Bless Online: Founders Pack Preview

Bless Online: Founders Pack Preview
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Bless Online is slowly approaching its release date and despite all the controversy surrounding the "not-quite subscription" and other monetization practices, Neowiz launches a trailer promoting their Founders Pack. The 150 euro package contains premium membership time, a bunch of skins, equipment, pets, and premium currency. One of the most important features of this premium edition is two days of head-start allowing people that have purchased it to enter the game two days ahead of the other users, skipping the launch-day mayhem in the starting areas. 


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What does full collectors edition Founders Package contain? 

  • 2-day headstart

  • "The Founder" title and mention in the credits

  • Game Code and one additional gift game code

  • Premium Membership (90 Days) that includes the following:

    • Premium mount skin (Black Wind Caligo)

    • Premium pet skin (Enchanting Loroshi)

    • NPC equipment repair fee reduced by 30%

    • Wyvern fee reduced by 50%

    • Pickaxe

    • Gathering Bag

    • 20% more Hunting experience points

    • Acquires 20% more Dungeon points

    • 20% hunting gold bonus

    • 5 more market slots

    • Market tax reduced by 10%

    • Daily activity point exchange amount increased by 20%

  • 3,800 Lumena (premium currency)

  • Frozen Glacialis costume available exclusively in Founders Pack

  • Glacialis Weapon skin, just like costume it'll be available only in Founders Pack

  • Frosty White Regulus mount skin

  • Frosty Wind Ningo pet sin

  • Twinkling Wing Effect.

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