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Chieftain class is focused on placing totems and dealing fire damage. His passives basically buff the totems, making them more useful in combat. Such totems can be used for taunting enemies, boosting the fire or physical damage or making enemies more vulnerable to your attacks. Read this PoE Chieftain guide to learn about the gear and playstyle!
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Berserker is an entirely damage-focused class. Such class is a typical damage dealer with skills that boost his survivability only when he kills the enemy. He gains many different additional bonuses when fighting. Read this guide to learn all about this powerful melee DPS class!
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The Juggernaut is typical tanky-dps class that's focused on offensive bonuses. They can play both as off-tank or a pure tank. Learn about the possibilities and different setups of this class in our PoE Juggernaut guide!
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The Saboteur is a trap-focused Path of Exile class, which mainly relies on throwing traps which deal huge damage to the enemies. Read this guide to learn how to make use of all the damage and utility that Saboteur can provide!
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High mobility and survivability are the most important assets of PoE Trickster. They rely on poison and DoT as their main ways of dealing damage. Read this guide to learn about the best items for Trickster.
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Champion is made to be more of a supportive class. He is very good at taunting, impaling and using enhanced banners and intimidate debuffs which reduce opponents defense stats. Read this guide to learn about the most efficient Champion itemization!
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Gladiator is one of the most universal classes in the Path of Exile world. He can be used as a physical or magical damage dealer. Moreover, he can easily fight using wands, two-handed swords or with dual swords. Check out this PoE Gladiator Build Guide to get a better hang of this class!
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The Slayer is a fighter class that focuses on dealing physical damage and fighting in close combat duels. The class is connected with marauder berserker because of his ability to maintain sustainability when fighting with minions and bosses. Check out this detailed guide to learn ins and outs of this class.
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Complete PoE Elementalist build and guide. Everything you should know about Elementalist in one place!
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Complete build and guide to Assasin in PoE.