PoE Juggernaut Build - Tank, Protect and Endure

PoE Juggernaut Build
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Poe Juggernaut build 2019

The Juggernaut is typical tanky-dps class which is focused on offensive bonuses. This class relies on self-buffs which boost his armor, endurance charges, protection angst stuns and slows, and also life regeneration. He can be played as a pure tank which will be very hard to kill, but at the same time deal a small amount of damage or tank mixed with good dps. This class is quite easy to play. PoE Juggernaut Build do not require expensive items what makes him perfect as a league starter champion. You can fight using one-handed swords and shields or two-handed hammers or maces.

This class is very good at tanking groups of minions when you are playing with friends, and also at dealing damage when playing alone. If you build Juggernaut properly, you will be able to clear all game content and enjoy the gameplay. The class is also good at killing bosses like Atziri Uber elder or Shaper especially because of his passive skills which give him a lot of survivability. If you are looking for good map clear speed, nice damage and in the same time ability to survive damage from bosses and minions, this champion is a perfect choice for you. Most of his minor passive skills increase armor and abilities like attack or movement speed. His most useful passives are:


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Path of Exile Juggernaut passive skills

Unstoppable - such passive makes the character literally „unstoppable”. Your action speed like attack and movement speed cannot be lowered below base value. It means that champion base stats cannot be modified when cursed or debuffed by enemies. Additionally, your Movement Speed will be increased by 10%. The most important buff this passive gives is immunity for stuns. That is why such passive is named Unstoppable.


Undeniable - interesting passive which is based on Accuracy Rating which can be obtained from armors or skill tree. Such passive itself boosts your accuracy rating by 1000. Additionally, it gives you 1% of attack speed per 200 points of accuracy you have. Also, you get an accuracy rating equal to your strength. In addition, you gain increased accuracy rating and damage by 30% if you have dealt a critical strike in the past 8 seconds.


Unbreakable - typical passive which will boost your survivability. It makes you receive the double amount of armor for your Body armor. If you decide to use such passive, remember to find the armor with a high amount of armor. Additionally, it gives you the ability to reduce damage by 5%. Also, it gives you a huge boost to your life regeneration per second. You gain 2% of your life per second. Also, it regenerates your hp based on the damage you received.


Unflinching - such passive which effectiveness is based on endurance charges. When the passive is active there is a possibility that you will get endurance charge when receiving damage. You have 30% for that. Also, it boosts your maximum amount of endurance charges by one. Additionally, you gain endurance charges if you have been Hit Recently.


Unyielding - the passive which boosts your damage and at the same time give you profits from endurance charges. It boosts your damage by 5% per Endurance Charge. There is also a 25% chance to get a charge when you stun a minion. Additionally, it makes your stuns longer by 10% for every endurance charge.


Unrelenting - typical passive which boosts your sustain and elemental resistances. You gain a shield which reduces 8% of elemental damage taken when you have maximum endurance charges. Additionally, it gives you 1% of normal damage and 4% of chaos resistance reduction per endurance charge.


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Path of Exile is one of the most played and developed RPG game. Because of that, the player needs to wonder on the proper build configuration. Every build is characterized by different passive skill tree and itemization. In this part of the guide, I will introduce the best build for Juggernaut ascendancy class in Betrayal league called 3.5 Tectonic Slam build. The build playstyle is based on increasing elemental damage, especially fire type. Thanks to that your main skill tectonic slam will deal insane damage. With some changes in the build, you can use it on Templar class as well. Tectonic Slam build is quite cheap and not so hard to play.


Newbie players will need to learn some basic mechanics in order to use the build efficiently. With high-end game gear, you will be able to clear all game content like atziri, shaper or t16 maps. You will always be fighting in close range, but with this ascendancy class, you don’t have to be worried about deaths. The class is tanky enough to survive most of the strongest attacks from bosses and minions. I do recommend this class as well as the build for beginners and people that need a league starter. In this part of the guide, I will write something about the pros and cons of such build, and in further part, I will show you the best possible itemization and needed skill tree.

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Juggernaut Advantages

Easy to play - as I said in the introduction, build is tanky and at the same time deal a good amount of damage. Newbie players will find it enjoyable to play this build because they do not need a lot of currency. Also, such a build is a perfect currency farmer


Fast clearing speed - if you are looking for a character that will make your grinding insanely fast, this is the build for you. It deals tons of damage to groups of minions and single target mobs like map bosses etc. What is more, the build does not require very expensive gear, so mapping will be even more enjoyable. The juggernaut passives make you tanky and thanks to that, uber bosses like atziri or shaper will find it hard to kill you.


Not so expensive - since tectonic slam build does not require so many mandatory uniques you don't have to spend a lot to enjoy the gameplay. All items suggested in the guide are quite cheap.


