LoL DPS items guide - Core equipment for Damage Dealers

LoL DPS items guide
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League of Legends items for damage dealers 

Welcome to MMOAuctions LoL DPS items guide. In this article, you will get to know better damage in improving items. You won't hear there about builds, Crowd Control items, Magic Resist and other defensive equipment but you can read about them on our blog page. We also have articles related to Teamfight Tactics but in this one, we will be talking about items from Summoner's Rift content. 


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Core damage items (meant for AD champions)

Black Cleaver: 40 Attack Damage, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 400 Health

Passive: Dealing physical damage reduces the armor of enemy champion and gives 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. 

Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and Health - everything a true Juggernaut needs. This is a typical item for a tanky DPS. It is always useful for champions, that rely on their abilities to do damage (Urgot, Pantheon), especially on no-mana users (Renekton, Riven, Aatrox). Also, if a champion can quickly stack the armor shred passive, TBC is very beneficial (Lucian). The item is a must-have for AD assassins versus armor stacking enemies and tanky team comps. Works great on heroes like Darius, Illaoi or Garen. By dealing with physical damage while holding this item champions can shred enemy armor. This debuff is applied by both auto attacks and physical damage skills. So if you are up against a tanky enemy with lots of armor this is a great choice. Also, it gives a small movement speed bonus which works great on tanky melee damage dealers. Black Cleaver can be a great addition to almost every item build.

Blade of the Ruined King: 40 Attack Damage, 25% Attack Speed, 12% Life Steal

Passive: Basic attacks deal 8% of the target’s current health as bonus damage. 

Active: Steals 25% movement speed from a target and gives it to the user.

A great item with a lot of utility. Boosts DPS, gives attack speed and lifesteal and has two abilities. This item is often bought as an anti-tank weapon since users can take 8% of enemy health with every attack. There is also a second ability which can steal 25% of enemy movement speed when activated. A great utility for AD Carry champions who struggle against high health tanks like Mundo, Shen or Volibear. It is also bought on high attack speed assassins like Master Yi, Xin Zhao or Nocturne. It provides additional kiting or catching utility. Exceptional against champions that build a lot of Health, but do not stack armor, especially Black Cleaver, Sterak’s Gage, Frozen Mallet, and Titanic Hydra users.


Bloodthirster: 80 Attack Damage, 20% Lifesteal

Passive: Lifesteal over heals a user granting him a shield that can absorb up to 350 damage (scaling with level).

Just as the name says, this item thirsts for blood. It gives a huge boost to Attack Damage and Lifesteal. On top of that, excess life stolen from enemies is stored as a shield that protects you from up to 350 damage. The great late-game item for physical damage dealers. Good choice for heroes who can hit hard even during an early game like Draven. A go-to choice for champions, that do not use Tiamat (Ravenous Hydra), don’t have built-in life steal (Aatrox, Nasus), and skip life steal runes


Death's Dance: 80 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown Reduction

Passive: Adds a special 15% Lifesteal which works for all types of DPS, including magical. 30% of the damage taken is converted into a true damage DoT.

A situational item that works best on characters with shields and high self-healing, relying on CDR. Adds a big amount of attack damage and a special lifesteal which applies not only to auto attacks but spells as well. It is an anti-burst item and works wonders combined with Sterak’s Gage, making a champion virtually immune to one-shot mechanics. This passive gives you and your teammates time to apply shields and to heal lost health. It might be a good choice for bruisers like Riven or Aatrox and when played against high burst champions like Zed or Syndra. Considered by many as an unplanned troll item, for its passive oftentimes stopping recall.


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Duskblade of Draktharr: 55 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown Reduction, 21 Lethality

Passive: After being unseen for 1 second your next attack deals with bonus damage. When spotted by enemy ward you disable it. On top of that spotting, a ward lets you destroy it with one hit.

First Lethality item on this list. Ignores enemy armor, provides great DPS and some cooldown reduction and a bonus on hit attack. Duskblade works best on junglers who want to take their enemy by surprise. It can disable one enemy ward which stands close to you even if it was previously invisible. If you want to gank lanes often without being seen this can be your deadly friend.

It synergizes well with champions that have stealth mechanics, that last more than one second, as it allows the player to apply the item’s passive twice in one rotation. Examples of such champions are Kha’Zix, Rengar, Qiyana, or Talon. 


Edge of Night: 55 Attack Damage, 250 Health, 18 Lethality

Active: Users can channel this item by activating it. If no damage is received during channeling user will receive a shield that absorbs the first ability that hits the user. 

