LOL Counters Guide - Win against the odds!

LOL Counters Guide
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League of Legends counters guide

Welcome to MMOAuctions LoL Counters Guide. If you are wondering what you should pick to win against Zed, how to make laning against Darius easy, or what you need to shred through Rammus armor - you are in the right place. In the guide below, you will find out about most of the counter picks available in the game. Reading text below can improve your gaming by quite a lot as learning counters is a crucial part of getting better at League.


Table of contents:

General Counter Tips

AD Carries


Crowd Control


True Damage


Hyper Carries


Bonus Tip

Champions and their counters


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General counter tips

First and foremost, we have a quick disclaimer. Such a thing like “counter” does not exist. Still, it all comes to execution. If you pick a champion that is considered to be a counter pick to some other hero, and you play the lane poorly, you’ll lose. Specific abilities, passives, traits, and stats give you an edge over your opponent. Using them to your advantage is entirely up to you. 

There was a time where ADCs were gaining more and more popularity in solo lanes (Tristana, Lucian, Vayne). There were scenarios, where you had three ADCs in the team - top, mid, and bot, or even four if the jungler went for Kindred.

The first thing you should do is buy Ninja Tabi. It reduces the auto-attack damage by a considerable margin. The second thing is the itemization. For AP mages and assassins, there should be Zhonya’s Hourglass, for AD something like Phantom Dancer and Guardian Angel. For tanks, it will be the three items building from Warden’s Mail - Thornmail, Frozen Heart, and Randuin’s Omen, with the latter being exceptional against heavy critters.

Lastly, some champions counter AD Carries, especially Rammus (reflecting damage), and Shen (auto-attack negating zone). 

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Have you ever met Sion, Cho’Gath, or Maokai with 6,000 HP that just doesn’t go down? There are a few tricks that can help you deal with such colossus.

The first counter is the true damage, for example, Fiora’s passive, Vayne’s passive, Master Yi Wuju Style, Garen ult. True damage ignores all resistances, so it doesn’t matter how much HP, Armor, and MR does the tank have. 

The second thing is the itemization. Items with lethality (built from Serrated Dirk), % armor penetration (Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, Guinsoo’s Rageblade), and magic penetration (Void Staff) are designed to increase the damage output. Some champions have abilities granting the penetration (Darius E, Renekton E). There is a second group of items and skills that deal with percentage max or current HP damage. These are the likes of Liandry’s Torment, Blade of the Ruined King, Kog’Maw’s W, Kai’sa passive, Shen’s passive, etc.

Against someone stacking a lot of resists, it’s better to go for percentage penetration. Facing the enemy with a lot of HP, and no resistance, you should choose the max/current HP items/abilities. Versus squishy enemies, just go flat pen.


And there is Trundle, who steals your resists and HP. Suddenly the tank is somewhat… not tanky. If he manages to do it, while some buff is on (Gargoyle Stoneplate, Aftershock, Sejuani passive), the victim can even have negative stats!

Crowd Control

The counter to crowd control is Tenacity. You can get it from runes (Legend: Tenacity, Unflinching), items (Merc Treads, Sterak’s Gage), and champion’s abilities (Dr. Mundo W, Garen W). You can’t reduce the duration of knock-ups, suppressions, stasis, and displacements. You can reduce the duration of all of the others, though.

The first thing you need to do when you see the likes of Morgana or Fiddlesticks is to go for Mercury’s Treads. If you’re the tank or otherwise someone going for the Precision Tree, taking Legend: Tenacity rune is not a wrong choice.

For a reliable CC removal since the very beginning, you can take the Cleanse Summoner.

Later on, if you’re an ADC, or you really need to (vs. Malzahar, Skarner), go for Quicksilver Sash. If you trust your support, tell him to buy Mikael’s Crucible unless you are playing with Morgana, who has the Black Shield.

There are items, that grant a spell blocking shield (Banshee’s Veil, Edge of Night), and abilities (Malzahar passive, Nocturne W). Also, you can’t stop a champion that’s unstoppable, like Sion or Kled with his ultimate. Some abilities grant you immunity to slows too (Master Yi Highlander).

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It is crucial against all types of assassins. 

There are items with Lifeline passive granting a shield upon taking lethal damage - Maw of Malmortius, Phantom Dancer, and Sterak’s Gage. They shouldn’t be combined, though. You can look up to the Stopwatch or the Zhonya’s Hourglass, which will put you in the stasis for 2,5 seconds. If you are yet to use the Stopwatch, you can use both of them at once one time to gain 5 seconds of immortality.

An ultimate counter to burst, and dying in general, is the Guardian Angel or Zilean’s ultimate.

Lissandra and Fizz are considered a counter to assassin thanks to their ability to go untargetable. The same goes for Xayah and Kled. 

If you have Bard on your team, and he can time his ultimate properly, it can save your whole team.

True Damage

As mentioned earlier, true damage cannot be reduced by anything in the game. It was meant to be the strongest type of damage, and so it is. Since it ignores the armor and magic resist, the only way to survive longer is to have a ton of HP. 

The only downside is max HP% true damage from Fiora’s passive or Vayne’s W. For them, you need some kind of a lockdown ability, and hope that they don’t buy QSS.


There are a few champions that can heal an immense amount of HP - Vladimir, Aatrox, Dr. Mundo, Maokai. For them to take them down, you need a healing cut, namely Grievous Wounds. 

Some champions have it built into their kit (Kled, Katarina, Varus). Also, there are items with such a trait. For AD, it’s the Executioner’s Calling (combines with the Last Whisper into the Mortal reminder). For AP, it’s Morellonomicon, for tanks it’s the Bramble Vest, which builds into the Thornmail. Quick note - against AP, don’t go for the Bramble/Thornmail, as it requires physical damage to apply the debuff, which makes it unreliable unless the AP carry is stupid enough to basically attack you.

Lastly, the Ignite summoner spell applies Grievous Wounds as well.


How many times did you have a Vayne or Master Yi in the enemy team, who went 1/7 in early to mid-game, to kill everybody past 35-minute mark? How to deal with the slippery, fed guy, who repeatedly gets the quadra kill? 

The best way to get onto him is the hard CC. If you lock him down in place for at least a fraction of second, it’s a death sentence. The least reliable are the aimed Crowd Control abilities. Xerath’s E, Nautilus Q, or Blitzcrank Q have to be landed to have an effect.

