Bless Online global release announced!

Bless Online global release
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

The development and publishing of Bless Online have been a bumpy road. Earlier this year, Bless Online, costing around 60.000.000 USD MMORPG has been shut down in Russia, and Aeria Games backed out from publishing it to the west. Since those dramas of early 2017 Bless Online has been forgotten, leaving disappointed fans everywhere. 


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The Bless Online western release saga continues thanks to the guys from Neowiz Games Studio (Korean studio responsible for games like Warlord, Dugout Heroes, S4League, and Black Squad) that announced in July that they will continue the release of Bless Online to the west after something they called "Rebuild Project" of the entire game. Abandoning the current combat system and many other mechanics within and building it from scratch, tearing down a LEGO house to make a LEGO castle. Focusing on making gear more rewarding, repurposing class skills, and ditching/reworking tons of stuff that were dubbed "useless".

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Now it seems that the "Rebuild Project" is over as Bless Online appeared on Steam Market earlier this week with this announcement from Neowiz Games studio: 


Now, you may be asking “A Bless Online community hub on Steam? 
Will this mean Bless Online is coming to Steam? Is it being released globally?”
The answer to both questions are… resounding “Yes!”
We are so glad you are here and are grateful for your support.

Bless Online development team has been busy for the good part of this year.
We’ve taken all of the feedback from our community to make the game better.
Our intention is to return to you when we have the game we are all proud of.
The development team will be working night and day to improve and polish the experience until the launch in 2018.

We will continue to communicate through multiple channels including the community hub to update our progress. 
We plan to give you a heads up on any upcoming events and important dates as soon as possible. 
So, please stay tuned here and also check out our website

Also, you are more than welcomed to join us and share your thoughts and provide your feedback in the discussion forum. We promise to be engaged and listen to you.
Again, welcome, and join us in our adventure together!

Thank you.
Bless Team

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There is nothing else to say really - Bless Online west is coming and it's coming hard! All we have to do now is wait. In the meantime enjoy Steam release video to hype yourself even further.  

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