BLESS Online: Sub plan and new pricing

Bless Online New Pricing
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Last week's Bless Online press event, revealing game pricing, caused quite a panic among the community which reacted allergically to the $40-$200 price spread. Various editions granted its owners a substantial headstart time and premium membership time (which caused quite a stir on its own). Not only prices were blown off the proportion but also indicated early-access premium subscription which ticked gamers off. 

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What happened with Bless Online

Neowiz reacted to the feedback creating a new pricing plan overnight. The most expensive pack is now 149$ and no longer has any "customer service priority" that was included in the previous version. Along with this change, it has been confirmed that there will be no Player-To-Player trading, a cash-shop exclusive item that will keep you from the harm's way in the open world PVP, and most importantly Neowiz promised once again that there will be no additional DLC purchases, instead, the game will have content added every three months beginning with the Assassin class. 


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is this a subscription?

When it comes to the 'subscription' that got many Bless fanes angered, Neowiz claims that it's not a subscription. The premium pack is very similar to what Black Desert Online calls "Value Pack". It will be a 30-day "buff" that will grant its user a premium pet, mount, unlimited pickaxe, more slots on the auction hall, 20% experience/gold/dungeon points boost, lower market tax, and some other benefits. It is not required to play but it sure boosts the players who do significantly. 

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Bless Online will most likely be the biggest launch this year and it seems it's off to a rocky start. What will NeoWiz do about the anxiety growing among their fans? Only time will tell. 

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