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Then you have the auto-attack based CC, like Alistar’s 5-stack E, or Blitzcrank E. These are hard to dodge, but hard to land as well, because you have to get close.

The next best thing is ranged point-and-click CC, like Nautilus’ ultimate, Malzahar ultimate, Pantheon W, Lulu W. These are extremely hard to avoid and require something more to outplay (mostly specific items or well-timed spell shield).



The first thing is pure awareness. You have to be mindful of the enemy appearing from nowhere and killing your whole team so that you don’t look at the grey screen, wondering: “Where did he come from?” For invisible junglers (Shaco, Evelynn, Wukong), you must have deep wards. You will not see them coming to your lane, but seeing them doing their camps should send a message: “He’s in the vicinity, I need to be careful.”

The second thing is the Sweeper trinket and Control wards. They are not as reliable as they used to be, but still, it’s better than nothing. 

Lastly, there is the True Sight mechanic, which allows you to see stealthed units. A handful of abilities have such a trait - for example, Morgana’s ult, Lulu’s E, or stepping over Zyra plants. Twisted Fate ult reveals all enemies, as well. Keep it in mind, if you are yet to pick a champion, and enemies have someone stealth-based. Especially Lulu is good against the invisibility-using champions (Vayne, Akali) since not only can she deny them disappearing but also polymorph them, which means death most of the time.


Bonus tip

Are you tired of champions with million dashes, jumps, blinks, and gap closers? Are the likes of Akali, Yasuo, Irelia, or Lee Sin a pain in your butt? There is the grounding mechanic, that should help you deal with them. Singed W or Cassiopeia W will deny any dash, and Poppy’s W is terrific at this. So if they have Yasuo top, Lee Sin jungle, Akali mid, Lucian ADC, and Pyke or Alistar support - Poppy will always be useful. 

Champions and their counters

Aatrox - Yasuo, Riven, Malphite

Fighting Aatrox is all about dodging his abilities. If you can manage to sneak past his Q attacks, you will be in the winning position. At all costs, don't let him hit you with Q as it will not only deal with significant damage but also knock you up. Pay attention to his dash cooldown as with it, he can change the spot that he lands his abilities on. Don't fight him when he has his passive up. Also, you need a healing cut.

Ahri - Swain, Zilean, Twisted Fate

Stay behind minions to not get hit by charm. Focus her if she misses her E or if she runs out of her ultimate charges. As her defensive kit is very limited, she is an easy target when her skills are down.

Akali - Pantheon, Olaf, Lee Sin

Her shroud does not protect her from being hit by AOE abilities. Picking champion that can reveal stealth enemies like Lee Sin can make her life extremely hard. Make sure not to get hit by her shuriken as she needs it to perform a combo. Also, make sure to watch out for her when she hits level 6 as it is her biggest power spike.

Alistar - Morgana, Janna, Zilean

Try to stay away from the enemy tower if he is under it. He can flash into Q into W to knock you under the tower. Staying together on the lane is also a bad idea since he can knock up both laners at the same time. Don't dive him under tower because of his insane Crowd Control and survivability.

Amumu - Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Ivern

Make sure to spread during team fights since he can stun the whole team with just one ability. Try to avoid his Bandage Toss as his mobility is very low, and he can be kited when Q is down. Killing his blue buff at the beginning of the game can make his game tough as he needs a lot of mana to jungle.

Anivia - Karthus, Ahri, Ziggs

Attack her if she misses her stun and CC when her ultimate in being cast. Don't fight against Anivia in small corridors as she can block you with the wall. Beware of her passive Egg.

Annie - Malzahar, Anivia, Ziggs

Stay away from her when her stun is ready and punish her as soon as she uses it against other opponents. Picking a long-range caster can be a great idea since her kit has a very short range.

Ashe - Draven, Twitch, Ziggs

Focus her during team fights and always play aggressive against her as she doesn't have and defensive mechanics (except a vision one). Consider taking Cleanse to counter her ultimate stun. Punish her for missed volleys.

Aurelion Sol - Fizz, Ziggs, Twisted Fate

Try picking hard lane pushers against him, so he won't be able to roam as much. Make sure to always stay in a safe distance from his stars.

Azir - Xerath, Corki, Anivia

Most likely, he won't pick his escape skill before level 3, so if you can be aggressive against him before this timestamp, you might force a flash or even get an easy kill. As his E has a long cooldown, make sure to punish him when he escapes ability is down. If he dives into a teamfight, you can be almost sure that he will ult, so try to dodge.

Bard - Soraka, Sion, Annie

Avoid following him into the tunnel if you don't have a vision on what is on the other side. Don't stay near minions as it gives him an easy way of stunning.

Blitzcrank - Maokai, Taric, Sion, Morgana

Try to use minions as your cover so he won't be able to hook you. Make sure to place wards in lane bushes so he won't be able to sneak a Q from an unseen location. Don't get baited into a fight when his HP is low as he can still receive a shield from his passive. Tanky supports are usually doing better against him.

Brand - Janna, Nautilus, Blitzcrank

Always spread when he casts his ultimate. The closer you are to your allies, the easier it will be for his ultimate to bounce. If you are already ablaze and he’s moving towards you, try to dodge as he will try to land a stun.

Braum - Soraka, Sion, Zilean

Don't group up during fights so he won't be able to knock everyone up with his ultimate. Watch out for this ability, especially in the jungle, as narrow corridors make it extremely easy to hit. If you want to engage the fight against him, wait for his shield to be down as it gives very high sustain from one direction. Leave the combat when he marks you with Winter's Bite so he won't be able to land a stun.

Caitlyn - Draven, Quinn, Twitch

Stay behind minions so her Q won't do as much damage. Block her ultimate for your team members by standing in its path. Always pay attention to where she places traps not to get caught off guard. Don't walk into bushes alone as you might step into one, letting her set up an easy kill. Try to move during teamfights constantly as she might put a trap under you blocking your movement.

Camille - Volibear, Teemo, Pantheon

She has a low sustain during early levels - poke her early on. Most of Camille players go for quick engagements rather than long fights when laning so you can drag her into more wide brawls where she doesn't shine as much. During later stages of the game, if you are squishy stick to your team - she will be looking for easy targets with her ultimate. If you can manage to dodge E punish her for missing it.

