TOP 7 Upcoming MMORPG

Upcoming MMORPG
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TOP 7 Upcoming MMORPG in 2018/19

1. Ashes of Creation

Ashes of creation is a game developed by controversial Intrepid Studios. Set in a new IP, players will be thrown into a unique high fantasy ope world. Ashes of Creation node system will create an opportunity for the players to shape the world around them with their actions as every node in the game can be developed or destroyed by players.

Besides a sandbox playstyle, Ashes of Creation will be heavily story-driven with lore reacting to community actions in the game. With dynamic combat and PVP focus Ashes of creation focuses on Castle Sieges as the main feature of the game. Recently Ashes of Creation fanbase panicked when the news of (known for heavy P2W games) being picked as publisher surfaced, despite developers claiming AoC will not be a pay-to-win title the unease remains. The game is expected to release in Q2 2019.

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2. Pantheon Rise of the Fallen

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen developed and published by Visionary Realms takes players back to “the basics” focusing on challenging group content in setting a high-fantasy world of Terminus populated by magic, mystical beings, and demigods. Pantheon combat requires preparation, knowledge of enemies, and your own skills as well as group coordination. World of Terminus will be unforgiving for lone-wolves but highly rewarding to groups of adventurers and explorers. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen wants to bring back the “M’s” back to ORPG along with a sense of community and accomplishment.


3. Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria developed and published by Citadel Studios is a sandbox MMORPG is a collection of multiple online virtual worlds shaped and changed by the community. Communities can create their own servers with a separate set of rules or merge shards to create a massive experience for their inhabitants. The initial release date is set for 4th December 2018.


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4. Crowfall

Crowfall is a “throne world simulator” MMORPG developed and published by ArtCraft after an extremely successful Kickstarter™ campaign. Focused mostly on group Player vs Player experience than a single player PvE. Follow the path of conquest and compete for the throne in a destructible world. With the player driven economy based on supply and demand principles of codependence and player interaction Crowfall aims to succeed where Albion online failed.


5. Chronicles of Elyria

Chronicles of Elyria published and developed by Soulbound Studios is a first MMORPG game where your character actually ages and dies forcing players to think about future generations. You will begin your adventure as a member of a player-run family and work your way up in the societal ladder, you can own land or be a vassal, you can become a King or an assassin, freedom of choice is one of the top priorities for the developers. Chronicles of Elyria has an aspiration to be a good mix of a survival game with an MMORPG.


6. Lost Ark

Diablo meets Path of Exile in a MMORPG setting. This isometric 3-D hack-and-slash developed by Korean studio Smilegate has been in development for a couple of years and just recently beta-access has been given to select a few Korean players. Destructible ever-changing areas, dynamic nontarget combat, and complex character progression are hoped to revolutionize the isometric hack-and-slash genre forever. Set to release in Korea on Nov. 7th 2018. Western publisher and release date yet to be announced.


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7. Camelot Unchained

A soul-successor to the Dark Age of Camelot under development by City State Entertainment along with Mark Jacobs, founder of Mythic Entertainment best known for his work on Dark Age of Camelot. Set in Arthurian high-fantasy game focuses on Realm-vs-Realm combat, player housing, and player-driven economy.

Those are the seven, currently, most-anticipated MMORG’s. Will any of them change the fate of the dying genre? Only time will tell! Be sure to visit MMOAUCTIONS regularly for more news from the MMORPG scene.

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