Teamfight Tactics Items Guide - Empower Your Units With The Right Items!

Teamfight Tactics Items Guide
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Teamfight Tactics Items Guide

There are Since we already covered the basics with our texts about champion synergies and powerful team comps, now let’s take a look at some of the most overpowered items + champions combinations that are currently in the game. There are eight components in TFT that can create 32 possibilities of unique full items. We’ll start with the more obvious choices and work our way into some less known interactions. 

Strongest TFT Items

Spear of Shojin 

Spear of Shojin

Easily one of the most powerful items right now. If a unit has a strong Special Ability that can be used multiple times in a fight, Spear of Shojin is going to work wonders on them. Pyke even wants to build two of them, since he has an extremely powerful CC in his ult, while as an Assassin he makes great use of the AD. Double Shojin Pyke is in my (and many other players) opinion the most overpowered unit in the game. Granted, you’re not guaranteed to get two Spears of Shojin in every game, but the rewards are simply too high, especially if you position him correctly. Other good and well-known choices are Aurelion Sol, Brand, Akali, Aatrox or Kayle.


Some interesting ones that people sometimes forget about are Lulu and Gangplank. Spear of Shojin Lulu is probably the most obnoxious early-to-mid game champion in TFT. Get her a strong frontline, so she can spam Wild Growths for extra health on your tanks and CC on your enemies. Combined with early Knights it’s pretty much unbeatable. Gangplank’s Powder Kegs can do a lot of magic damage that can be really useful in Gunslinger or Blademaster comps. However, it might be difficult to keep him alive for multiple casts though.




Especially on Garen – this is often the first TFT-specific thing that people learn in this game, but it’s so powerful that I had to mention it. Morellonomicon makes your abilities apply to burn that scales with the target’s max HP and reduces the healing they receive. The way it works in the game, the burn is applied for every second of the Garen’s spin.


For the similar reason, this item is also strong on Anivia, Swain and to some extent Katarina (but she definitely wants mana much more than that).


Dragon’s Claw

Dragon Claw

This item is great when you put it on a carry – TFT offers plenty of passives that counter auto-attackers. Nobles and Guardians can provide armor, Yordles can dodge attacks and Knights get some damage reduction. This creates a rock-paper-scissors effect where these comps counter auto-attackers, but lose to spellcasters. Placing a Dragon’s Claw on your strongest carry lets you have both the rock and the scissors.


It might seem counterintuitive to place an item consisting of two defensive components on your main damage threat, but the 83% reduction is actually a lot. If you get extremely lucky item drops and manage to also get Blood Thirster and some attack speed steroids, you can create a Raid Boss that has no clear weaknesses.


Titanic Hydra 

Titanic Hydra

Graves has a pretty unique interaction with this item. Graves’ basic attacks already deal AoE damage due to his passive and Titanic Hydra actually extends his range even further, allowing him to deal tons of damage to multiple targets. It also makes attack speed and on-hit effects extra powerful on him. 


This item is also pretty strong on some other champions, like Draven for some extra splash damage or Kha’Zix. In TFT all the items work on both melee and ranged champions. Titanic Hydra still scales off of max HP and getting a unit to three stars gives it a lot of health, what makes this item scale really well if you’re able to collect enough champions to get the level three.


Other good uses of Titanic Hydra include placing it on Volibear (or another champion) in a Glacial comp to proc AoE stuns. Combined with Sword Breaker it makes the user extremely hard to kill but also lets them disarm multiple targets at once.


Phantom Dancer

Phantom Dancer

A great counter against Assassins – PD allows the user to dodge all the critical strikes. Stacking Assassins gives them a passive that provides a ton of critical damage. It won’t protect you from their abilities, but it can let your carry survive the initial burst and start cleaning the Assassins up before they get a chance to ult.


Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon

Works wonders on carries – funnily enough, RFC is a clear counter to Phantom Dancer. Alongside the attack speed, it also provides the passive that makes your attacks impossible to dodge and doubles your attack range. It’s a great counter to carries who have Phantom Dancer and it’s also great against Yordles. The range extension can also be useful.


Guinsoo’s Rageblade 


obviously, a really strong choice on every conventional AD Carry with a strong frontline in the team comp, but there are some other champions that can make great use of this item.


My personal favorite is Kassadin. His passive lets him burn enemy mana and apply a shield to himself with every basic attack. This makes him a great user of basically any source of attack speed that you can get him. Guinsoo’s Rageblade is a really strong one of them. Fully stacked Kassadin with attack speed and resistance is one of the strongest T1 units that can carry even in the late game.