Another Lethality item. This one focuses on attack and health. By using an active ability, the wearer can shroud himself in a shield similar to this from Banshee's Veil which will block next hostile ability. The downside to this effect is that it activates for one second and taking damage during that time cancels the effect. Also, the shield lasts only seven seconds. Good choice for physical DPS heroes that tend to all-ins like Zed or Kled. If timed properly, it can save you from abilities like Karthus ultimate.

Essence Reaver: 70 Attack Damage, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 25% Critical Chance

Passive: Basic attacks refund 1,5% mana on hit.

Good Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction, and Critical Strike Chance. Essence Reaver returns mana for every hit landed - weather it is on an enemy or on the structure. Useful, if you are playing physical damage champion who can spam abilities, and often runs OOM like Lucian, Sivir or Ashe.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: 25 Attack Damage, 25 AP, 25% Attack Speed, 15% Armor Penetration, 15% Magic Penetration

Passive: Basic attacks grant bonus attack speed up to 48% and every third hit deals an additional “phantom hit”.

Builds up rage stacks that grant additional Attack Speed and on hit effects. As this is a hybrid item that combines Magical Damage and Physical Damage it should be used on heroes who can benefit from both like Master Yi or Kayle. This item can be deadly if paired up with other on-hit items, like Wit’s End, Blade of the Ruined King, or Nashor’s Tooth, or on-hit abilities like Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage, Varus Blighted Quiver passive, or Kai’sa Passive. Rageblade stacks are gathered faster on melee champions. 


Hextech Gunblade: 80 AP, 40 Attack Damage

Passive: Has a special Lifesteal that heals for 15% of damage dealt with all types of damage (including magical), with this value reduced for AoE abilities.

Active: Instantly deals with some magical damage based on AP and slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds.

Hybrid item, that gives both Attack Damage and AP. Used mainly by hybrid heroes who can benefit from both magical damage and physical damage healing. The best example would be Akali that uses both to deal with the damage. Because of that, it is an essential item for that champion. Also, its unique ability works similarly to Blue Smite - slowing down enemy movement and dealing with some instant damage.


Infinity Edge: 80 Attack Damage, 25% Crit Chance, 25% Crit Damage

Bread and Butter and top tier item of every crit-based AD Carry and most of the other damage dealers relying on a critical strike. This item combines a high amount of damage and a critical strike. On top of that Infinity Edge amplifies critical strikes to deal even more damage making 100% crit builds way more deadly. This is a must-have item for most AD Carries like Ashe, Jhin or Tristana and some melee damage dealers such as Yasuo, Gangplank, or Tryndamere. This item is a huge damage amplifier, which helps killing epic monsters - Dragon and Nashor. 

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Lord Dominik's Regards: 45 Attack Damage, 35% Armor Penetration

Crucial item when dealing with high armor teams. Armor Penetration is a statistic, which is often overlooked by new players. It is used to deal more damage against high armor opponents. When playing against heroes like Rammus this item should be always in AD Carry inventory. Even though it is an Armor Penetration item, it also boosts AD by quite a bit so it won't waste your inventory space even against squishier opponents.


Manamune: 35 Attack Damage, 250 Mana

Passive: Improves attack damage based on maximum mana and refunds some of the mana spent. Grants additional mana for on-hit attacks and skills used.

An item that grants bonus attack damage which equals 2% of maximum mana. It also increases Mana and Mana Regeneration by a big margin. Great item for physical damage dealers who rely heavily on mana like Ezreal. It requires a lot of mana spenditure to transform into its better form called Muramana.


Mortal Reminder: 45 Attack Damage, 25% Armor Penetration

Passive: Physical attacks inflict Grievous Wounds on the enemy champion for 5 seconds.

An item is very similar to Lord Dominik's Regards as it provides high Armor Penetration (better than the Last Whisper) but not as high as its predecessor. This one works better only in certain situations because it is used not only to shred enemy defense but also to apply Grievous Wounds. This is an effect that reduces healing received when applied to enemy champions. Because of that Mortal Reminder is best against tanky teams with high sustain champions like Vladimir, Mundo or Volibear. Leaving Grievous Wounds on those during teamfights can be extremely effective and will result in easier takedowns. In lower elo you will often see cries: “Why can’t I kill this stupid Mundo” or “Why is he healing like crazy”, but you will rarely see the Mortal Reminder.