Cassiopeia - Morgana, Malzahar, Aurelion Sol

If she uses her Noxious Blast on you, go back a few steps to not let her spam Twin Fang on you. She has no boots, and she relies on hitting her Q. If you dodge it, you can abuse the MS discrepancy. She should be mana hungry early on. As soon as she casts her ultimate turn around to avoid getting stunned.

Cho'Gath - Teemo, Cassiopeia, Vayne

He is very vulnerable to ranged champions as he can be easily kited. Dodge his Rupture and punish him every time he misses it. Gank him early on so he won't be able to stack his ultimate as easily. Don't stay close to him when you are on low health - he can flash to you or Rupture you to close the distance and Feast right away.

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Corki - Neeko, Zoe, Sylas

Can be punished when his Valkyrie is on cooldown. He excels at extended fights as his Gatling Gun reduces armor, so avoid those. You can interrupt Valkyrie mid-flight with knock-ups and displacement abilities.

Darius - WuKong, Kalista, Gnar

He is prone to kiting - when his E is down, you can easily harass him from a distance, and most likely, he won't be able to do anything about it. When he uses Q, you can step into his melee range to dodge it. Never fight against him when he reaches five stacks of his passive. If he does use shields and heals to avoid being killed by his ultimate.

Diana - Garen, Swain, Heimerdinger

Try to dodge her Crescent Strike by moving clockwise. Harass her only when her shield is down as it has low uptime. The best champions against her are ranged ones as she is prone to be harassed. Pay attention to when she hits level 6, as she most likely will try to all-in at this point. Focus her on teamfights.

Dr. Mundo - Qiyana, Olaf, Rek'Sai

Countered by Grievous Wounds debuff, which you can apply with various items. Ignite summoner spell can also be extremely useful in lowering his regeneration output. When Mundo is chasing someone, he relies on hitting his Cleavers - dodge them for an easy escape. If you can't burst him down right after or before he ults, then don't bother fighting him - go for other targets.

Draven - Yasuo, Ashe, Jinx

Supports like Pyke or Blitz can easily catch him when he goes for axes. Try to play safe and avoid early trades - he has exceptionally high damage during the early game. Punish him for not catching axes. Go out of lane if you want to recall with low hp - he can catch you with global ult even if he doesn't see you.

Ekko - Warwick, Malzahar, Kassadin

Easily countered when his ultimate is interrupted. If you catch Ekko on low health and you think that he will use Chronobreak, stun or silence him. You can also use Ignite to lower his health recovery. During the laning phase, punish him for missing Timewinder as it makes for him much harder to stack passive without it.

Elise - Shaco, Nunu, Zac

Staying behind minions can block her stun. Watch out for her Spider Bite when you are low on health as it does increased damage. If she uses Rappel to engage, punish her for that as it is her only escape ability.

Evelynn - Nunu, Rengar, Elise

The key to winning against her is detection. Buy Control Wards and use Oracle Lens to your advantage. Lock her down before she ults away. Avoid split pushing, stick with your team.

Ezreal - Yasuo, Jhin, Vayne

Focus him if he enters a fight with his E. Hide behind minions to not get hit by Q. Hide in the jungle if you are about to recall on low health as he might try to snipe you with ultimate.

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Fiddlesticks - Vel’koz, Xerath, Malphite

Using displacement abilities like Blitz Pull or Alistar knockback can make his ultimate less dangerous. Step away from your all as soon as he casts Dark Wind not to let it bounce. Attack him when his Drain is down and use CC when he jumps with his ultimate.

Fiora - Cassiopeia, Wukong, Rengar

Fight against her when her Lunge is on Cooldown. Don't get baited into her Riposte as she will quickly punish you. Use Crowd Control when she activates ultimate not to let her outrun you. You can also try to hug a wall to protect one of your vital spots.

Fizz - Rumble, Aurelion Sol, Pantheon

Fight him when his trident jump is on cooldown. Don't stay in the lane when you are low on health as he gets bonus damage against low hp champions.

Galio - Swain, Kled, Xerath

During the laning phase, poke him when he uses his abilities to clear waves. Ping as soon as he goes missing since he will likely look at other lanes to ult. Later in the game, you can force a fight against him when his charge is down. Make sure not to clump together during teamfights to avoid mass CC. As he is a specialist in the Magic Resistance - AD champions work better against him.

Gangplank - Volibear, Aatrox, Ryze

Try to shut him down early game with the help of your team as he scales exceptionally well. He might snowball out of control when uncontested. Fight against him when his passive is down or when he misses his barrels. Always try to destroy barrels mid teamfight to avoid massive AOE damage.

Garen - Illaoi, Teemo, Vayne

His passive lets him recover health quickly. Disrupt it by attacking him from a safe distance. His spinning is less effective near minions, so hug to them to reduce damage taken.

Gnar - Illaoi, Poppy, Shen

Dodge his Q to not get harassed. Bait him into using E before performing full out combo since he can easily escape with that. Avoid him when his rage bar is full since he will likely jump on you with a full combo. Don't chase him when he’s on Mini Gnar form if you don't have any Crowd Control.

Gragas - Nunu, Udyr, Zac

Gragas is fantastic if he lands the Body Slam on his target. During the early game, he will gank a lot - most likely with Predator rune. Make sure to place wards accordingly. Don't clump up during teamfights to not let him nuke the whole team with one R.

Graves - Trundle, Xin Zhao, Twitch

He is a powerful duelist, so try to avoid fighting him 1v1. His auto attack mechanics make his bullet stop on 1st creature hit so you can hide from them behind minions and other champions. As he deals much more damage from a close distance, avoid standing next to him. Although he is excellent at duels, he is easy to kill during teamfights. Stick to your team to avoid being taken down.

Hecarim - Trundle, Nocturne, Nunu

He will constantly be ganking, so make sure that you are placing your wards in key locations. Don't let him run behind your back and if he does flash behind him. His goal will be to push you away from your tower and into the enemy. Forcing him off of his first blue can slow him down significantly.

Heimerdinger - Tristana, Syndra, Xerath

Killing his turrets will significantly decrease his damage. It might look tedious since he can quickly put new ones - it can be done. When his turrets are down, he can be bullied. During teamfights, always try to take him and his turrets before other targets. He can put a constant pressure and high amounts of sustained damage.

Illaoi - Garen, Mordekaiser, Tryndamere

Laning versus Illaoi is like playing dodgeball. You can even start Boots + 4 pots, as movement speed is crucial. If you manage to avoid her abilities, you’re good to go. With a killing potential, go onto her as she misses her E. She is the weakest at this point. Healing cut might be helpful.

