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Guide to every item in the league of legends

Welcome to MMOAuctions League of Legends guide to itemization. Most new players who start playing League know very little or nothing about this topic and since games are relatively quick there is no time to read about every single item during the match. This usually leads to negative scores and often lost games since champion which is built with incorrect items cannot be effective in any field. Damage dealers without items do little to no damage, supports do not provide enough utility and tanks are being easily overwhelmed by enemies. This means that if you want to succeed you will have to know not only what items you should be aiming for but also which of them can be crucial in certain situations. So let's see what items League of Legends has to offer.


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Item types

Although it is not crucial information it is certainly worth knowing which of item groups you can find in the game. There are six main item groups currently in LoL and each of them has additional sub-groups. The main set consists of Starter Items, Tools, Defense, Attack, Magic and Movement.

Starter Items - Kind of self-explanatory title. Starter items are the ones that you should get at the beginning of the game. The subtypes of this group are Jungling Items and Laning Items since laners who don't have smite can't buy items designed for junglers and junglers should not buy laning items during early stages of the game.

Tools - unlike the previous group this one is not as obvious. Here can find Consumables, items responsible for Gold Income and Vision&Trinkets. Most of these objects are relatively cheap and aren't kept for the full duration of a game. They are there just to help players in many situations. Either by improving their health recovery, by showing what's hidden behind Fog of War or by boosting their gold income.

Defense - group of items responsible for mitigating received damage and recovering lost health. There are four subgroups in this case: Armor, Health, Health Regen and Magic Resist. Both Armor and Magic Resist are responsible for lowering the amount of damage that the champion receives from attack but they work differently. The first one is taken care of by physical damage and another one for magic attacks. Health items increase champion health pool and regen items help players recover lost hp.

Attack - Exactly opposite of defense. Items in this section are responsible for improving the champion's damage from auto-attacks. Subgroups here consist of Attack Speed, Critical Strike, Damage and Life Steal. Attack Speed improves the ratio of champion basic attacks by percentage values, Critical Strike increases the amount of extraordinarily strong attacks also by a certain percent. Damage is responsible for direct hit values and Life Steal for the amount of health that you can recover by damaging enemy champions.

Magic - It is a group responsible directly for skills and their resource which is mana. There are subgroups of Cooldown Reduction, Mana, Mana Regen, and Ability Power. The first one decreases the time at which skills can be used. The more CDR you get the more often you can use your spells. The second one corresponds to the amount of mana that you have which is the resource that you spend to cast spells and use skills. Mana Regeneration can be also useful so your resources won't run dry too quickly. Last but not least there is Ability Power which is basically just damaged from skills. More AP you get - harder your skills will hit.

Movement - Simply just Boots and Movement Items which can increase the travel speed of your champion.


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League of Legend items

Starting items

Doran's Blade: +8 Attack, +80 Health, +3% Lifesteal

The most popular starting item might be good for every physical damage dealer. Adds some health and lifesteal which will help you survive and attack that will make last-hitting creeps or hurting enemies much easier.

Doran's Shield: +80 Health

Passive: Improves basic attack damage, adds life regen and ability to quickly recover after receiving an attack

Another beginner item which is used mostly by tanks as a starter. There are also situations when it can be useful for other team members as Doran's Shield provide health bonus and some passive abilities which help in last hitting creeps and recovering health. If you know that your lane is difficult and you might struggle against your opponent picking this one instead of Blade might be a good idea.

Cull: +7 Attack, +3 Health-on-hit

Passive: Killing minions grants additional gold up to 450g.

Improves Attack Damage by a small amount and gives minimal health on hit bonus. On top of that killing 100 creeps with this item in inventory returns the cost of buying it.  Although it might seem like a good idea to buy one it is not advised. The cull will make you weaker in the early game than players with Doran's items which will make you an easy target. Also killing creeps on lane won't be as easy so in general, it is not worth the risk.

Doran's Ring: +15 Ability Power, +60 Health

Passive: Increases mana regen by 5 every 5 seconds and adds 5 physical damage to auto attacks that land on minions

A basic choice for Mages. It provides a decent bonus to Ability Power and Mana Regeneration while also improving the last hitting with auto-attacks.

The Dark Seal: +10 Ability Power, +100 Mana, +25% more healing from potions

Passive: +3 Ability Power per stack of Glory. Grants 2 Glory for kills, 1 for assists and -2 for deaths up to 10 stacks.

People buy this item not for the stats that it provides but for passive that it has. It grants +2 glory for kills and +1 for kill assists up to a cap of 10. Each glory stack provides an additional 3 Ability Power however there is one catch. Dying with this ring removes 4 stacks of Glory. As you can see it is a high-risk high reward item so if you are certain that you will win your lane you can buy it at the beginning of the game.

Corrupting Potion: Regenerates 125  Health and 75 Mana over 12 seconds. It has three charges.

Passive: This item refills upon visiting a shop. Abilities and attacks used during the potion effect burn enemies for additional 15 magical damage over 3 seconds.

This is a compromise between potions, shields, and dagger. Corrupting Potion provides a good amount of sustain while increasing your trade potential by a small margin. It is advised for champions that quickly run out of mana during an early game like Viktor. Corrupting potion might also be a good idea if you are certain that there will be a lot of fighting and returning to base early on. Use it only on mages that play in mid or top lane.

