TFT Tier List of Teamcomps - Check The Strongest Teamfight Tactics Compositions!

TFT Tier List of Teamcomps
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With the first ranked Teamfight Tactics season starting really soon, Most of the best team comps in TFT utilize multiple synergies. Over-indexing on a single class or origin is not only usually easier to counter, but also makes you rely much more on RNG. For example, if you need exactly one specific unit to fill up your composition, there might be a decent chance that you’ll not be able to get it (stacking Nobles and waiting for Kayle is the perfect example of that scenario). On the other hand, if there are three or four units that can give you a decent power spike at a certain point, it’s much more likely that you’ll find at least one of them. 

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While constructing this TFT tier list, I’m going to focus not only on the raw power of a certain comp but also on how difficult it is to counter them and how reliable you can get them to a strong power level. Every strategy in TFT needs a bit of luck, due to the nature of the game. However, some of them require it more than the others and that pushes them down in this Teamfight Tactics tier list. I’m not including the quirky strategies that rely on specific items that add a category to a champion, but there will be some honorable mentions for this type of comps.

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Let's just remember that this is still the beta season and Riot Games is definitely treating it this way. Every new patch brings a significant turn in the meta, tuning some team comps up and some others down. The same goes for units that you can build your comp around. Volibear is a great example of that, in early patch 9.14 he was by far the best Glacial carry unit, but after the nerfs (most significantly attack speed decrease) he's not as powerful anymore. Adding Twisted Fate didn't seem to have much impact on anything though, but an extra Pirate sometimes can help with achieving the gold generation faster. Some team comps also use him and his blue cards as a facilitator for units like Aurelion Sol, Karthus or Cho'Gath. 


Patch 9.15 introduced important changes to Knight and Noble class, which caused to game to go a full circle and put the team comps based on those synergies back into the meta. At the same time, it increased the value of their counters in Void (also got buffed) and Sorcerers.


We're not going to try and create a champions tier list since when a single unit is terrorizing the ranked queue, Riot seems to react with a nerf pretty quickly. That's why we recommend checking patch notes regularly, to see if some of your favorite units didn't get toned down too much. Currently, the game is being updated every week and some of the patches really change a lot. Team comps on the other hand, often rely on something more than raw numbers and some of the innate synergies between units are here to stay. During the short time in which TFT is alive, we have already seen certain team comps having their ups and downs. 

Table of Contents:

S-Tier Compositions

A-Tier Compositions

B-Tier Compositions

TFT Teamcomps


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These are in our opinion the most reliable compositions. They offer a high power level, in combination with some wiggle room for adjustments. Many players underestimate this factor, but a good build is much better if it doesn’t rely too heavily on a specific pick. The other important thing, about those compositions, is that they start strong relatively early, as they can work without a tier 5 champion in their ranks. Nobles are a small exception to that, but we'll talk about that in a moment.


The best team comps utilize a lot of synergies that come from different unit classes and origins. Often an outsider champion can make great use of a certain synergy that the rest of the team is bringing out. Sorcerers with Kennen, Anivia or Brand as well as Nobles with Draven are great examples of that. Remember that every team comp is to some extent item reliant, but some of them less than the others. 




An interesting example of a meta shift without any balance changes. At first, it was widely believed to be the strongest team comp in the game, as long as you can get it of course. After a couple of days, it became obvious that you can counter them with some teams that are much easier to collect. Changes in 9.15 made them really strong again and a little bit harder to counter. Currently, six Nobles are a really powerful setup that can now grant you victories against comps focused not only on basic attacks. 


Nobles comps used to dip really heavily in the mid game, but it's no longer that terrible. Until you get the great six Nobles power spike, you only have to keep three on the board. That gives you a lot of flexibility to add some Gunslingers, Knights, Blademasters, Rangers or basically anything else as bridging units. You might even need some of them later, because Nobles comp really takes off at level 8, with some additional synergies. Units themselves aren't too shabby either. After 9.14 and 9.15 changes, basically all the Noble champions are decently strong.   


This team is not that reliable since it needs six out of six champions in this class to really get going. It naturally fits really well into a front-to-back comp, which makes Vayne a perfect candidate to be the carry. If you get an early Morellonomicon on Garen you should definitely go for it, since early and mid game are not your strong points and it can help you survive at these stages. Besides that, give your attack speed and damage items to Vayne. Guinsoo’s Rageblade is always a great option. Phantom Dancer, Dragon’s Claw and Blood Thirster are more on the defensive side, while Rapid Firecannon and Infinity Edge are good offensive options. Spear of Shojin Kayle can prove to be absurd in some fights and will definitely annoy your enemy.