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Ravenous Hydra: 80 Attack Damage, 100% Health Regen increase, 12% Lifesteal

Passive: Life Steal applies to 50% of cleave damage. Basic attacks deal up to 60% of physical damage to enemies around your target.

Active: Deals up to 100% Physical Damage to enemies around you.

AD item with a little bit of Lifesteal and a huge boost to Health Regen designed only for melee champions. Ravenous Hydra is a go-to choice for heroes who lack Area of Damage abilities like Fiora as it boosts significantly farming speed. It is a perfect choice for champions that want to have the Tiamat, but they’d rather refuse to go for the Titanic Hydra.


Spear of Shojin: 60 Attack Damage, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 250 Health

Passive: After using ultimate your next on-hit attack grants you 50% attack speed for 6 seconds. On top of that basic attacks refund 20% of ability cooldowns.

Combination of Damage, Health, and Cooldown Reduction. This item is a must-have on physical damage dealers who want to perform their full combo shortly after casting ultimate like Renekton or Riven. It lowers the Cooldown of your abilities when triggered and gives a huge boost to Attack Speed. Best on champions who have so-called auto-attack reset, like Shyvana, Jax, or already mentioned Renekton, and go for Titanic Hydra on top of that, which is another auto-attack reset.


Stormrazor: 60 Attack Damage, 30% Attack Speed

Passive: Moving and performing basic attacks generate stacks. Upon reaching the maximum amount of stacks next basic attack deals a bonus of 50% magical damage and slows the target by 40% for 1,5 seconds.

Unique passive: Energized effects are 35% stronger,

A very niche item since not many heroes can benefit from its effects enough to be worth its price. It offers less damage than Infinity Edge while being very close to its price. It works best on champions that tend to chase enemies like Graves or Yasuo. Energized effects that come from this item might be also helpful in farming. Energized effects enhancement applies to effects like Rapid Fire Cannon range extension, Stattik Shiv lightning, or Fleet Footwork.


Titanic Hydra: 40 Attack Damage, 450 Health, 100% Health Regen increase

Passive: Basic attacks deal bonus damage based on wearer’s max health to the target and to the units behind it.

Active: Improves passive ability adding to it even more damage and even bigger AOE for the next attack.

It is the tanky answer for Ravenous Hydra, designed for champions that lack natural wave clear (Kled, Shen) or tend to stack vast amounts of HP (Sion, Cho’Gath, Volibear). Titanic Hydra offers a bonus to health on top of damage and regeneration. It is best on tanky champions that will benefit from Crescent ability which increases its damage based on users health pool. Champions with an auto-attack reset (Vi, Jax, Udyr) will benefit greatly from this item. Titanic Hydra is designed for Tiamat users, that don’t usually go damage. Champions like Camille or Jax can even go both ways.


Trinity Force: 25 Attack Damage, 40% Attack Speed, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 250 Health, 5% Movement Speed, 250 Mana

Passive: Basic attacks grant 20 Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Killing a unit grants 60 Movement Speed instead. This bonus is halved for ranged heroes. Additionally, after using an ability your next basic attack deals 200% base Attack Damage.

This item provides a wide variety of stats like Attack Damage, Attack Speed, CDR, Health, Movement Speed and Mana so it features most of the in-game statistics on one item. Trinity Force should be used on low cooldown champions which can also benefit from all of the statistics that this item has. Also, those with on-hit attacks are a great choice. Champions that can use Spellblade passive (Sheen proc) effectively have this item as a core. It is said, that Jax, Gangplank, and Corky are not in the game until they build the Triforce.

Youmuu's Ghostblade: 55 Attack Damage, 10% Cooldown Reduction, 18 Lethality, 40 Movement Speed out-of-combat

Active: Grants 20% Movement Speed for 6 seconds

An item which is often bought not because of the stats that it provides but its active ability. Youmuu's Ghostblade is possibly the best gap close item in the game. It lets assassins catch up to their pray with a huge boost to movement speed. The damage and lethality that it provides make finishing opponents even easier. All around it is a perfect item for champions like Zed, Graves or Rengar who can benefit from its stats and need additional mobility to be even more dangerous while ganking.

Phantom Dancer: 30% Attack Speed, 25 Crit Chance, 5% Movement Speed

Passive: Basic attacking grants 7% movement speed for 2 seconds and the ability to pass through units. Taking damage that would reduce your health below 30% grants a shield that protects from taking up to 600 damage.

