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This year between June 11 and June 13 in Los Angeles California we had Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019. As we are used to, it was preceded by an Electronic Arts event known as EA Play.


Gameplay opportunity at EA Play

EA Play is an event not related directly to E3. It is organized by EA Games to showcase the new projects. Among titles such as Apex Legends, The Sims, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order or Battlefield V we had a glimpse of a brand new Madden NFL 20, which will be released August the 2nd 2019 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. EA has shown a well know title with a couple of new features implied to make the game even more realistic.


Face of the Franchise: QB1

It’s a game mode created for regular people to deliver the impression of becoming an NFL superstar. Player starts his career as a quarterback in a college football team. Depending on his performance in college playoffs, he may be given a chance to be drafted to the NFL team. Developers are underlining players decisions and how they affect their whole career. Correct choices are the best way to increase player’s stock in a draft.


Right after joining the league, despite the slight changes, the whole concept remains intact - the player needs to play as good as possible, no matter if he was the first round pick with great expectations or last round pick drafted by accident.


Scenario engine

During career there will be a variety of playable scenarios, events and challenges enrich the gameplay and create a more reliable illusion of unique NFL career.

RPO’s (Run/Pass Options)

A feature long since demanded by Madden NFL fans, as they have become more popular in the NFL. Electronic Arts delivered around 200 RPO's into the game with more to come as the season goes on.


Madden NFL 20 includes three main types of RPO:

- Read RPO - similar to the current triple option. You have the ability to hand off to a halfback, take off with quarterback or pass to wide receiver,

- Peek RPO - it's much like the read RPO, but in this one, the quarterback is not a ballcarrier. After the snap player can "peek" at a conflict defender and decide either to hand the ball off to the halfback or pass to wide receiver,

- Alert RPO - based on pre-snap reads. The offense will have the ability to run the play in different ways. It will depend on what the player sees before the snap.


Wide accessibility to playbooks will give players a possibility to create various offense based on NFL teams in-game strategies. Also playbooks will be updated as the season goes on.

Ultimate Missions

Ultimate Missions are meant to be the way to acquire desired items, increase play experience, get squad upgrades and so on. The main change is that now Missions are not going to be the direct way to get a reward, but something more similar to a guide not only to reward but also to explore the game.


X-factor abilities

Arguably the most important feature. Some players have been given characteristic perks and abilities to make them look like real superstars. For example, JuJu Smith Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, has "Double me" X-factor ability, which makes enemy defense give him more attention creating open space for other plays. Madden 20 will have fifty Superstar X-Factor players and over thirty superstar players.

New animations technology

As befits sports simulator in Madden NFL 20 EA Games is constantly trying to improve in-game realism by adding signature moves like touchdown celebrations or passing animations.


Closed beta start

Madden NFL 20 closed beta will be available from June 14 to June 16 2019. During closed beta players will be given an opportunity to play most of the game modes available, except Face of the Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team. Players will choose to play as the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and the New Orleans Saints.


There are several ways to obtain the closed beta code:

  • during EA Play 2019,
  • stream/social media giveaway,
  • by checking e-mail address used to create EA Account.

Additionally, Madden Championship Series competitors will have their chance, as Electronic Arts will send out codes to randomly selected competitors.



Fans of the title are eager to see those features live and give them a shot. According to commentators, the newest Madden game will receive much love from the fanbase and most likely will bring some newbies into the community.

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