Some people round out their comp with a Braum for the Guardian synergy. In my opinion, it’s a terrible idea. You shouldn’t be losing to auto-attackers anyway. The same goes for extra Knights. You definitely could use another Ranger to further buff Vayne, or a Gunslinger for synergy with Lucian, especially if he’s your main carry.


While Vayne and Lucian can deal some damage, it might not be enough to punch through the enemy team. You should probably use the remaining slots to get some champions that can help out with that. 6 Nobles + 4 Rangers are a great level 9 setup if you have some Statikk Shivs. Some other options are: adding Kindred and Karthus for Phantom buff and the powerful Karthus ultimate, getting two damage-heavy Blademasters (choose from Aatrox, Draven, and Yasuo) or going with another 5-cost unit like Miss Fortune or Swain.


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You pretty much can’t go wrong with three Sorcerers. Their passive gives a major boost to every unit that deals damage with their ultimate. Needlessly Large Rod gives one champion +20 AP, three Sorcerers give +35 AP for every champion in your team! The lower tier ones are really strong and they scale relatively well into the late game. The problem is that some of the lower tier champions of this class are somewhat lackluster (in terms of damage output at least), which makes this comp kind of reliant on getting an early Aurelion Sol, Karthus or two-star Morgana.


Karthus is a weird one because stacked with mana and AP he can change the course of a fight, but if he gets interrupted or killed before he channels the Special Ability, he’s pretty much useless. That makes him really bad if he’s in range of enemy stuns or displacements. However, his power level at 9.15 is so high that more often than not it's worth going for that risk. Currently, Karthus would top the charts in every champion in the TFT tier list. In high-rank matches, basically every player tries to go for him, even without the Sorcerer comp.  


Using Wild champions is a great way to get through the early game since Ahri belongs to both Wild and Sorcerer classes. Later on, you can either get rid of them or get Gnar for the fourth Wild champion. If you prefer a full transition, the best way of finishing this comp is by adding some durable frontline and extra crowd control. If you have a strong Kassadin, adding Rek’Sai and Cho’Gath for the Void synergy might be a good idea. Granted, a huge portion of your damage comes from spells, which makes the armor penetration kind of an overkill, but it will make you shred through frontlines faster. Getting true damage and Sorcerer buff on Cho'Gath makes his ability hurt really bad as well. For a variant with an even stronger frontline, you can get Volibear and Blitzcrank. This provides the stronger Brawler buff and forces your enemy to position more carefully, because of the hook.


Stacking Sorcerers might sound like a really squishy, glass cannon build, but it doesn't have to be like that. Kassadin is a melee frontliner, Lulu's ult brings a ton of defensive utility and Morgana excels when she's swarmed by enemies. This allows even a six Sorcerer comp to have a frontline and be relatively hard to kill.


One of the dream compositions that can actually be accomplished with six champions only is three Sorcerers (must include Aurelion Sol) + Shyvana + two Guardians. This way you get a bunch of damage from the backline, Aurelion and Shyvana are immune to 83% of magic damage and, if positioned properly, all your important champions get the +50 armor Guardian buff. This way your backline is safe from any other mages and you get some defense against basic attackers too. Another similarly powerful variant requires going for Shapeshifter synergy instead of Guardians (it is possible to do both of course). However, the Shapeshifters are most likely not necessary, so don't put too much emphasis on them. 


If you already have the three Sorcerers and your frontline is strong as well, you can simply add extra damage threat with a strong ultimate. They don’t even have to fit in with your team comp’s synergies at all. For example, you can put in Brand as the only Elementalist, give him the right items and set him up as your carry. You can do the same thing with Aatrox, Akali and many other champions.


Remember that you can combine a Spatula and a Needlessly Large Rod to create Yuumi and add the Sorcerer class to another unit, while also giving them +40 Ability Power. This way you can reach the 3 or 6 breakpoints easier and get a powerful unit. Sorcerer Aatrox is very popular, most of the Elementalist champions also can use this bonus really well.


After 9.14 changes, Sorcerer comps finally can beat Infernal Drake and Elder Dragon in PvE rounds. At least the players don't have to worry about missing out on items and some HP anymore. It's a great change that removed the unfair disadvantage that this comp had.


As far as other players go, Assassins are quite efficient as a counter to Aurelion Sol. It’s not only because of the one-shot potential. Due to their passive, Assassins tend to create more spread out fights. This makes the Aurelion Sol get less value from his Special Ability, as he will sometimes ult in a random direction hitting only a single target.