Irelia - Garen, Mordekaiser, Tryndamere

Watch out where you stand as she can quickly jump to minions and from them to you. Focus on short exchanges more than longer fights as her passive gives her a huge advantage. During teamfights, try to stay together as she will be looking for lone targets. She will be split pushing a lot. Try to gank her when she does.

Ivern - Nidalee, Rek'Sai, Zac

If you are playing strong early jungler like Lee Sin or Kayn, make sure to gank Ivern on the 1st level. He won't be able to solo most of the enemies at low levels. You can gain an easy advantage and punish Ivern by stealing his camps.

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Janna - Xerath, Shaco, Shen

During laning, make sure to poke the target, that isn't shielded. Having headphones helps as sound indicates when she uses her Tornado. Always disrupt her ultimate by using Crowd Control abilities like stun or knock-up. Pay attention to your positioning as she can block your path or push you with her Monsoon.

Jarvan IV - Nidalee, Volibear, Nunu

He is an extremely strong ganker, especially after hitting level 6. Try to avoid fights against him early on. Escape abilities can counter his Cataclysm ability. Don't recall with low health when he is close by as his Demacian Standard ability has quite a long-range.

Jax - Olaf, Zac, Shaco

When he turns on his Counter Strike ability, stop auto-attacking and try to dodge it with escape abilities. His biggest power spike is when he gets his hands on Trinity Force post level 6. From this point on, he only gets stronger. He loses a lot of matchups. Try to use it as a psychological advantage, as most games are tilt shows.

Jayce - Garen, Malphite, Aatrox

Stay behind minion wave to not get hit by his Q. You can flash out of his To the Skies ability, completely negating the damage it deals. He can change weapons only once every six seconds, so force him into ranged fights while in melee form and attack him in melee when he’s ranged.

Jhin - Swain, Kayle, Quinn

He can root you in place with his W easily if he has hit you a short time before. Make sure to wait until the debuff wears out so he won't catch you. His 4th shot is guaranteed Critical Strike. Step back so that he will hit a minion instead of you. After this happens, you can burst him since he will have to reload.

Jinx - Heimerdinger, Garen, Lux

She has quite a short range of attacks in minigun form so you can take advantage of that with high range champions. Her rockets deal splash damage - stay away from your team members and minions when she shoots them. Do not recall on low HP at obvious locations - step into the jungle as she might try to snipe you with ult.

Kai'Sa - Ziggs, Heimer, Leona

She doesn't have any escape abilities, and she is very vulnerable to ganks early on. Try to work with your jungler to take her down before she hits level 6. Kai'Sa pick can be punished by hard engage supports like Leona, who can engage onto her and tank her Q.

Kalista - Draven, Cait, Xayah

Higher range heroes like Cait can harass her effortlessly. Lowering the health of her soul-bound champion can reduce the threat of her ultimate.

Karma - Bard, Xerath, Blitzcrank

She will be trying to harass hard with her Q - dodge it as much as possible. Save your movement abilities to escape from her Focused Resolve ability. Leave the circle left by her Q immediately after it hits. Try to engage in fights only when her Mantra is on cooldown.

Karthus - Nocturne, Kassadin, Soraka

Items like Zhonya Hourglass, Banshee's Veil, or Maw of Malmortious can almost completely counter his ultimate. After a successful takedown, make sure to move away as he will still deal damage to you. Karthus will focus on farming early on, and his dueling potential is not that great. If you have a champion with strong pick potential, go for a kill.

Kassadin - Pantheon, Talon, Pyke

His passive is strong only against AP heroes, and he is melee only - it makes him an excellent target for AD assassins like Talon or Zed. If you have any form of hard CC, make sure to use it to punish his aggressive ultimate uses. AP champions should not trade against him early on as he will come out on top, most of the time.

Katarina - Malzahar, Lissandra, Fizz

Katarina has a hard time farming under her tower - picking hard pushing champions can significantly lower her farm. She is countered hard by heroes with stun as it interrupts her Death Lotus. On top of that, this ability can be avoided by using Zhonya's Hourglass.

Kayle - Jinx, Ashe, Heimerdinger

During the lane stage, try to exchange blows against her. Kayle has a very limited mana pool and is quite squishy early on. Take advantage of that, and if you are jungling, try to shut down her game by constant ganks. Bait her ultimate by damaging squishy targets - as she is DPS machine in the late game - focus her when her ultimate is down. 

Kayn - Garen, Ashe, Heimerdinger

He has one of the fastest jungle clears in the game - try to invade early on to shut down his potential. His ganking paths are unique, so don't put your vision in standard places - leave wards behind walls. During later stages of the game, if you are playing against blue Kayn, make sure to get some survivability as he can quickly rush down squishier targets.

Kennen - Gnar, Ziggs, Yorick

Try to poke him early on, as he won't be able to recover his health easily. Never rush him down if you are already marked by his passive - wait for it to wear off. Try to force a fight when he has no energy. Later in the game, if he split pushes force a 5v4 battle or go for a major objective.

Kha'Zix - Garen, Volibear, Nunu

His jump ability has a long cooldown, so punish him if he uses it at the wrong time. Do not get yourself isolated and stick to your team - he will be looking for lone targets. Make good use of wards - especially around objectives like Drake as he can easily solo them early on.

Kindred - Azir, Lee Sin, Urgot

Most of her damage potential comes from the wolf and circle underneath her. Try to leave Wolf's Frenzy and fight her outside. There are a lot of champions who counter her ultimate by pushing her out of it: Alistar, Janna, Lee Sin, Azir, Urgot, Gragas, Vayne, Poppy, etc. Shut her down with stun before she ults or with knockback when she does. Also, try to remove her jungle targets or set traps for her near them if possible.

Kled - Garen, Rumble, Camille

Trading against Kled when he sits on Skarl is pointless as he can recover his health easily. If you can manage to get him out of his mount, you can try to all-in for a kill. Bust him down if he uses ultimate to come to your lane. He will be much less effective when dismounted. Be careful about his W

Kog'Maw - Lucian, Draven, Kha'Zix

Kog'Maw doesn't have any escape abilities making him a vulnerable target. In the lane, try to dodge his Q by standing behind minions and rush him down if he wastes his slowing ability. High damage assassins like Zed or Blue Kayn are a great way of dealing with this champion.