Great league starter - because you don't need expensive equipment the build is considered as a very good league starter. You will be able to upgrade your gear without any problems, even without thousands of chaos orbs.

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Juggernaut Disadvantages

Can’t do maps with reflect damage mod - as almost every class which is based on elemental damage, you cannot run maps with reflecting mod. Pay attention to mods of particular maps and avoid elemental damage reflect.


Hard to balance resists (you will need to pay attention to resistances when buying gear. Be sure that each piece of the equipment has 35% + of particular resist)


Endurance Charges dependent - sometimes, especially in fights with bosses and other end game content like Atziri or Shaper, you will have problems to get the full amount of endurance charges. You should focus on this because without charges you are vulnerable to elemental damage.


Abyssus Helmet - for this build you have to use Abyssus which makes you more vulnerable to damage. But don’t worry, you have your passives which increase your survivability a lot.



In this part of the guide, the proper equipment needed for this build will be presented. You should focus on items which will increase your elemental damage and mostly armor. Due to the fact that poe is typical grinding gear game, keep in mind that you will upgrade your equipment very often. Below, you will see the most efficient way of building Tectonic Slam Juggernaut, and some tricks used to fasten the process of leveling your champion.


a) Weapon

The first starting weapon which should be used at 10 level is a mace Gorebreaker Spiked Club. This weapon highly increases your damage thanks to its attributes. In order to maximize your damage in the early game, use two Gorebreakers in the main hand and an offhand. Then you should swap your weapon to Brightbeak War Hammer. It significantly increases your damage and gives you an enormous amount of attack speed and a chance for a critical strike. Additionally, it boosts your fire and lightning resistances. Remember to wear two of them to maximize your Heavy Sunder damage.


At level 28 change your hammers into Lakishu's Blade Elegant Sword. It will boost your damage even more and with proper sockets, you can put your main attack ability into it. You will use them until level 47. Then you switch Innsbury Edge Elder Sword. More damage and 25% of your damage converted into extra chaos damage will strongly boost your clear speed. You will use them until the endgame.


In the late game, you will have to choose between three weapons. The first option is Razor of the Seventh Sun Midnight Blade. Decent amount of damage, chance to ignite the enemy and after that increase the damage by 100% makes this sword very good choice for you. The only disadvantage is that you can have only 3 sockets in it.


The second option is Voidforge Infernal Sword. Such a sword is amazing for this build. It gives you 300% of your damage converted into random element damage which is a huge boost for you single and multiple target damage.


The third option is Nebuloch Nightmare Mace, It boosts your fire damage and also reduce damage taken from elemental attacks, 1% per endurance charge. It is quite a good boost straight from the weapon. It has the same disadvantage as the first weapon. In my opinion, the best weapon for this build is Voidforge Infernal Sword. I tested every option and such sword made the best amount of damage, especially on bosses like uber atziri or shaper. Two Razors will also do the job but the main problem is sockets. Also, such swords do not deal enough damage to kill bosses as fast as Voidforge does.


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b) Helmet

The perfect starting helmet should have resistances and some attributes used to level up your gems. A perfect example of such a helmet is Goldrim Leather Cap. The helmet gives you increased elemental resistances, so the attribute which you need at the beginning of the game.


At level 68 you have to get Abyssus Ezomyte Burgonet. Such a helmet is the main source of your damage. Some people may find problems that it increases damage taken from minions and bosses, but you are the juggernaut and class passives strongly increase your survivability. It gives you up to 25 points to all attributes, 225 melee critical strike multiplier and 60 additional physical damage to each attack. All of this for 40% of the increased damage taken. I think it is totally worth it. Of course, there is also the possibility to get a rare helmet with resistances but your damage will not be so high. If you decide to buy a rare helmet, remember to look for one that increases your tectonic slam damage. There is also a possibility to buy Starkonja's Head Silken Hood which is always good and solid for any build. It will boost your damage and in the same survivability.


c) Belt

For the first belt, look for the one which increases elemental damage and elemental resistances. A rare belt which will increase your elemental res and damage by 25% will be enough.


In the late game, you also should focus on the same stats. There is a belt called Phoenix Clasp Stygian Vise which will be perfect in the late game. There is also cheaper strap called Belt of the Deceiver Heavy Belt which will be the ideal alternative if Stygian Vise will be too expensive for you. It boosts your damage and survivability at the same time. For the late game choose Stygian Vise because it gives you more resists and also one abyssal socket. With proper jewel, the belt will boost your damage as well.


d) Gloves

The best starting gloves should have increased elemental resistances and for this particular build attack speed. Try to find rare gloves with at least 25% increased elemental resistances and 10% attack speed. There is also the possibility to get Lochtonial Caress Iron Gauntlets, but such gloves do not increase your resistances.