These team comps, while still really strong, are much more reliant on certain champions or items. Getting very unlucky rolls or suboptimal item drops from PvE rounds and the carousel can completely crush your chances. They’re not really weaker than the S-Tier comps, they’re just less forgiving.




Full Assassin team comp is actually one of the strongest strategies in the game. The way it works is somewhat weird because basically every unit of this class requires items to be efficient and you obviously won’t be able to fully equip all of them. This often leads to having one or two item-stacked carries that do most of the work, when the rest of the team is there to provide the bonus with some tanking capabilities.


You can actually collect six Assassins from tier 1, 2 and 3 champions only, making them one of the comps that are easier to complete. You are pretty likely to have six Assassins the moment that you hit level 6 and can put them all in.


The item dependency is huge in this comp. As we already mentioned, the difference between Katarina without items and the same level Kata stacked with mana is humongous. The situation is similar for Pyke, without Spear of Shojin you can’t make him a reliable carry.


Ninja anti-synergy is also a drawback. In the perfect world, you’d want to give up on Zed and replace him with Akali as soon as you can. However, if the game floods you with Zeds and you can get him to level 3 quickly, it might we worth it – that means giving up on Akali though (or going four Ninjas of course). The problem with that is the fact that while six Assassins have a really powerful bonus, three of them are pretty lackluster. By playing four Ninjas, you have to find a place for two non-Assassins in your team comp, effectively delaying your full power spike to level 8 (unless you can do some Spatula magic).


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The other variant is going for three Assassins with a tankier rest of the team. Combining Kha’Zix, Rek’Sai and Cho’Gath gives you a powerful Assassin, armor penetration from the Void passive and two durable Brawlers that also offer some crowd control. In general, Assassin comps at the moment live or die by the double Spear of Shojin Pyke and his never-ending chain of ults. However, getting double Shojin every game is not that reliable of a strategy. There’s also a decent possibility that either Pyke or Spear of Shojin will get nerfed soon.


While playing an Assassin comp, you’ll notice that both yours and your enemy positioning matters a lot, arguably much more than in other cases. If you manage to create the perfect spread out fight, you’re not only going to delete some priority targets quickly, but your Pyke might also get some higher value ults. In that case, you might actually consider filling out your comp with some tanky champions. They will keep the enemy frontline busy for longer, giving your Assassins time to clear out the backline. As we already mentioned, Rek'Sai and Cho'Gath are definitely a great option, especially if you have Kha'Zix, the Void buff in patch 9.15 was really significant.


If an enemy manages to keep all your Assassins from reaching their carries, you’re pretty much in trouble. In that case, you might actually want to go for some ranged damage dealers, since they’ll most likely stay safe when the Assassins are slashing through the frontline. If you set up your Katarina as the main carry, you should consider a second Imperial. It gives you a 50% chance that she’ll get her damage doubled. It’s a coin flip, but the reward is really nice.




I already hinted that in our opinion - it’s one of the strongest strategies. You don’t have to get six of these, but you definitely can if luck is on your side. There are multiple ways of finishing this build, so you can get a lot of extra value.


Probably the most popular one is adding Mordekaiser and Kindred for Ranger synergy with Ashe, Knights synergy with Sejuani and extra frontline power as well as the Phantom curse itself. This variant also works with six Glacials, because you only need two extra slots for the Phantoms.


90% of the time, this build relies on Ashe as your main carry. You need to make sure that she’s not getting deleted by an enemy Assassin at the beginning of the fight because otherwise, you’re probably going to lose (you should be able to avoid it by surrounding her with tanky champions. You can have Braum, Sejuani, Volibear or Lissandra for protection. Of course, you can get some non-glacial units too (Leona for the Guardian bonus is recommended).


Item-wise, you want as much Attack Speed as possible, if you get a BF sword, don’t put it on Ashe instantly. Instead, wait for a Giant’s Belt and create Zeke’s Herald to get some extra Attack Speed without a Recurve Bow - it's not the most powerful item in the game but it's top tier on Rangers. The only other BF Sword item worth considering is Bloodthirster on Ashe when she already has some attack speed amplifiers. If you get a Spatula, you can obviously try to find a second one for the force of Nature, but this works with every team comp.


Here you can also try to create a Frozen Mallet that you can put on another ranged carry or Runaan’s Hurricane for Ashe. If you're running multiple Rangers (which you should while set up Ashe to carry), Statikk Shiv or even two of them are a great idea. This class is great at boosting their attack speed and applying on-hits to single targets, but they lack some raw damage output.