This one works best on heroes with high dueling potentials like Vayne, Graves, and Yasuo. All around great item which boosts Critical Strike, Attack Speed, Movement Speed and also shields its user in critical low health situations. Greatly advised for champions who lack movement speed and gap closers but require carry-only items.

Rapid Firecannon: 30% Attack Speed, 25% Crit Chance, 5% Movement Speed

Passive: Moving and basic attacking generate stacks. Upon reaching a maximal amount of stacks next basic attack deals bonus 50% magical damage. With this item energized attacks gain a 35% range and charge 25% faster.

Quite a similar position to Phantom Dancer. Rapid Firecannon is bought more often than the dancer because it provides a longer range for basic attacks. Since the shield and movement speed is usually not enough to save AD Carry from demise - Rapid Firecannon can be a better option. Every player who starts the game as ranged DPS should know that positioning is the key to win teamfights, and it is exactly, what this item is about. Since it provides a better range for your attacks you will have more freedom in your positioning and therefore you will be safer than while using Phantom Dancer. Works well for champions with a relatively short auto-attack range like Kai’sa or Vayne, and for champions who benefit from the extended range like Twisted Fate with his gold card (RFC is sometimes used even in AP builds).

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Runaan's Hurricane: 40% Attack Speed, 25% Crit Chance, 7% Movement Speed

Passive: Basic attacks hit three enemies instead of one (although only the primary target receives full damage).This item can be purchased only on ranged champions.

An item that is designed to help in farming. Runaan's Hurricane is sold only to ranged champions and should be bought only by AD Carry. It adds two additional projectiles to auto attacks, which deal with less damage and attack nearby targets. Because of that, it is a great tool for a quick wave clearing. This item should be bought only if the game is early on and you have time to farm. When bought during teamfight phase you might find yourself lacking damage so always be wise and think about how you can benefit from this buy. It works best on heroes who struggle to farm early on like Twitch. Also, beneficial with on-hit builds, where the effect of a basic attack is spread among three enemies, instead of just one (Kog’Maw, Varus, Twitch, Ashe).

Statikk Shiv: 40% Attack Speed, 25% Crit Chance, 5% Movement Speed

Passive: Moving and performing basic attacks generate stacks. Upon reaching the maximum amount of stacks, the next basic attack deals bonus magical damage and bounces to 5 targets.

Similar item to Stormrazor, but this one provides Critical Strike and Movement Speed instead of Attack Damage. The passive ability gives better AOE on-hit than this of Stormrazor but does not slow enemies. All around good choice to improve farming of melee AD champions that rely on crits like Master Yi and Yasuo.

Wit's End: 50% Attack Speed, 50 Magic Resistance, 5% Movement Speed

Passive: Basic attacks deal bonus magical damage on hit. While below 50% health user heals for 33% of damage dealt by this effect.

Similar to the previous position, it works best on auto-attack reliant champions that deal with both physical and magical damage like Kayle, Shyvana or Kog'Maw. It can also be used on tanks and offtanks that can benefit from both attack speed, on-hit effect, healing, and magical resistance like Warwick, Shen or Volibear. Works great on melee champions that use Conqueror as their keystone, especially on Irelia.


Core damage items (meant for AP champions)

Archangel's Staff: 50 AP, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 650 Mana

Passive: Grants bonus AP equal to 1% of maximum mana. Refunds 25% of mana spent. Spending mana improves rises maximum mana up to 750. Upon reaching cap transforms into Seraph’s Embrace which can shield the user on activation. The shield strength is based on current mana.

It can transform into Seraph's Embrace after enough spells are cast. An item which is bought often by champions which are extremely mana hungry like Ryze, Cassiopeia, or Kassadin. It helps with a damage increase from AP and mana sustain due to a high mana regen. Seraph's Embrace also provides huge shields to high mana heroes so it should be built on those.


Hextech GLP-800: 80 AP, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 600 Mana

Active: Upon use fires icy bolts in shape of a cone in front of the user. Each of the bolts deals magical damage based on AP of the user and slows a target by 65% for 2 seconds decaying over time.

A great addition to champions who need to use additional catch up mechanics to land their abilities. It is a great addition to Neeko's toolkit as it provides long-range AOE slow which lets her catch more flies with her ultimate. This is the best example of what this item does and on which situations you should buy it. If you don't need a long-range slow but rather the damage that it provides then consider buying a Luden's Echo.