LeBlanc - Garen, Heimer, Mordekaiser

Hide from her chain behind minions. Disable her if she uses Distortion to rush you so she won't be able to recast it right away. If she maxes Q first push her lane - she will lack a way to clear waves. If she maxes W play passive and don't let Distortion harass you. Rush her only when her displacement ability is on cooldown. Don't trade against her on the 1st level as she can proc Electrocute very easily. 

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Lee Sin - Trundle, Udyr, Volibear

Try to dodge his Q. If he lands it, he can perform his full combo. Put wards behind walls in crucial spots (like Raptors) as he may try to land his Sonic Wave from unexpected locations. Pay attention to the map, especially around levels 2 and 3, since he is an extremely strong ganker during that time.

Leona - Xerath, Pyke, Morgana

Hide behind minions to not let her land her Q. If she uses Eclipse, she will hard engage, so try to dodge it. During later stages in the game, she will most likely initiate fights by diving onto your team. It makes the backline open for attacks. Try to pass her by and attack others. Leona is extremely vulnerable to Crowd Control - when she dives, she has no tools to escape.

Lissandra - Pyke, Morgana, Swain

Stay away from minions as she will harass them with Ice Shards. When she casts Ice Path, her dash can be blocked by the stun. Play aggressively when her Ring of Frost is on cooldown.

Lucian - Draven, Caitlyn, Soraka

He will try to poke you down during the early game, so try to avoid fights. His basic attack range is low, leaving him vulnerable when he tries to farm minions with auto attacks - use this knowledge to harass him when he farms. Try to cancel his ultimate with hard CC.

Lulu - Nautilus, Soraka, Sona

She can be easily poked early in the game. You can avoid some of her abilities by hiding behind creeps. Watch her mana as she can burn it easily during the laning stage. If she is low, you can all-in. Don't get baited into fights when she hits level 6 - even low health enemies can get scary when she ults them.

Lux - Zoe, Xerath, Blitzcrank

She relies heavily on hitting her Light Binding, so try to dodge it. If you are hiding behind minions, be careful as her Q can hit two targets at the same time. If she hits you with her Lucent Singularity, make sure to take a step back so she won't be able to proc her passive with auto-attack. Buy items like Zhonya Hourglass or Quicksilver Sash to dodge her snares.

Malphite - Malzahar, Volibear, Garen

Always pay attention to what he does as he can cast the ultimate to catch you off-guard. It can be avoided by flashing away in time. Make sure not to stick to other players during teamfights - he will be happy to ult two or more targets at the same time. Ranged heroes work great against him since it is much easier to flash away from his ult from range than from melee distance. On top of that, he is an easy poke target when his ult is on cooldown.

Malzahar - Cho'Gath, Garen, Xerath

Don't stay close to minion affected by his “disease” as it might spread to you. Focus him during teamfights - he has no escapes, so he's a very vulnerable target. Buy items like Zhonya's and Quicksilver Sash to get out of his ultimate.

Maokai - Nasus, Darius, Dr. Mundo

Be aware of where he throws his Saplings. You might run into trap settled in one of the bushes. His Twisted Advance skill can be his demise. If he uses it to chase you flash to one of your team members or under the tower - flash doesn't break this effect. His ultimate hits only one target per bramble, so stay behind your team members to not get rooted.

Master Yi - Jax, Rammus, Teemo

He cannot be slowed during ultimate, but he can be disabled with hard CC. His meditate ability also can be countered by disables. Tanks playing against him should consider buying Thornmail to redirect some of his damage.

Miss Fortune - Draven, Caitlyn, Jhin, Braum

Do not stand directly behind minions, or she will harass you with Q. Focus her with hard Crowd Control as soon as she starts casting ultimate. Even if you can't cancel it, she is an easy target while casting.

Mordekaiser - Fiora, Garen, Fizz

His abilities can be avoided if you pay attention to what he does. He is weak early in the game, so make sure to harass him as soon as laning starts. Lower his health recovery from Indestructible by buying Executioner's Calling or another item with Grievous Wounds. His ult can be QSS-ed.

Morgana - Zyra, Soraka, Xerath

Her Q is one of the longest roots in the game - avoid it at all costs. If you see Morgana in the enemy team, buy Merc Treads ASAP. Her shields block incoming CC, so make sure that it is on cooldown before you engage.

Nami - Zyra, Brand, Blitzcrank

Often change directions of your movement and never walk in a straight line as she might easily catch you. Trade with her after she uses her Ebb and Flow. Executioner's Calling can be a great way of reducing her healing output.

Nasus - Teemo, Olaf, Darius

He will be trying to farm early in the game. Force as many fights as possible and convince your team to gank him a lot. Don't stand in his Spirit Fire, and don't fight him during his ultimate. You can escape his slow by taking Cleanse or by using Quicksilver Sash. Use those as AD Carry to kite him easier.

Nautilus - Morgana, Vel'koz, Karma

He is more squishy early in the game than he looks like. Try to poke him and stay behind the minion wave to avoid his Q. His ultimate knocks up everyone on the path to its target. Get out of the way, and if you are the target, don't flash to the back. Deny him his Aftershock proc, and you’re gucci.

Neeko - Kayle, Vladimir, Xerath

Don't stay near low health minions to avoid being hit by multiple Q's. Trade against her after she misses her snare. Be aware that she can take the form of other champions to snare you surprisingly or to cast the ultimate. Keep in mind that staying behind the minion wave makes it easier for her to land E.

Nidalee - Ekko, Zed, Nocturne

Unless you have a lot of gap closers, don't chase her - she might be leading you to a trap. Dodging her spears is crucial as it lowers damage from her passive. If you are uncertain about your ability to dodge, just stay between minions.

Nocturne - Olaf, Tryndamere, Lee Sin

He will focus on farming early in the game to reach level 6 as fast as possible - you can try to invade him to ruin his early game. Wait until his shield wears off before hitting him with CC. Try to stay away from his melee zone so you will be able to break from chains easier. Always walk in a group - he will be looking for lone targets.

Nunu - Teemo, Kayle, Master Yi

Try to fight him in a place with no minions as he can eat them to gain health. Ward Drake early on as he can solo it at level 4. You can cancel his R with hard CC. It will make his channeling stop and his ultimate deal less damage. Try to split up in fights and kite him as much as you can.

