Black Desert Online: Lahn joins the fray!

Black Desert Online: Lahn joins the fray
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Born in the shadowy forests of Kirin Castle from pure moonlight was a child with unimaginable potential. Although many martial artists tried to mold her, she had her ideas about what her education should be. Trained in ceremonial sword dances she still was not able to master her own body and mind.

After turning 16 moonchildren became a shrine guardian which gave her purpose, to lift the people of the realm from their knees after years of tyrannical rule. In her endeavor, she was betrayed by the ones she trusted the most and the child promised itself that it will travel west, keep training and one day come back home to face those who betrayed her and the evil king Yeung. 

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Lahn wields a Noble Sword and Crescent Pendulum connected by a long chain allowing her to attack from all directions. Lahns are quick and nimble and can deliver devastating attacks by swinging her Pendulum. With enough practice, her blade can go in any direction she wants. Lahn currently has no awakening weapon, it is expected to arrive next month. Here are some of the Lahn skills: 

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As with any new class, there is a leveling up the challenge. If you manage to get your Lahn to level 55 by June 13th you will receive a sizable amount of gold bars, accessory boxes, sharp and hard crystals, and experience scrolls. 

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The new update also introduced not one but TWO attendance calendars, Valks - rewarding "fail stacks" and artisans memories and Loyal - grating you miscellaneous rewards including a free penguin pet!


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