Albion Online launches trials - just not like we expected.

Albion Online launches trials
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

'Be careful what you wish for should be the title as Sandbox Interactive decides to finally, after months of pleas and petitions from the community, releases an option to test the game via a referral system. Those happy about the possibility of finally inviting their friends over to actually give the game a try should keep their cool as the deal is not as sweet as it seems. 

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How does the referral system work?

It's pretty simple - someone who has bought the game can send a code to his buddy to try out the game, lots of games do that, Elder Scrolls Online did this, Black Desert Online did this but thus far no one had the audacity to actually charge for it. Yup, you've read that right - Albion Online charges you 1000 gold (6400 silver) the possibility of inviting your friend over for a 7-day test run. 

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Come and take advantage of this opportunity!

In theory, it's not that bad since 1000 gold is not that big of a deal for a veteran player supported by a big alliance and the game will reward you up to 4000 gold if your trial buddy actually buys the game. But there is another catch - "up to". The amount of gold you will receive from referring your friend depends on the starter pack they will purchase. For example, if your mate will buy a basic 29,95$ version you are only getting back your investment, to earn some gold your friend has to buy Legendary starter pack for 99,95$.


Albion Silver

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Sandbox Interactive further incentives players to refer "as many players as possible" for mysterious rewards that change from season to season and dividing "the referees" into 3 stages: Veteran, Epic, and Legendary depending on how many accounts have been bought from their referrals. 

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