quests harder to complete, but with the increasing difficulty comes the right compensation for it. Remember that your squad's balance must be found yourself, but it is good advice to have two healers that can support your other heroes. Auto-combat is NOT efficient. In addition, never pass up offers from your guildmates! The help you can receive from them is the key to get to the more extraordinary level you can.


You can always use plan B (bots and cheats)

Sometimes, the support you receive from your guildmates is not enough to become a formidable LOA fighter. It is completely normal, mostly if you don't have enough time to increase your heroes' level as you should. In fact, you might experience that after you made certain progress, the curve of growing starts to slow down more than you expected... as if you were forced to spend real money to grow as you deserve. Curious, right? Anyways, the best way to overcome this obstacle is by using League of Angels 3 Bots and Cheats.


In this site, we support the use of anything that can help you get a higher understatement of the game. Our community really knows how to deal with this subject, so if you are feeling lost enter our servers’ menu and look for help. Just remember: we do not take part by any means in the direct selling of LOA bots. 

First of all, it's important to say that cheats in videogame exist since the beginning of time. There's nothing wrong about employing them, after all, games are made to have fun, right?! Some bots can enhance your gameplay so you can enjoy this title as you should without spending a cent on it. The TarotBot, for example, will let you increase 10 levels without buying diamonds.

Some other famous bots such as the DragonSoulBot heavily increase the points that the player gets after completing fights. Element Training Bots are used to increase the level of certain heroes while you are not playing it. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. You can check through the offers posted on our marketplace to find a suitable bot for your needs!



The opinions about Leagues of Angel III are strongly divided. It is understandable that the vast majority of players consider that free-to-play titles that are actually pay-to-win must be condemned to be exiled in a forgotten land where games come to die. At the end of the day, developers must earn an economic reward for all the amount of work that they have put in creating a title this big.

Truth be told, League of Angels is an excellent MMORPG that you should experience if you like this genre, mostly if you played the last titles of this franchise. It doesn't matter in which way you observe it. If you truly like LOA, you'll enjoy everything that this piece has to offer. An in-depth look at the insides of League of Angels provides us a wider comprehension of what this title wants to make us understand. The compelling story, the fun quests, the amazing cooperative, and the competitive PvP are some of the things that make LOA so unique.

If you feel like there are some things that you still need to know, contact us! MMOAuctions will always be here to help players climb to the top. There's no obstacle big enough for MMOAuctions!



Is League of Angels 3 a F2P title?

You don't need to pay anything for playing this game at all. The problem comes when you need to make progress, and it starts to feel more like a P2W title.

How can I level up in LOA 3?

The main way to level up is by completing the quests of the main plot-line. Even if you are looking to experience only the PvP, your character will need to be an excellent form to defeat your adversaries.

Which are the LOA 3 Best Heroes?

This will depend on how you decide to face combat. You can check our Best Heroes articles to make a firm decision by yourself.


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