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Olaf - Garen, Darius, Jarvan IV, Trundle

Olaf is vulnerable to champions who can finish him off instantly on low health as he gets stronger when he is low. Poke him away from axes that he is throwing so he won't be able to reset cooldown. Focus him when he uses his ultimate as he loses a portion of his defense in trade for the improved attack. Probably no champion can beat him one v one pre-level 3, so don’t even try.

Orianna - Syndra, Diana, Le Blanc

Avoid trading against her at early levels as she can shield herself. Split in teamfights to not let her use ultimate on multiple targets. Mobile champions will have an easier time against her since Orianna is very immobile.

Ornn - Illaoi, Nasus, Volibear

Constant fights against him are perfect since he quickly runs into mana issues. Avoid standing close to walls and his Volcanic Rupture. Wait with using your Crowd Control abilities until his Bellows Breath wears off. If he casts the ultimate make sure to stun him before Ram hits you - this will make him unable to redirect it. Yasuo Windwall and Braum Unbreakable can deny it as well.

Pantheon - Rammus, Malphite, Shen

He is a strong lane bully from level 1. Step back as soon as he channels his spear. After he throws it, he is an easy target. Abuse this fact to harass him as much as possible. Sometimes it is better to run towards his ultimate than from it as he will most likely try to get behind you with it. Keep in mind that he is powerful in early and mid-game. Ping like crazy when he hits 6.

Poppy - Vladimir, Yorick, Shen

Never stay close to the walls when she is nearby. Try to destroy her shields on the ground, but be careful as they can be used to bait you in certain places. Avoid teamfights in the jungle as she can do massive damage in narrow corridors. Always bait her movement ability before a gank.

Pyke - Karma, Aatrox, Soraka

Stay behind minions and ward bushes to avoid getting pulled. Be aware that he can roam easily early into the game. If he uses Phantom Undertow, use your escape ability not to get stunned. If he has level 6 or more, save your escapes to avoid his ultimate. Put as many wards in bushes around lane as possible - when he is seen, he won't recover his health with passive.

Quinn - Shen, Rammus, Malphite

Try not to trade against her early on as she can do it very effectively. Do that after level 6 since her ultimate doesn't grant her improved damage potential. Ward pixel bush between her lane and middle to avoid additional ganks. Ping like crazy, if she’s missing.

Rakan - Morgana, Leona, Alistar

Use displacement abilities to break his combo. Punish him or his AD Carry if he tries to roam. Avoid getting hit by a knock-up, which sets his ADC an opportunity for a kill.

Rammus - Teemo, Trundle, Udyr

Try to play AP heavy teams against him. Don't target Rammus on Defensive Curl. Hide behind creeps to avoid getting hit by his spin. Counter his abilities by buying Quicksilver Sash or Zhonya's Hourglass, also get some armor penetration if you are playing AD.

Rek'Sai - Elise, Jinx, Pantheon

Rek'Sai is an extremely strong dueller, especially early on. Try to avoid fighting him and place wards to not get into his way. Stay away from the walls to avoid being ganked easily. Group up as soon as possible since her kit against multiple enemies is very weak.

Renekton - Illaoi, Teemo, Tryndamere, Quinn

He will be very aggressive when his rage bar is high. Keep in mind that he can rush and stun you extremely quickly. Try to trade right after he uses his Q on minions since it has a pretty big cooldown. Buying item which applies Grievous Wounds can significantly reduce his healing potential.

Rengar - Teemo, Jax, Warwick

Avoid fights against him if possible when his resource bar is full or when he is close to bushes. The exhaust is exceptionally effective against Rengar, reducing his one-shot KO potential. You can buy Oracle Lens to show him sneaking with his ultimate. If you see mark above your head run to the closest ally or tower.

Riven - Renekton, Gnar, Vladimir, Poppy

Ranged champions can poke her from a distance. Avoid trading against her - most of the time, she will come out on top. Although she can seem very mobile, she is also vulnerable to Crowd Control. Exhaust can ruin her day. Play passively, as she can quickly get hyper-aggressive and push her advantage to the limits. Never try to dive her - even at one health, she can outplay almost every champion.

Rumble - Riven, Jax, Cho'Gath

When his heat bar is full, he will be silenced. Fight him when this happens, but don't underestimate his auto-attack damage. When he ults, quickly run away from Equalizer - it deals a lot of damage. Freezing waves near your tower can be crucial to take him down. He will be pushing 24/7 due to the nature of the Flamespitter. He is very immobile, and it takes a lot of time for him to reach his tower.

Ryze - Brand, Veigar, Xerath, Cassiopeia

He can outduel most of the champions in the game, so be careful when you 1v1 against him. Ryze lacks strong wave clear early on, so pick a champion which can hard push the lane. Focus him during teamfights as he deals with serious, sustained damage from a close distance.

Sejuani - Jarvan IV, Shaco, Shen

Punish her early game - she is a weak jungler. Before going all-in on Sejuani hit her once and dodge her for a while. It will make her passive ability to wear off, making her much more vulnerable. Focus her down if she misses her ultimate.

Shaco - Udyr, Malzahar, Illaoi

You can see an orange smoke in the place of his disappearing - even if it is in a Fog of War. Place wards behind walls as he will most likely choose to jump over them while ganking. Try to invade him early on as he will most likely place Jack in the Box around the buff area - if he is forced out of there, he will have a much harder time jungling early on.

Shen - Yorick, Olaf, Urgot

He can be easily kited if he misses his taunt, so try to avoid it. Interrupt him as soon as he starts casting ultimate - he won't be able to help his team. Avoid going under a tower where he stands since his taunt can redirect turret attacks onto you. After level 6, forcing fights against him since his ultimate doesn't boost his damage output.

Shyvana - Olaf, Nunu, Dr. Mundo

Kite her when her fury is high and chase her when it’s low. Split up during teamfights to avoid AOE damage. Make sure to ward Dragon as soon as he spawns - she can solo him early on.

Singed - Garen, Renekton, Kled

Don't chase Singed - he will be baiting you very often to unfavorable situations. Your health will quickly drain through his poison cloud if you come too close. In general, it is better to stay away from him for most of the time. If you are ranged, you can poke him from a distance but watch out for his slow. In the majority of games, Singed goes behind your tower at level 1 to clear the first wave. He won't be able to do that if you start fighting him mid clearing. Choose champions with good wave clear and focus on your farm while ignoring him. Fight only when there are no minions at your tower, and you are stronger than him - otherwise, just ignore Singed and let him do his thing.