Hextech Gunblade  

Hextech Gunblade

This item lets a champion heal for 25% of all the damage dealt. Units with strong AoE damage can use it champions that can nuke single targets can also heal a lot by using it. There is an interesting interaction with Veigar ult.


When he uses his Special Ability on a lower level enemy, he instantly one shots them. The damage indicator on screen shows some absurd numbers, often over 10 000. The 25% healing is calculated not from the actual amount of health that the enemy lost, but from the number shown on screen. It means that with every one shot, the Gunblade passive heals him back up to full.


Other than that, this item is strong on champions that deal a big portion of their damage through abilities. Akali can benefit for that thanks to her low mana cost and frequent casts. Swain is great with Gunblade and some tank items, because he becomes almost unkillable.

Spatula Items

By itself, Spatula doesn’t do anything, but still many players will rush straight for it in almost every carousel round. That’s because this component can be made in plenty of interesting item choices, one of which is good in every game, some others are much more situational.


Force of Nature  

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, combining two Spatulas results in Force of Nature, item that increases the amount of champions you can place on the board by one. When you’re level eight, this item’s value is basically 70 gold, since that’s the amount you need to get an extra spot by buying experience. If you get to level nine and have this item, you get access to an extra slot on the board that’s unavailable in any other way.


The obvious problem with that is the fact that other players are also likely to try and get this item. Getting multiple Spatulas can be difficult, especially if you’re doing well and you pick late in the carousel rounds.


Runaan’s Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane

Especially on Varus or Ashe – just like in Summoner’s Rift, Runaan’s Hurricane creates extra bolts that hit nearby targets for reduced damage. You’re not getting this item to amplify your raw attack damage output, but to get more out of your on-hit effects. Buildpath is much different than in the standard League of Legends. Its components here are Spatula and Negatron Cloak.


Ashe can stun multiple enemies with the Glacial passive if she has this item, the same goes for Varus and the Demon mana burn. It’s obviously further enhanced by extra attack speed.

Category-adding items

All the remaining Spatula items can add a new category on a champion. They can often be used to get extra synergies or to empower the pre-existing ones. The categories that can be obtained by items are: Assassin, Blademaster, Demon, Glacial, Knight and Sorcerer.


Blade of the Ruined King – it grants a unit the Blademaster class. It’s by far the most used one of the bunch and likely the most powerful. Having at least two other Blademasters, provides the BotRK user with a passive that gives them extra basic attacks.


The most popular team comp that utilizes this item is Gunslinger+Blademaster double synergy. Gangplank already has those two classes built-in. BotRK can provide it to another Gunslinger – preferably Graves, due to his AoE attacks. Combine it with aforementioned Titanic Hydra and you have a monstrous carry.  


Another great use of Blademaster passive is Kassadin. You don’t need any other Sorcerers since he doesn’t really use that bonus anyway. Meanwhile, the extra auto-attacks let him deplete enemy mana more efficiently and stack his shield extremely quickly. Add some more attack speed or resistance to make him even more powerful!


Frozen Mallet – adding another Glacial to a comp that utilizes this synergy is always a power spike. Even if it’s a fifth or seventh one, you simply get another unit that can proc the passive CC and stun lock enemy champions even harder.

Frozen Mallet

If you’re running a double or quadruple Ranger comp, make sure to put it on one of the marksmen to get the second ranged auto-attacker to proc the stuns. It can also work really well on a random Graves or Lucian. The former has AoE basic attacks that let him proc the passive on multiple foes at once, the latter double-taps enemies after the dash. If you’re putting it on one of the Gunslingers, getting at least two of them can really help you out with the extra shots synergy.


Knight’s Vow – this one is even more situational and not that many players use it, but it has its merits. You’re pretty likely to get one of the T1 Knights to level 3, while Sejuani and Kayle are really strong late game champions.

Knight's Vow


Placing Knight’s Vow on one of your main damage carries not only empowers your other Knights but also makes that champion significantly tankier against auto-attacks. It’s even more powerful if you get six units of this class. Spellcasters are an obvious weakness of this play, but we already talked about the way of working around that.


The rest of category-adding items is very rarely used and almost definitely not worth spending the Spatula. Darkin can be used on a champion with high attack speed if you have some Demons in your team. Yuumi can help you out when you only have two Sorcerers, but your team has plenty of powerful ultimates (for instance a Demon comp, with Brand, Aatrox, Morgana and some random Sorc). Remember that Youmuu’s Ghostblade will give your champion not only the extra Assassin synergy but also the passive that causes them to stealth and jumps straight into enemy backline. You might not want that on your carry.


Do you have any other favorite item + champion combinations in TFT? Let us know in the comment section!

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