Most of this team comp’s damage is single target and auto-attack based. That makes killing armor stackers really slow, but the amount of CC that you have will make up for it. Besides the Assassins randomly one-shotting your carries, you can also lose to an extremely tanky frontline with some powerful, strongly itemized backline threat that can reach your carries, like Aurelion Sol.


The other variant is the transition into Elementalists. You definitely need to include Lissandra for that purpose. The most important non-Glacial unit here will be Brand. If you get an early Anivia, she’ll be your third Elementalist, if not you can temporarily (or permanently) supplement her with Kennen.


This provides you with an extra frontline in the form of Daisy and a more diverse damage profile. You can still give attack speed items to Ashe for more stuns, but you can give mana and ability power to Brand and make him your main damage carry. That makes this version of the build much more effective against armor and even harder to counter. Anivia with Morellonomicon also can be a great source of AoE damage.




Draven is an extremely strong ranged auto-attacker. He’s one of the most powerful carries in the game. He’s often used as the backline threat, sometimes even without any extra synergies. Players just place their items on him and protect him with a powerful frontline. To give him even more damage, you can add two Blademasters for the extra attacks from their passive.


You can also go for the Imperials for the extremely powerful Imperial bonus. The problem is, that it requires getting all four of them, so there’s no wiggle room at all. Darius is a decent frontline but doesn’t scale that well into the late game and Katarina is pretty weak without mana, she's in general considered an RNG-heavy bottom tier Assassin.


They’re both worth keeping though if you manage to get a two-star Draven with some AD, attack speed and possibly life steal. With the Imperial buff, he hits like a truck and it should be enough to carry you through most fights. One of the most popular and possibly the strongest variants of this build is combining Wild and Imperial to secure a strong early game and have a pretty smooth transition. Four Wilds, of course, amplify your Draven’s damage even more.


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Currently, you should almost never go for six Blademasters (at least without Blade of the Ruined King), this setup is way too squishy and a powerful ADC like Draven exceeds in longer fights when he’s protected. Three Blademasters, with extra Knights or Guardians, is an entirely different situation though. It’s a really good build if you can keep your Draven alive. It also doesn’t rely on fully completing any of the big unit categories (you can try four Imperials if you want, but it’s not mandatory), which makes it extra flexible and easier to collect.


Getting a Yasuo for the seventh or eighth slot is a major power spike which is another small advantage. Definitely not the most powerful comp in the game, but it’s relatively safe to collect and setup (unless you’re extremely unlucky on Dravens, but then you can try and set up Aatrox to carry). Draven and Aatrox got slightly nerfed over the course of last patches, but they're still very strong champions. If you get a two-star Yasuo, he can almost solo win fights and Shen is a Blademaster that brings some tankiness and defensive utility.




These setups also are pretty powerful, but only when paired with certain items. They’re also easier to counter than the ones we talked about previously. They are focused on utilizing their respective passives to get extra basic attacks. Currently, the game offers plenty of ways to counter auto-attackers, while there are much less anti-spell tools. That’s what makes these team comps slightly easier to beat.


While I don’t think that these compositions can be really called meta, they can definitely win you some rounds or even games. Some of them are mostly relying on countering certain enemy playstyles, either by dodging basic attacks or by depleting enemy mana. We find those builds really fun to play, but the only wins you’re going to get with them are games when the strongest enemies build in a way that you counter.




This composition relies on getting the first three Pirates: Graves, Pyke, and Gangplank – extremely quickly. This way you can start stacking extra gold from the pirate passive. Conventionally, it relies on level 3 hyper carry Tristana to deal damage, but you can also try out a carry Graves or Gangplank. GP can do a lot with his ult, so mana items and especially Spear of Shojin are really good on him.


Unfortunately, the build path is a bit wonky. With this setup, you have to rely on specific champions for transition only. Until you get Miss Fortune you have to keep Pyke in as the third Pirate and Lucian as the fourth Gunslinger


While the Gunslingers deal damage, you will have to look for some extra frontline to keep them alive. Double Guardian with Leona and Braum might be a good idea. You can combine it with Sejuani and an extra Knight.


Gunslingers can work really well with the Spatula items that add another category to your champion. If you can get a Frozen Mallet and make your Tristana or Graves a Glacial, you can ascend to another level with four Glacials + four Gunslingers setup. Getting it is very unreliable though. Blade of the Ruined King can provide your unit with the extra Blademaster class, what’s great with Gunslinger+Blademaster team comp.