Sion - Jax, Olaf, Garen

Although he is a tank, he can deal massive damage - especially when he lands his stun. If you can manage to dodge his abilities, look for trades. He is immobile without his ult, so you can kite him. He can escape with it, so be ready to block his path. Trundle, Jarvan, Anivia, or Taliyah walls are great at it. Camille ultimately works like a wall too. If you don't have these, you may want to flash in front of him.

Sivir - Jhin, Draven, Lucian

She will be spamming her Q often - attack her if she runs out of mana but doesn't poke her when her shield is active. If you are fighting against her, wait with your skills a while as most of Sivir players will pop shield right after the fight begins.

Skarner - Anivia, Trundle, Amumu

Abilities which can block his path are handy as they can not only save your ally from being pulled but also lock him up in unfavorable position. Most of his damage comes from crystals around the jungle - try to capture them as often as possible. Invading his blue might also ruin his early game.

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Sona - Blitzcrank, Pyke, Lux

She will be trying to play aggressively, poking often and stepping forward. Play defensive and don't take short trades with her as she will come out on top. Wait for her to spend mana and go for an all-in. Her spells are very mana consuming, and she is extremely squishy, which makes her easy target for an all-in fight. If you are AD Carry, consider buying Executioner's Calling to reduce her healing. Don't clump in teamfights to avoid AOE stuns.

Soraka - Fiddlesticks, Nautilus, Pyke, Varus, Ignite

Go all-in or leave the lane. With her heels, you won’t be able to bully her out. Bait her silence before the fight. Otherwise, she will shut down your combo with it. Items with Grievous Wounds debuff are must-have against her since she will be healing everyone in her team. Always focus her on teamfights - she has more means to save others than herself.

Swain - Teemo, Brand, Miss Fortune

Mobile champions have a clear advantage as they can simply outrun Swain and dodge his abilities. Don't let him catch you in his Nevermove and remember that he can hit you from a considerable distance by Vision of Empire.

Sylas - Galio, Urgot, Ahri

Try to dodge as much of his Q as you can. He will be trying to poke you every time you get close to a creep wave. Try to fight him if he misses his gap closer and always pay attention to which ultimate he holds on to.

Syndra - Fizz, Yasuo, Kassadin

She is quite a strong pusher early on - use your abilities on the minion wave so they won't end up under your tower. By her orb placement, you can sometimes sense incoming gank - pay attention to it. Whenever she uses her push, poke her - she has no means of escaping. Don't walk in a straight line to avoid running into her combo.

Tahm Kench - Pyke, Gnar, Vayne

Focusing his lane ally is pointless for the most part as he can eat him - focus Tahm instead. Don't attack him when he uses his shielding ability unless you can burst him down. Pick champions that can deal high amounts of damage or build Blade of Ruined King to burst him down. If he eats an ally, wait for a second and shoot him with global ultimate - you might hit the target that he spits out.

Taliyah - Kayn, Fiora, Syndra

Keep your vision in the river to not let her close your lane with a wall. If she tries to run with her ultimate, stop her by merely attacking. Try to fight her inside the circles to reduce her damage output.

Talon - Syndra, Fizz, Mordekaiser

Try to avoid getting hit by Rake as it significantly improves his damage. Don't trade at level 2 - it is his major power spike. Avoid playing squishy champions and put wards over the walls.

Taric - Leona, Janna, Nami

He is very prone to poke early on, and his skills are a mana sink, try to trade with him as much as you can. Avoid the stun, and if you are ADC, buy Executioner’s Calling to reduce his healing.

Teemo - Malzahar, Heimer, Dr. Mundo

Teemo will be aggressive in lane try to stay away from his poke and buy some defensive items which can help you survive. Avoid fighting him if you are an auto-attack based champion since he can blind you. Teemo is weak against champions who can quickly get to him and burst him down with abilities such as Malphite or Akali. If you are laning against him, consider using Oracle Lens or Control Ward to spot shrooms and Teemo when he is invisible. If you are a tank, Adaptive Helmet can mitigate a lot of his damage.

Thresh - Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Anivia

Use disables to stop his allies from getting to the lantern. You can also try to step on it or put an award so they will have a harder time clicking it. Tanks should take the slow from his ultimate for their team. Punish him for missed hooks and going too far to pick up a soul.

Tristana - Draven, Lucian, Vayne

Stay away from dying minions as they will explode. Don't let her hit the turret as she can quickly burst it down. Runaway when she puts a bomb on you and punishes her for being aggressive with jumps.

Trundle - Shyvana, Volibear, Master Yi

Avoid narrow corridors and standing close to walls as he may try to block you. Don't fight him if he steals your stats with his ultimate. If he’s not ganking, it means he’s power farming in the jungle. Try to invade him if possible.

Tryndamere - Teemo, Shen, Rammus

Avoid fighting him on lane if he has a full fury bar. If you are running, you can avoid slow by a slight turn. Buy Executioner’s Calling or other items with Grievous Wounds to reduce his healing potential. Save your ignite and use it when he ults to reduce his healing and attempt at an easy kill. Keep him slowed during teamfights. Save the Ignite for him, and use it as his ult is about to expire. It will not only lower his incoming Q heal, but it can also kill him.

Twisted Fate - Galio, Sylas, Fizz

Poke him when his W is on cooldown or when he picks a blue card. Ward bushes around your lane to make sure that he doesn't ult there. If he uses his ult to leave a lane, then punish him for that by shoving his creep wave under a tower.

Twitch - Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Lucian

Pay attention to what support does - if he is aggressive, it can indicate that Twitch is invisible and preparing for an attack. Buy Control Ward to ensure that he won't flank you. Split up during teamfights to avoid mass damage from his ultimate.

Udyr - Volibear, Urgot, Trundle

He is a strong duellist, so avoid fighting him 1v1. Udyr's biggest weakness is that he lacks ranged spells - make sure to kite him during fights. If he gets close, flash away since one stun can be enough for him to finish you off.

Urgot - Malphite, Jax, Renekton

Avoid early fights against him as he can burst you down from full health to 0. Trade only when he misses his skill shots. During teamfights, protect your allies from his R and buy Quicksilver Sash to break from his execution.

Varus - Jhin, Draven, Sivir

Dodge his abilities - especially if he goes with poke build. Avoid standing next to his Chain of Corruption target not to get hit by it. If he goes poke build, create opportunities for team fights and brawls that include junglers - he won't deal much damage in an all-in battle. If he goes on-hit build, it's a different animal. Varus is somewhat immobile and reliant on his ultimate for the self peel. Play around it.