Hextech Protobelt-01: 60 AP 10% Cooldown Reduction, 300 Health

Active: Upon activation user dashes forward-firing multiple projectiles that deal with magical damage. 

An item often used by champions who need a gap closer ability like Vladimir or Ekko. Hextech Protobelt provides good amount of AP and CDR while also improving survivability with +300 health bonuses. People who want an easier or safer waveclear can consider buying it for that benefit. It is worth noting that projectiles produced by this item can be blocked by terrain, structures, and minions so it is not the best item for ganking.


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Liandry's Torment: 75 AP, 300 Health

Passive: Damaging enemy champions grant one stack every second which lasts up to 4 seconds when out of combat. Reaching five stacks is the cap which increases magical damage by 2% for each of the stacks. Deals more damage to immobilized units.

Unique passive: Torment - damaging abilities burn enemies (DoT) for a percentage of their max HP; the effect is doubled for champions with impaired movement.

AP Item that improves the health of a user by a big amount. Liandry's torment is best on champions that deal large amounts of Magical damage over an extended time period like Malzahar, Heimerdinger, and Fiddlesticks since it amplifies their damaging abilities by up to 10% of bonus damage. It has also a great synergy with Rabadon's Deathcap.

The “Torment” passive is an AP answer to Blade of the Ruined King passive - good against high HP targets but falls off against targets with lots of resistances. For squishy targets, it is better to go for flat magic penetration, and for MR stacking tanks - the Void Staff.


Lich Bane: 80 AP, 10% Cooldown Reduction, 7% Movement Speed, 250 Mana

Passive: After using an ability next basic attack within 10 seconds deals bonus magical and physical damage.

It is an AP version of Trinity Force. It is excellent for AP assassins, that have some kind of basic attack empowering ability, like Ekko, Diana, Kassadin, or Nidalee. Ziggs with this item and a bit of an AP under his belt can one-shot towers. Works also great on mid range Mages that can weave an auto attack between a combo like Le Blanc or Sona and for those that can utilize movement speed bonus like Cho'Gath. All around items worth considering.


Luden's Echo: 90 AP, 20% Cooldown Reduction, 600 Mana

Passive: Gains charges when moving and casting spells. Upon reaching 100 which is maximum next spell does additional damage and splashes to 3 nearby enemies.

It is a successor of long-gone and mourned Deathfire Grasp. It can be charged simply by running. Upon reaching the maximum amount of charges next spell triggers a special effect that damages the first enemy hit and nearby enemies. Great item which increases wave clearing abilities making farm much easier while also improving ability damage. The unique ability of this item provides additional nuke to the spells which makes it one of the best Mage equipment in the game. Very often first core item completed by mid players.

Mejai's Soulstealer: 20 AP, 200 Mana

Passive: Grants 5 AP per stack of Glory and 10% movement speed at 10 stacks. Grants 4 stacks for kills, 2 for assists but takes away 10 for deaths. The maximum amount of stacks is 25.

An improved version of previously mentioned Dark Seal. Mejai's Soulstealer is an item that grants more Ability Power the more stacks it has. You gain stacks by killing enemy champions and by assisting in kills but you lose them faster while dying. It can be one of the best AP per gold spent items when stacked. Probably the best snowballing item. When you see, that you are getting easy kills and assists, you can stack it up pretty quickly. It is not recommended to have it with less than 10 stacks.

Morellonomicon: 70 AP, 300 Health, 15 Magic Penetration

Passive: Dealing Magical Damage inflicts on targets Grievous Wounds for 3 seconds which reduces healing.

A combination of Ability Power and Health from this item makes it a good choice at the end of laning phase. This item should be brought against teams with magical resistance because of its magical penetration bonus and against champions with high healing abilities as it applies Grievous Wounds. The best examples would be Mundo, Vladimir, and Volibear. A core item against squishy enemies since paired with Sorcerer’s Shoes deals virtually true damage to opponents.

Rabadon's Deathcap: 120 AP

Passive: Increases total AP by 40%

Bread and butter of every Mage. Rabadon's Deathcap provides the highest amount of pure Ability Power that you can get from one item. On top of that, it increases the total amount of champion's AP by 40%. If bought early can provide a huge boost to damage at the cost of other pieces of equipment and other stats. If bought late, it can amplify all of the AP gathered from items and stats during the game. A must-have for all nukers. Has a crazy synergy with Veigar.

