Albion Online Percival Update - Check All the New Features!

Albion Online Percival Update
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Albion Online Percival Update

New, interesting changes are coming to the world of Albion tomorrow – on July 10th. The Percival content update will introduce the long-awaited Solo Random Dungeons, but there’s more! New weapon skills, more cosmetics, and various systemic changes are intended to make the game more enjoyable and satisfying.

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Solo Randomized Dungeons

It is definitely the highlight of this patch. The standard Solo Randomized Dungeon system, introduced in the Oberon patch, has been really well received and is widely considered a big success. Expectations had become pretty high, as players waited for this feature to be adjusted for a single player experience.

You will be able to find the entrances to the highest tiers of Solo Randomized Dungeons using Dungeon Maps. These locations are going to challenge the players with some new monsters, traps, and environmental hazards. Of course, it also means adding some valuable items to loot! Moreover, the solo dungeons also feature small combat shrines which will buff the player who activates them. 


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New Weapon Skills

Percival will introduce some new weapon skills for axes, swords, staves, spears and hammers.


Axe – Spinning Blades

Sword – Parry

Hammer – Ring of Tar

Spear – Impaler

Quarterstaff – Rising Blow

Frost Staff – Ice Shard

Nature Staff – Rejuvenating Breeze

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Cosmetic Possibilities

The base character models are getting significant improvements. At the same time, Albion Online will feature more possibilities of customizing your characters. Furthermore, the Percival update introduces mount skins.


Character Customization

There will be plenty of options available to players, who want to change the looks of their characters. You will be able to change style or color of your hair or facial hair and even completely change your character’s face!

Most of the options to unlock will be available with Albion gold, so you’ll be able to simply grind for them. After you get access to a certain style, it becomes free to use on all your characters at any time you want. Switching between the unlocked styles will be completely free.


Mount Skins

Mount skins are a completely new feature in Albion Online. The way that they’ll be implemented, will actually turn some of the pre-existing mounts into skins. Similarly to the character features – the mount skins will be unlocked account-wide, permanently. Some of the already existing collectible items will become mount skins, but some new ones are going to be introduced too!


System Changes

In general, the changes in Percival are pretty minor. Some of them are straight-up quality of life improvements. The biggest one is probably the more storage space that players can buy for silver. City Banks and Guild Banks got plenty of additional tabs to unlock.

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There will be a possibility of playing scrims, or training matches for organized PvP. Groups of players can create 20v20 city battles and there’s a possibility of playing Crystal GvG during the off-season.

The remaining changes include a significant buff to monsters, as they should be harder to kill now, but also provide more fame. Poison potions damage against mobs has been reduced. The rest are really minor tweaks.

Visit the world of Albion!

A lot is happening in Albion Online since the game entered a new chapter by going free to play in April. This game is definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re a fan of hardcore MMORPGs with a complex economy system. You can always stop for some extra supplies, before you embark on your adventures in the world of Albion.  

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