Vayne - Teemo, Veigar, Kalista

Punish her when she dashes aggressively with her Q. Veyne is a relatively weak early game, so make sure to poke her a lot and gank her if you are playing a jungler. Don't stay close to walls so she won't be able to stun you. In teamfights, lock her down with hard CC for an easy kill.

Veigar - Xerath, Zed, Ekko

Veigar Event Horizon cage stuns only around the edges. If he catches you inside, you will be most likely able to dodge Dark Matter meteor. Try to poke him a lot to deny him stacks on his passive. If he misses the stun on you, he will be extremely vulnerable.

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Vel'Koz - Malphite, Pyke, Yasuo

The best picks against him are champions with quick moves, dashes, and gap closers since all of his skills are skill shots. You can easily dodge his ultimate by flashing or just moving behind him. If he marked you, try to step back for it to wear off. Use hard CC to interrupt his Disintegration Ray.

Vi - Jarvan IV, Mordekaiser, Warwick

You can interrupt her Vault Break when she's charging, but you won't be able to disrupt her ultimate. Don't stay behind minions to not get hit by her E when she is farming.

Viktor - Vel'Koz, Ekko, Zoe

Be careful when chasing him in narrow corridors. He can easily stun you with his Gravity Field. Move sideways a lot to avoid being caught by his laser. Be careful as this ability has a very long range and hits twice if upgraded. When he ults run away and keep in mind that his ultimate lasts even after his death.

Vladimir - Yorick, Volibear, Aatrox

Harass him when his resource bar is low and avoid him when it’s close to being full or when it is charged. He can stop his bar from draining by activating Tides of Blood, so don't get baited. Don't go all-in on him if you haven't previously baited his Sanguine Pool. During teamfights, try to stay on top of him with constant damage - he is great in poking, but he can't take a sustained fight at short range.

Volibear - Garen, Kayn, Warwick

Don't give him a chance at extending fights as he excels in longer trades. Buy the item with Mortal Wounds and take Ignite to reduce his healing. Don't get baited into the battle when his passive is ready, or he will heal back. If he gets close to you flash away - he will most likely burst you if he can manage to get to you.

Warwick - Rammus, Malzahar, Yorick

He is quite a strong early game, so make sure to avoid him early on. Warwick can sense low health targets to make sure to recall if you are uncertain of your safety. You should buy Quicksilver Sash to break from his ultimate.

Wukong - Zac, Teemo, Garen

His jungle clearing is not the best, which makes him a vulnerable target. You can invade him a lot, and before he reached level 6, he won't be able to do much about this. Many Wukong players use decoy's invisibility to get to you. However, if your target won't do that, you can expect it right after Nimbus Strike - save your abilities not to waste them on a clone.

Xayah - Draven, Jinx, Jhin

Dodge her feathers and pay attention to where they are since she can pull them all at once. While fighting her, keep in mind that she may dodge your main ability with her ultimate.

Xerath - Yasuo, Fizz, Akali

He's vulnerable to champions with gap closers as he’s only defensive mechanism is his stun. Stay away from minions - he will be focusing on clearing waves with abilities that have a wide range. If you can manage to get to him while dodging some of his skills, he will most likely die easily. Punish him for mispositioning his ultimate.

Xin Zhao - Tryndamere, Rammus, Warwick

Try to avoid him early in the game unless you are certain that you can burst him quickly. He will try to gank a lot, and since his damage output is very high, he will likely succeed. Set upwards to deny his ganks. Don't clump up, or he will get a huge bonus from ultimate.

Yasuo - Annie, Malphite, Pantheon

Don't stay close to minions to deny him dash on you. If you want to fight him, wait until he launches his hurricane and pokes his passive from him. Be careful as he may block one of your skills with his Windwall.

Yorick - Kled, Jax, Tryndamere

Don't fight him when there are three graves around. In general, you want to challenge him when he doesn't have his R and when all ghouls are dead. Make sure to kill any of them if they are chasing you. Items with Grievous Wounds can be beneficial.

Zac - Jarvan IV, Garen, Tryndamere

After death, his passive pops out. If you can't manage to kill all four blobs as a jungler, you can use smite for one of them. Split during teamfights to avoid being caught in his ultimate as a group.

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Zed - Tryndamere, Fizz, Ekko

Every time he uses his Shuriken, try to poke him - he can be very aggressive, but when his Q is down, his damage output is far from ideal. In the lobby, change your runes to get a Stopwatch - it might deny him a kill in the critical moment. If you are playing AP champion, consider buying one before level 6 and rush for Zhonya's Hourglass to deny him assassination from ultimate. If he manages to catch you without them, do a side step as soon as he jumps out of ultimate. This is done to avoid shurikens, which he will most likely throw right after. You can also dodge it by flashing.

Ziggs - Cassiopeia, Veigar, Ahri

He will be most likely pushing your lane - use it as an opportunity to call for a jungler help and to gank him when he is far from his tower. His Q is a ranged skill, which means that you can close a gap between you and him to make him far less dangerous. If you can bait his Satchel Charge, you can force his flash or burst him down.

Zilean - Janna, Lux, Xerath

Try to dodge his Q as much as possible. When you get hit by one step back to not let him land a stun. Don't walk with it into your lane partner, or he will get receive the same damage as you. When he uses his ultimate to save himself or team member - change targets. This effect wears off quickly, and the target won't be resurrected.

Zoe - Zed, Fizz, Diana

Try not to use summoner spells when fighting her as she might steal them. Don't stand close to minions as her Q deals AOE damage around the target. Her sleep bubble range extends near walls, so try to avoid standing near them. If you have gap closers, you can quickly burst her down - she is weak in close quarters.

Zyra - Alistar, Soraka, Taric

Avoid going into bushes that are unwarded to not get caught in her trap. They might not look harmful, but they do a considerable amount of damage. Be aware that even if she plays on the support role, her plants can be very painful. She suffers against an all-in. If she gets caught, she dies. She can try and block some spells with her plants, but she needs to be quick about it. Most of the time, she will fail.

Qiyana - Pyke, Ziggs, Katarina

Harass her whenever she uses her Q. Try to spread during teamfights to avoid AOE damage and a big stun. If she jungles, you can gank her early on as she will most likely struggle during first clear.



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