Basic Items (Long Sword, Amplifying Tome, Cloth Armor, and others) - usually taken in the company of health potions. It can be a decent choice if you don't want to waste your gold however they won't be as good as Doran's items. From those, you can make more complex items.

Starting items for junglers

Hunter's Machete: +10% Lifesteal vs monsters

Passive: Basic attacks deal 35 more damage against monsters. Large and epic monster kills give bonus experience.

Basic choice for junglers that rely on physical attacks. It can be purchased only if you have chosen Smite as your Summoner Spell. Since it grants bonus experience for large monsters it is a must-have for junglers.

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Hunter's Talisman

Passive: Damaging monsters burn them for 60 damage over 5 seconds. Being in the jungle and river area recovers mana at a faster pace. Large and epic monster kills give bonus experience.

An alternative to machete which also gives bonus exp for large monsters. It should be used by junglers which rely on mana. Get it or machete at the beginning of the game if Jungle is your role.

Starting items for support

Relic Shield: +1 Gold every 10 seconds, +50 Health

Passive: Grants a charge every 40 seconds which allows you to execute minions. Upon successful kill, minion dies and both you and nearby allied champion receive the full amount of gold that comes from this creep kill. On top of that transforms into a Targon's Brace after acquiring 500 gold with this method.

Best choice for tanky supports. Improved survivability while also granting a chance to earn additional gold. Not a great choice for squishier champions since going for last hits with this item passive might be risky.

Spellthief's Edge: +2 Gold every 10 seconds, 10 Ability Power, +25% to base mana regen

Passive: Grants a charge every 10 seconds up to 3 charges total. Those can be used by damaging enemies with abilities to grant some bonus damage on hit. With every successfully landed ability you will receive a bonus gold and you will consume one charge. By upgrading this item to Frostfang and acquiring 500 gold through a passive your Frostfang will upgrade itself into the Eye of Frost.

Grants gold for damaging enemy champions while also healing a small amount of lost hp. A great choice for supports that want to harass enemies and trade as much as possible.

Ancient Coin: +2 Gold every 10 seconds, +5% Cooldown Reduction, +5 Movement Speed

Passive: Minions killed by allies have a chance to drop coins that can grant Ancient Coin owners either gold or mana regeneration.  Upon collecting 500 gold with this passive player upgrades this item into Nomad's Medallion.

This item is rarely used since Relic Shield builds into better items and usually is safer to use than this one. There are some champions who might benefit from this one since they have to run around the lane anyways. The best example would be Thresh.

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Boots of Speed - Just a pair of basic boots that enhance movement speed by a little bit. Usually bought after the first bigger item. Some players wait with them a little bit longer to save some gold and gain an advantage in the laning phase.

Berserker's Greaves - On top of improved movement speed bonus they give 35% attack speed bonus. Good choice for damage dealers and especially for AD Carry. Not as good for others.

Sorcerer's Shoes - Provide additional magic penetration on top of movement speed bonus. A great choice for mages.

Mercury's Treads - Probably the best boots for every situation. They provide magic resistance bonus but more importantly, they have Tenacity unique passive. It gives a user a 30% reduced duration on (almost) all crowd control effects that affect a champion. It basically means 30% shorter stuns and slows - useful against almost all team compositions. If you don't know which boots you should get or there is a lot of CC in the enemy team - get those.

Ninja Tabi - +20 Bonus armor and reduced damage from auto-attacks by 12%. Best choice against AD heavy teams.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - +10% to cooldown reduction in both skills and  Summoner Spells. If you want cooldown reduction then you can cap it from other items. Most of the time Sorcerer's Shoes will be a better choice but if you really need to decrease the time that you have to wait for your ultimate (and other skills) then take those.

Boots of Swiftness - Slightly more movement speed than with previous boots. Also, a 25% decreased time of slows received. Good choice for champions that lack movement speed or are easily kaitable like Darius.

Boots of Mobility - Often a great choice for champions that roam around the map and many junglers. They can increase the effectiveness of ganks since the movement speed out of combat is quite significant. If you are jungling with a champion that doesn't have too many gap closers (like Mundo) then this one is the choice. If you are playing with a roamer like Signed or Pyke - also take those.

Slightly Magical Boots - Grant a standard +25 movement speed bonus like normal boots but also a special +10 movement speed. These boots aren't available for purchase from an in-game shop. Instead, they can be acquired through Magical Footwear rune which you can choose before the game starts. You will receive them after around 12 minutes in the game and you can upgrade them just like a regular pair of boots. They will always provide a special +10 movement speed bonus - even when upgraded.

Core jungler item

Skirmisher's Sabre - Upgrades your Smite to Challenging Smite - Reduces the target damage by 20% while also marking them for 2,5 seconds. Players under this effect receive additional pure damage with every attack. Best choice for champions that can deal with constant damage and haven't got troubles with catching up to a running enemy.

Stalker's Blade - Upgrades your Smite to Chilling Smite - Upon use steals 20% of enemy movement speed and deals some instant pure damage. Best choice for champions who lack mobility and need to slow down their targets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is Ahri good for beginners?

It is a difficult champion so it isn't suitable for beginners.

  • How many items are in League of Legends?

Few hundreds including different game modes.

  • What are Core Items in League of Legends?

By the term, 'Core Items' players describe the most crucial items for a champion build.

  • How do you use items in League of Legends?

By default items that have an active ability can be used by keys from 1 to 6.


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