This variant is based on the Gangplank double synergy that makes him a bridge between the two classes. This setup is extremely squishy, but can also deal a lot of damage. However, I don’t think it’s ever worth going for without the BotRK. In patch 9.14 hyper rolling in the early game to get multiple three-stars Gunslingers was one of the premier strategies, at least if you had enough on-hit items. It's not as strong anymore though.




This is a weird and easily countered strategy, based on using the Yordle dodging passive. The highest tier champion of this origin is Gnar, which makes it possible to collect the whole six pretty quickly. At that point, you get the 50% chance of dodging attacks for all your Yordles.


It’s naturally very powerful against auto-attackers and almost useless against spell casters. If you get a level 3 damage carry early (preferably Tristana) you can give her the Dragon’s Claw for a huge amount of magic resistance. The other potential carries in this compare Gnar and to some extent Kennen and Veigar.


As for the other slots, you can consider getting an extra Gunslinger to augment Tristana’s damage output. Another option is a third Sorcerer for extra ability damage, which makes Aurelion Sol and Shyvana a good duo here. You can also get two Elementalists for extra synergy with Kennen, or simply add two Phantoms for the synergy (Karthus also fills the Sorcerer role).


I don’t think it’s a super viable strategy to go for, but when everybody plays for auto-attackers, it can bring you some cheeky victories. After the July first patch, it’s a bit easier to level up your Lulu, Veigar and Kennen what’s a small buff to this setup. Kennen, Veigar, and Poppy also got some extra power.


Basically, since their first TFT buffs, Yordles are this weird almost meta team comp. While they're heavily countered by Rapid Firecannon and strong spells, they're a top tier counter against Assassins and Gunslingers. Yordle team comps can often lack a strong damage carry. Three-star Veigar with some mana items is the dream, but it's not reliable to get him.


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Demons are slowly becoming a balance nightmare in TFT. In patch 9.14 they got a pretty significant buff. It’s not surprising, to be honest, they were pretty underwhelming before. It instantly established them as one of the top tier comps. Next patch tuned some of them down and now they’re in a much better place. First of all, their passive is pretty weak at low numbers, but the high proc ratio at every level, while some champions got much stronger. Moving Elise too, cost tier 1 was a good move too. It made stacking different Demons significantly easier, leaving four of them in tier 2 and tier 3 (which still is a lot). The ratio changes made it much easier to get T2 and T3 units to higher levels.


The go-to carry for most Demon comps is Aatrox - a lot of items can work really well on him. Spear of Shojin and Hextech Gunblade are extremely strong, but pretty much all the mana, tank or AP are a worthwhile addition too. The other potential carries are Varus, Morgana and eventually Swain. Varus can definitely use attack speed and, in the perfect scenario, Runaan’s Hurricane. It allows him to proc the Demon passive on multiple targets at the same time, causing extra damage and mana burn. When you get other Rangers, Statikk Shiv is obviously great. That being said, Varus might be the worst one at proccing it, due to his long ability casting time.


Many Demons do a lot of damage with their Special Abilities, which makes going for Sorcerer synergy extra powerful. If Varus is your carry, definitely get another Ranger and some frontline. Kindred and Mordekaiser or Ashe and Sejuani are good options. You can also go for Elementalists with Brand or Blademasters with Aatrox.


In general, the Demon meta in patch 9.14b was kind of unusual. Their mana burning synergy was definitely useful, but it seems like the sheer power of champions like Aatrox and Morgana made people create whole team comps around them. Since both of those units are Demons, you could sprinkle some additional ones in and use the synergy as a bonus.


This composition works well against champions that rely on their ultimates, which is of course Sorcerers and Elementalists. Some frontliners like Cho’Gath or Sejuani lose a lot if they can’t ult. Demons themselves often deal with a healthy mix of attack and magic damage, which makes them difficult to itemize against. Their sheer power level and damage output are not that great though. After all the nerfs, Morgana and Aatrox are not as much of a stats powerhouses as they used to be. A powerful front-to-back comp with strong auto attackers at the backline can be difficult to beat (RFC+BT Draven is one of the most proficient counters). Draven comps in general mostly use raw stats to plough through enemies. 


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This is our subjective list of the best team comps currently accessible in Teamfight Tactics. Make sure to check our guides about other aspects of TFT or various different online games. Is there something that is placed too low or too high? Maybe we forgot about some of your favorite powerful compositions? What do you think about our team comp TFT tier list? Share your thought in the comments! 


Make sure to follow our blog and learn more information from guides and other news articles regarding all the most popular multiplayer online games.  

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