Rod of Ages: 60 AP, 300 Health, 300 Mana

Passive: Raises mana and health of a user every minute for 10 minutes since purchase up to 200 health and 100 mana cap. Restores mana equal to 15% damage taken from champions. Restores health equal to 20% mana spent up to a certain point.

An item which stacks with time passing. Rod of Ages is a great combination of AP, Health, and Mana which increases as time passes by. It works best on scaling champions who need a combination of durability and AP. It also synergizes well with Archangel's Staff since players can benefit from a huge mana boost and Archangel's Staff passive at the same time.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter: 90 AP, 300 Health

Passive: Damaging abilities slow enemies by 20% for 1 second.

A combination of AP and Health. Crystal Scepter is often used by players who want to increase their survivability without a cost that comes in lower AP. A decent choice for champions who want to keep their targets in AOE slow like Kennen or Fiddlesticks since it slows enemies while they receive damage. Perfect kiting item, and a must-have with Liandry’s Torment, if you don’t have much CC in your kit.

Spellbinder: 120 AP, 10% Movement Speed

Active: Grants charges for spells cast nearby player who owns this item. It can be used to increase Movement Speed and AP for 4 seconds.

A great item for AP assassins and gankers. Spellbinder grants a huge amount of AP and movement speed to the user. Its unique ability amplifies this effect. While using spells, the user gains charges which can later be used to increase AP and Movement Speed even further. A great addition to Vladimir's toolkit.

Void Staff: 70 AP, 40% Magic Penetration

An item that should be bought on Mages when the enemy team starts stacking magic resistance. Works best as a late-game item bought last or second to last free item slot. A must-have for casters playing against tankier teams.

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Zhonya's Hourglass: 75 AP, 45 Armor, 10% Cooldown Reduction

Active: Puts user in stasis which makes him untargetable and immune to all damage for 2,5 seconds. During this effect user is unable to move, attack or cast spells.

A defensive must-have for mages. Zhonya's Hourglass should be bought on heavily focused casters that need more survivability against certain crowd control skills and ultimate abilities. There are countless plays that you can make with this item. You can bait enemy team under the turret and make yourself immortal for a brief moment. It can be used to dodge many abilities easily like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Zed's Death Mark. Most importantly Zhonya's is a great way to make plays. Some of the abilities aren't canceled during its effect. For example, Kennen's ultimate creates a ring that damages his opponents. You can run into a teamfight use this ability and become immortal with Zhonya's effect. There are many possibilities and it's up to your imagination how to use it. Almost consistent and necessary items for every caster.

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Core hybrid equipment (both AP and AD)

Guinsoo's Rageblade: 25 Attack Damage, 25 AP, 25% Attack Speed, 15% Armor Penetration, 15% Magic Penetration

Passive: Basic attacks grant bonus attack speed up to 48% and every third hit deals an additional ‘phantom hit’.

Builds up rage stacks which grand additional Attack Speed and on hit effects. As this is a hybrid item that combines Magical Damage and Physical Damage it should be used on heroes who can benefit from both like Master Yi or Kayle. This can be an extremely deadly item if completed early in the game.

Nashor's Tooth: 80 AP, 50% Attack Speed, 20% Cooldown Reduction

Passive: Basic attacks deal bonus magic damage based on the amount of AP.

A hybrid item used by champions that deal with both kinds of damage - physical and magical. It works best on Diana and Kayle since both of them can benefit from a huge attack speed boost and its passive. This item is a decent pick up on any AP Carry but works wonders on those who have lockdown abilities.


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How you play your role and which strategy in itemization you will take will be determined by many aspects. You have to understand which of them work best in the current patch as some of them might receive a buff while others might get nerfed. Each specific lane on ranked games - whether you are playing as a jungler, mid, bot or top can benefit from damage boosting items but it is important to know when to invest in attack and when the defense takes the priority. It doesn't matter if you are against Soraka, Morgana, Jinx, Ahri or anybody else. Items can let you counter every type of champion bringing you extra burst damage against your opponent, slowing their attack rate, addition magic damage, etc. Mind your choices on item selection in Legends League to win games easier than ever and to gain an unfair advantage in the fields of Summoner's Rift. If you want to shine in the current season skill and experience are not all that you need. Add to this set good team comp that will let you win team fight and items which will provide a significant boost to early game pick offs.

Our LoL damage equipment guide is over but you can find more text and articles on our blog page. If you want to learn about items in TFT, item build, lanes, picks, and counters make sure to check it out in the link below.


MMOAuctions LoL guide section


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