League of Angels 3 review - is it worth your precious time?

League of Angels 3 review
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League of Angels 3 became one of the most played MMORPG back in 2014. Why did this happen, you ask? To comprehend this, we must dig very deep into the mysteries of this presumably free-to-play game. There isn't any doubt that the League of Angels 3 fanbase is big, but it is also deeply divided. We will explore the reasons for this phenomenon. A phenomenon that, sadly, is exceedingly common lately in the gaming industry.

But in this League of Angel 3 review, we want to show you all of the content that this game has to present to you. Just like most fantasy MMORPG out there, League of Angels 3 features different play modes where players can experience a wide variety of fascinating features. Either way, the main complaint that the gaming community has about League of Angels III is that this is not a free-to-play game at all... but, is this entirely true?

MMOAuctions will review every aspect that revolves around League of Angels III, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of this game as it should be done. The MMORPG genre is our specialty. It is why we are going to act as a neutral judge so players can get the best information available.

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What is League of Angels III?

League of Angels III is, basically, a turn-based combat MMORPG. The angels of League of Angels 3 are your warriors in this marvelous fantasy world. The main story of League of Angels III is engaging and original. Demons are threatening with ending the world, and the angels are the only hope of Earth. Grace's continent is where dangerous battles and outstanding quests take place. At first, the players' progression feels rapid and satisfactory, but it starts to change after a certain level.


It is a browser-based game, meaning that players all over the world can play it for free if they have an updated browser. The operative system that the player has doesn’t matter. League of Angels 3 will run smoothly as long as the PC can run Facebook. This is the third installment of the saga, an enormous update that really changed the game’s perspective from the last title (LOA2). The publisher knew what they were doing, so when they were ready to release this game (after the Beta release in July 2013) the promotional videos and general rating of the franchise went up. It was one of the keys for League of Angels III success - millions of players all over the world are registered into Facebook. All you need to do to play this browser-based game is search for it, and that's it.

It is not a secret that players need to invest a lot of time in this game if they want to make real progress. In fact, the game modes are all unlocked at a certain level. It means that players can't experience the PvP or participate in guilds if they haven't reached a certain level in the game. It may not take much time, but as soon as the curve of progression starts to fall, the issues begin to appear.


League of Angels III gameplay

It is one of the strongest points that this game has. Usually, many MMORPG uses a click-to-action system to perform the battles, but in this case, players use a turn-based format to engage in new battles. There are many heroes that can be found in League of Angels III so players can create their own combat system. Keep in mind the choices made in the construction of the party will influence the quest, battle, or fight you want to participate in. Be sure to bring the best equipment and gear as possible to this group game, so you won’t find yourself being eaten by a dragon or defeated by a hero.

The heroes are divided into many classes and types that can be used against other certain types of heroes. It's like a huge rock, paper, and scissors format where the players need to discover the best strategy to face their enemies by themselves.

The huge variety of heroes can be confusing at first, but after a while, you'll realize that this MMORPG has something unique to offer in its gameplay system. However, as we mentioned before, in the beginning, players will experience much easier combat than the ones in the highest levels. It serves as a hook for new players to unlock all of the gameplay modes as fast as they can, allowing them to experience all of the free content that this browser MMORPG game has for the people.


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Let's talk about PvE

In order to prevent the demons from destroying the world, you must collect all of the artifacts and legendary weapons. The best part about the PvE is the many quests that can be completed. You can choose this great game if you like to build a character from scratch. The gameplay of the PvE feels amazing, and unlike other browser games (MMORPGs), in this new title, you can't autopilot your character to skip some game content. It is crucial to forge a unique gameplay mode - tactics are all in League of Angels 3, and you'll realize that soon enough.


And what about LOA 3 PvP?

Most of the League of Angels III gameplay is based on completing the main story quests. It is normal that you may want to skip the numerous quests that this game has to play the PvP, but the truth is that the game system doesn't allow users to do this. You must first play the game enough to reach level 52. After that, you'll be able to play the PvP.

It will allow you to enter the Arena to face players all over the world. Some players really believed that they would only need to download this game and develop their skills and fight-style without having to spend any cent. Obviously, they weren’t right even back there. Although you could try to find good offers, you still needed to take out your wallet to become a real star with the highest rank. The worst thing about this classic MMORPG feature in games like this is the fact that in League of Angels III the matchmaking is heavily unbalanced. You may encounter adversaries that are much stronger or weaker than you, which makes the experience less enjoyable.


League of Angels III graphics and sound

If you are a fan of fantasy worlds with magic beings and many outstanding landscapes to watch, you'll love League of Angels III. The graphic art of some browser-based games usually are not like the ones that can be found on full downloadable games, but in this case, you won't get disappointed at all. If we review the graphics step by step, we can agree that it looks gorgeous for a browser game.

Not many games achieve this level of beauty with all the limitations that the browser imposes on developers. Either way, angels and heroes both look amazing. Their armors and weapons look fantastic, and the same thing can be declared about League of Angels III sound department. The voice-over work is outstanding, but the soundtrack often feels repetitive and tiring.

It doesn't mean that it is bad at all. It means that when repeated on an endless loop, it may result in the users getting tired of it. Nonetheless, we can't say anything negative about the way this game looks. League of Angels 3 sounds good, looks good, and, more importantly, feels good for a free game.


