Albion Online Goes Free To Play!

Albion Online Goes Free To Play
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Listen Everyone for we are the witnesses of one of the most surprising transformations in recent years. It’s happening. Another fantasy game goes free! Sandbox Interactive just announced, that their MMORPG Albion Online, that had it’s release back in 2017 as a paid game is now going completely Free-To-Play. New players will be able to join the fray on April 10, 10:00 UTC.

All you have to do is to sign in, download the game, and you are ready to play.

It’s also worth mentioning that Free accounts will have access to everything that is present in the game, free of charge, which means no paywalls for things that are already present in the game. Whole Albion content is accessible from the start! No Restrictions!


Sandbox Interactive will bring some major updates in 2019. The year 2019 will be a glorious one, for old and new players alike.


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Don’t want to wait?

For players that want to immediately hop right into the action to prepare themselves for upcoming generation of fresh competitors, and unleash their full potential, Albion Online offers a 33% discount on every kind of Starter Pack, like Veteran, Epic, and Legendary Pack. You can order these on the official site for real money and to join right after you download the game! It’s worth mentioning that these packs give you some extra resources in various forms.

If you aren't a waiter don't waste life waiting. Buy Albion Silver and browse through Albion Accounts to become better in the game right away!

- Veteran Pack (19.77 USD) - grants you 2k Gold and 30 Days Premium Status


- Epic Pack (32.97 USD) - grants you access to Epic Avatars, in addition to 4,5k Gold, 60 Days Premium Status and Epic Explorer’s Equipment


- Legendary Pack (65.97 USD) - grants you access to Legendary and Epic Avatars, Legendary Horse, in addition to 12k Gold, 90 Days Premium Status, as well as Legendary Cart and Legendary + Epic Equipment.


Don’t miss out on a chance to start out better than everyone else and conquer the world of Albion and purchase the game before April 10!


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Unique Gifts for Veteran Players

As a compensation for all Albion’s Veteran Adventurers, Sandbox Interactive team will grant a special thank-you gifts to everyone that bought before, and to everyone who will buy the game, before Free-to-play goes live.


After maintenance on April 1, there will be a ten-day Fame boost that will include all ingame activities (without Tomes that grant fame). More Fame will grant you the ability to unlock better gear and get you some sweet gains for your character specs.


Additionally, every account that purchased a pack before 10AM UTC on April 10th, will be gifted:


Specter Wolf Mount - an exclusive mount, a symbol of loyalty and splendor. Your new Ghostly companion has the same stats as already present in the game Direwolf. This is the only time frame in which you can get this unique mount!

1.000 Gold

3 Days Premium Status


Buy Now at €3,50 Office Professional Plus 2019.

Come and take advantage of this opportunity!

Is This the Only Major Change?

Business model will not change with free to play switch. Players will still be able to purchase in-game currency with and premium status with real money.

For those players who used Trial Keys and Referral system:


Trial Keys will not be accessible after maintenance on March 27. Players will receive Gold and rewards from Referral system that they should gain up to this point. It’s worth to mention Trial Keys not yet redeemed will be refunded, so don’t be worried.  

Albion Silver

Why exactly Sandbox Interactive made a choice of changing the game model to Free-To-Play? Player Count was certainly not the case since number of players is really stable and it’s growing gradually. The Company says:

“However, we’re also convinced that Albion Online can be taken much further. Our mission is to bring back that old-school, hardcore MMORPG feeling, to as many players as possible. In today’s world, a 30-dollar paywall – the price of our cheapest game pack – is a massive deterrent for trying out a new game, especially one as unconventional as Albion Online. We believe that by removing the initial paywall we will be able to grow Albion Online as a game and continue to further expand our development team to bring you even more content updates and exciting new features going forward. Ultimately, we believe this step will help us realize our long-term vision for the game”.

This step will surely bring them closer to their goals. Their 35-people development team will put all their work into releasing new updates that will keep the game fresh. We all wish them good luck in doing so, for this might be a gamechanger in the future of real old-school hardcore MMORPGs.


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There’s more in albion online

This announcement stands beside a huge Oberon update for Albion Online, that released today on March 20 2019. Oberon update brings some exciting new features like randomized dungeons that won’t stay the same, every time you run them with fellow adventurers, against new creatures that were added as well. New PvE content seems promising. Check the trailer for Oberon Update, and patch notes analysis below.


Are you as excited for the Free to Play Albion release as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Don’t forget to share these news to your friends, go on and post it on Facebook and tweet it to the Twitter community. What are you waiting for? Gather a group of your friends, prepare to create a guild, find your PVP build, and Get ready to play on
April 10th.
See you in the Dungeon! May your struggle be endless and legendary!


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