Star Wars The Old Republic server merge!

Star Wars The Old Republic server merge
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Rumor has been around for some time and it finally has been officially announced. EA/Bioware has announced that big server merge will arrive on 8th November along with the "United Forces" update. 

Move highly anticipated by struggling SWTOR population is receiving a high praise. Some servers are straight out empty and its mostly reflected by poor Auction House economy. So it is wise to not spread community thin across 17 different servers, instead, there will be 5, bringing the community closer.


SWTOR is by no account a "dead game" since launch community complained that population is spread across too many servers but it still has a large following and receiving regular content updates and when SWTOR makes a merge it does it right!


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United Forces will be way more than just a "merge patch" it comes with an event! When patch goes live, the game will reward you for reconnecting with friends and guildmates in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Log in and play between November 8 – November 27, 2017, to get new rewards:

  • Simply login to get the new Mini Mogul NM-1 Mini-Pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding.

  • Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder by the November 27th deadline!

  • Plus, unlock the new ‘United Forces Group Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvE Group Finder activities and get the new ‘United Forces Warzone Recon’ achievement when you complete three PvP matches through Group Finder!

  • Finally, once United Forces goes live, get double rewards: Double XP, Double Command XP, and much more through November 14!

  • NOTE: All achievements are unlocked in-game as earned. The Mini Mogul Mini-Pet and Darth Hexid Companion are delivered via in-game mail on November 28, 2017.


 If you have no idea what your new server will be - check the chart below: 

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