In the end game look for good rare gloves with at least 10% of attacks speed and 35% of each resistance. Also, increased melee damage modifier would be nice in such gloves. There is also a possibility to get Oskarm Nubuck Gloves which perfectly work with your ascendency skills. It gives you 2% Critical strike chance per 200 accuracy rating. With one of passive, it can boost your chance for crit even by 50%. Such gloves are highly recommended when making up your resistance caps.


e) Boots

The perfect boots for a start should on the first place boost your elemental resistances and movement speed. In the early game look for rare boots with 25% of increased resistances and at least 20% increased movement speed.


The end game boots do not change a lot. You should look for the same attributes but increased to the maximum. In the late game, you can find boots which will increase your resistances even by 45%. Also, it is nice to have some boost to maximum health in your boots.


Other possibilities are Kaom's Roots Titan Greaves. Such boots are perfect when you start t16 mapping and killing bosses. They provide you an enormous amount of life (160 life from the single item!) and unwavering stance that makes you immune for stuns. The only disadvantage of these boots is the fact of having no sockets. It is up to you what do you prefer.

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f) Armor

In the early game, all you need to have is armor with 6 linked sockets. Thanks to that you will be able to use your main ability supported with 5 sockets. It is crucial because you will need to level up your gems straight from the beginning. An armor which will have all these attributes is called Tabula Rasa Simple Robe. This armor does not have a specified type of sockets so you can put there anything you want to. Such armor is not so expensive so even newbie players will be able to afford it. I


n the late game, you have the same situation as with the weapon. There are many different possibilities. The first one is The Brass Dome Gladiator Plate. It significantly boosts your armor, chance to block attacks and spells, but reduces your movement speed. Quite good armor when fighting with bosses. The second option is Loreweave Elegant Ringmail. It always has 6 sockets. Such armor is used when you are looking for a damage boost. It gives you up to 50% increased elemental damage and 60% of critical strike chance. The third option is Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale which will significantly boost your survivability. I highly recommend Loreweave Elegant Ringmail for a damage boost. The survivability you will get from gloves and boots.


g) Amulet

For a perfect starting amulet, you should choose the one which will increase your elemental damage and elemental resistances. Additionally, you can look for a boost to your maximum health and all attributes. Probably you will lack intelligence so focus on amulets with this attribute.


Then, you should look for Eye of Innocence Citrine Amulet if you're going to use Razor of the Seventh Sun Midnight Blades. It will boost the ignite effect and fire damage. The perfect part of jewelry when it comes to clear t16 maps. When you will have enough currency I recommend to switch your amulet for Xoph's Blood Amber Amulet. Such amulet will convert 50% of you all damage into fire damage. With this amulet, your damage will be literally insane, same as the cost which is definitely the biggest problem.


h) Rings

In the beginning, you will need rings with high elemental resistances and elemental damage. You should also focus on attributes which you need to level your gems. In this build, you often lack intelligence so try to find a ring with such attribute. In the late game, Pyre Sapphire Ring is a mandatory item for this build. It boosts your burning damage and changes 40% of damage dealt from hatred into fire damage. The second ring can be rare with a good amount of resistances or Mokou's Embrace Ruby Ring. It also increases your fire damage and gives you a chance to ignite the target. There is also the possibility to get Call of the Brotherhood Two-Stone Ring which will perfectly cooperate with Pyre Ring.


i) Potions

At this part of the guide, I will show you the possible potions which can be used with tectonic slam build. There are many different kinds of potions. Some of them increase your damage or health regeneration. It is important to choose the proper potion set in order to maximize your survivability and damage. Potions can be dropped during your adventure with a Path of Exile or bought on poe market.


As in almost every build, the first flask should regenerate your health in critical situations. Additionally, such potion should have additional attributes like bleeding immunity or instant health recovery. Thanks to your passive skills you will need only one potion of this kind.


Next potion which is necessary for this build is the one which increases your physical damage and armor. The potion which has all these attributes is called Lion's Roar Granite Flask. It boosts your damage output, especially when it works in the same as Atziri’s flask. What is more, your survivability is boosted thanks to given armor.


At the third flask socket, you should have mentioned before Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask. It boosts your damage and at the same time life and mana leech. Thanks to the fact that this potion converts your elemental damage into chaos damage you will be able to clear almost all game content.


The Wise Oak Bismuth Flask is next mandatory potion for this build. It boosts all elemental resistances by 35%. You will need such potion to increase your survivability when you decide to go full damage option.


For the last potion, I recommend Cinderswallow Urn Silver Flask. Since you have an ability to ignite enemies it will boost your damage and at the same time give you nice mana and life leech. Perfect as a late game potion to maximize your damage. In early game use simple  Experimenter's Diamond Flask of Reflexes for a critical damage boost.