League of Angels 3 features review

There are other things that deserve a closer look before deciding our verdict about this MMORPG. To this point, we already mentioned many things that can make players decide whether to play this free game or skip it once and for all. The final decision should be made individually, depending on your taste, but this review is meant to properly guide you through the various content that this game has. Without further hesitation, let's talk about this subject.


LOA 3 classes

If you are used to the classic MMORPG classes system, then games like this are not for you. Your class will change while you advance through this game's story, but there are three classes in total that you will use when playing League Angels 3. Remember that your character can be male or female, but in the end, it won't mean anything - it's a purely esthetical change.

The Warrior class is an aggressive character with outrageous attack and defense stats. On the other hand, the Mage is not that strong in physical attacks but can crush its enemies with black magic. Finally, The Archer is an immensely powerful damage-dealing class that can't be defeated if you are not close enough. Knowing to master the classes is essential if you want to have a chance in this fantasy universe.


Cooperative modes

One of the best things about massively multiplayer online role-playing games is the fact that we can enjoy the game content with friends or other players wherever they are. It is why it's imperative to review the multiplayer features and in-game content that this free MMORPG can provide us. We already mentioned the competitive PvP, but there's a cooperative game mode that we need to mention: the guilds.

You may have heard of the guild in games like this, so don't expect something new or very different. Guilds are mainly used to enhance daily bonuses to increase levels and get better. Later on, players can participate in Guild Wars, where the best guild will be tested. The thing is that these guilds have nothing special and they may feel a little boring after a while... unless you pay. And this is our next topic.

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Is League of Angels 3 free-to-play or pay-to-win?

Most of the negative criticism that League of Angels 3 receives comes from the people arguing that this game is not free to play at all. Sure, you can play it for free, but to have actual fun, you need to make a payment. There's nothing new about P2W games. There's absolutely nothing wrong about wanting to produce revenue out of a new game. After all, this is the point of the whole industry, right? The problem begins when a game sells itself as a free-to-play experience, but, in the end, it affects the users' experience by blocking the content from them.

The biggest sin that GTArcade committed was presenting an addictive and engaging formula that may be enormously enjoyable the first week of playing it. The character levels up high, the weapons and content are unlocked sooner than you think, and the graphics are stunning... but then, reality hits. The curve of progression begins to drop more than you think. You'll end up investing lots of hours of your life, but you may not witness any substantial progress after a certain point in the game.

You don't want to experience this massive drop in the game's quality, right? Then pay for it. If you decide not to pay, then you won't progress at all in the game. The content available for you will be extremely limited, and the experience won't be the same anymore. It's more than just charging to play LOA 3. It is about the fact that it genuinely feels like they took the whole essence that the game presumably had when gamers first experienced it. This, of course, is a delicate subject that has divided the community since the start of gaming history. The best way to proceed here is to tread lightly on these treacherous grounds.


Is League of Angels 3 pay-2-win? Probably. Can you play it for free? Sure. However, the whole mobile gaming community feels bad about a blatant cash grab. There is nothing wrong with trying to earn money. After all, we all need it at some point. It’s about the way you do it. Some mobile games are addictive and fun as well, with microtransactions being present, but not imperative. The best example is SuperCell’s titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Boom Beach, or Hay Day. You can enjoy them for free, and if you wish to, you can help yourself a little bit with a payment. But you are not forced to. The content is not blocked unless you pay. That’s the biggest issue with LOA 3. 


The Verdict

After going deep in all the secrets that League of Angels 3 has for us, we can finally make a decision. Although we have embraced everything that this GTArcade title has offered to us, there are still some issues that need to be corrected. The amazing game content available the first half of the game (to put it in a way) is worthy of the best MMORPG titles that you already know. The fact that League of Angels 3 is presented as a free to play game attracted many players to experience this fantastic adventure.

There are practically no limitations in playing LOA 3. Almost every gamer in the world has a Facebook account, so it's not an issue to play it due to the low requirements that this browser-based title has. Enjoying it is not the hard part of it - the hard part is to maintain the level of amusement that provides the first time. Nonetheless, MMOAuctions understands that to review this game properly, we must put all of the good things and the bad things on a rightful scale.

On the positive side we can state three things:

  • The graphics and sounds are excellent. Much better than the previous installments of the franchise.
  • The immersive atmosphere and main story. The memorable characters make the adventure much more incredible.
  • Compelling and attractive combat system. Finding the right strategy depends on the process of thought of every single gamer.

On the negative side, however, we can state two things:

  • Pay-to-win sense. The progress is blocked if you don't pay for the premium currency.
  • Little multiplayer content. The guild and the PvP are okay, but they are excessively simple.


With this being said, you can now execute your personal decision. If you ask us, we believe that the good things of LOA 3 surpass the bad things to a certain point. The thing is where you are in the "gaming spectrum." Are you playing merely to pass time, or are you aiming to become the best player in the world?

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How can I play League of Angels 3?

You can play it on almost any web browser. You don't need a powerful PC to do it.

Is League of Angels 3 free?

In theory, yes, this is a completely free game. The thing is intermittently you may feel like you are being forced to pay... but this depends on each player.

Is League of Angels 3 safe?

Affirmative, it is safe to register in this game. Your personal information is secured, and the game won't disappoint you.

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