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LoL is free-to-play. However, completing your collection of champions and skins without some investment might take a couple of days. Among MOBA games, LoL stands out as one of the most popular competing with the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and DotA 2, where people are playing for days. The player base is said to consist of 80 million players monthly, with 27 millions logging in each day. To join the community, simply download the client's latest release.

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Back in Season 8 there was a Practice Tool featured to the game. It meant better days for all players, who are yet to become pro. You can use it to explore all the champion's ins and outs, train meachnical skills for your future days YouTube montage. There is also a PBE (Public Beta Environment) server, where changes are tested. So it's not that Riot Games inc. makes adjustments within days without letting players to use it. The game is generally user friendly, and the main donwside ruining days are toxic players. Hopefully, there will be some kind of service implemented, to get rid of the bane of esports. The game has gotten so popular, that in days of October 2019 Riot Games presented us with ninth already Worlds event. Follow us for LoL news and the best esports and gaming content.

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