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j) list of gems

Armor - 6 linked sockets ( four red sockets and two blue)


Tectonic Slam - your main ability. It basically does aoe damage in front of you. It converts your base damage into fire damage. Also, there is a 33% chance to create charged slam. It consumes one endurance charge.

Elemental Damage With Attacks Support - support gem which makes your attack spells deal more elemental damage

Melee Physical Damage Support - this gem makes your Tectonic slam ability deal more physical damage to the enemies

Multistrike Support - a support gem which makes your linked attack skills hit twice. It basically reiterates the effect of used attack skill. What is more, it is worth to mention that repeated attack skill, strikes with a random element.

Increased Area Of Effect Support - such gem increase radius of your aoe damage, so you will catch more monsters with your attack ability

Combustion - thanks to that gem you Tectonic Slam deals more fire damage and has a chance to ignite enemy. It will perfectly cooperate with Cinderswallow Urn Flask.


Weapon - 6 linked sockets (four red sockets and two green)


Leap Slam - this gem gives you an ability to jump to a targeted area and damage opponents with physical damage. Very useful ability when mapping.

Fortify Support - a buff gem which gives the player a possibility to gain a buff which reduces damage taken from minions and bosses by 20%

Blood Magic Support - support gem which makes your skills consume health instead of mana

Ancestral Warchief - summons a totem which deals additional damage when the player is close to it. Additionally, it increases your physical damage.

Faster Attacks Support - a support gem which boosts Leap Slam skill attack speed

Blood Rage - such gem increases your attack speed and life leech but deals physical damage over time to the player


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Dual swords setup

first sword (3 linked sockets one green, one blue and one red)


Hatred - gem which provides you a buff which increases your cold damage for you and your allies.

Herald of Ash - such gem grants you a buff which increases your fire and burning damage

Enlighten Support - gem which makes supported skills consume less mana


second sword (3 linked sockets, two red and one green)


Enduring Cry - a gem which taunts nearby opponents and buffs a player with the endurance charges and health regeneration by a certain amount.

Increased Duration Support - support gem which increases the duration of supported skills

Vaal Haste - a gem which increases user attack speed


Gloves - 4 linked sockets (two red sockets one green and one blue)


Herald of Purity - a buff gem which gives you a boost to your physical damage. It reserves 25% of your mana. When using such buff you can also summon sentinels of purity which will deal additional damage to the opponents.

War Banner - a buff gem which gives makes enemies get more physical damage. Additionally, it increases your accuracy so you can be sure that your attacks won miss enemies. It boosts the effect for each killed enemy. The more enemies you kill in fight the better effect of war banner will affect you.

Arctic Armour - a defensive type of gem which gives you an armor that decreases physical and elemental damage taken from opponents.

Enlighten Support - gem which decreases skills mana reservation. It starts working on level 2.


Boots 4 linked sockets (three red and one green)


Ancestral Protector - summons a totem which deals additional damage when a player is close to it. Also, it increases the player attack speed.

Ancestral Warchief - summons a totem which deals additional damage when a player is close to it. Additionally, it increases your physical damage.

Multiple Totems - a support gem which allows you to summon two totems at the same time. Without this gem, you are able to summon only one totem.

Culling Strike - it makes your totem kill instantly enemies left with 10% of their hp or less.


Helmet 4 linked sockets ( one blue socket one green and two red sockets)


Vulnerability - a curse gem which makes nearby enemies weaker and more susceptible for physical damage.

Blasphemy Support - in general, it converts every curse skill into aura skill

Increased duration support - a support gem which makes linked gems buffs last longer

Vaal Haste - support gem which gives a player increased attack speed.


k) Skill Tree (also viable in Synthesis league)

Skill tree for Tectonic Slam Juggernaut with the ascendancy


l) Bandits

If you prefer increased resistances you should help Alira. If not, there is also a possibility to help Oak to strictly maximize your damage, but I highly recommend Alira since it also gives you mana regeneration attribute which is pretty important in this build.


m) Pantheon                                        

Soul of Lunaris - a blessing from Lunaris god is a very good choice since it boosts your defense and movement speed for each enemy close to you. Perfect for mapping and when fighting with groups of minions.

Soul of Tukohoma - a blessing from Tukohoma boots your defense by decreasing damage taken up to 8% and increasing your health regeneration.


n) Jewels

In normal jewels we should look for:

increased fire damage

increased maximum life

increased attack speed

increased critical chance

increased attack damage


In abyssal jewel (abyssal jewel is a gem which can be socketed in abyss sockets) you should look for:

increased maximum life

increased maximum mana

increased attack damage

increased attack speed

increased elemental resistances (only when you do not have enough from other items)

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