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Elvenar Buildings
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The gaming world is phenomenal, full of different genres, and thrilling stories to be told. PC's weren't first conceived as a gaming device, but gamers always find the way. The same happened to web browsers and mobile devices - they were primarily meant for communication and sharing information, but nowadays we can find games of all types. Elvenar is a free-to-play strategy game created by InnoGames, a german company that loves creating civilization games. 

InnoGames are the fathers of other thrilling adventures, such as Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars, but with the Elvenar game, they achieved something amazing: an enormous and loyal fan base all over the world looking to build the most delightful and efficient city available in this game. Elvenar is more than just building some constructs and waiting for things to happen. Either if you play as humans or elves, the strategy you apply will be the Elvenar gameplay's pillar. Humans and Elves have similar features, but InnoGames implemented punctual differences depending on the race to make humans and elves chapter different from each other. 

However, there's something fundamental that humans and elves should equally learn about: the buildings in Elvenar. Wikipedia can show us rapidly what a building is, but in this game, the concept is a little different. Buildings are the key to success in Elvenar. You need to know the buildings as much as you can if you genuinely want to have a chance in this acknowledged InnoGames masterpiece. If you feel abandoned, MMOAuctions is here to help you overcome all of the Elvenar challenges that the game presents to you. We will adequately provide you information to carefully build your city, upgrade your abilities, and conquer all provinces!



Learn how to unleash your inner powers

It doesn't matter the race you prefer to be. Humans and Elves both need to improve according to the chapter they are facing. Elvenar buildings are extremely noteworthy to know, but this is not the only aspect you need to have in mind. Nonetheless, in the vast menu of choices that Elvenar has for players, the most appropriate course of action for each gamer is to use the information available to go beyond what they are expected to do.

When InnoGames first started back in 2003, they didn't know if browser-based games were successful. Some years after its foundation, InnoGames has proved that browser-based and mobile games can be as amazing as you can imagine. Let's not waste any more time and let us unite you in your quest to be the most successful player in the world, whether if you play as humans or elves.


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What are Elvenar Buildings

We all know what a building is, but we still don't comprehend the immense importance that buildings have in a civilization game like Elvenar. Each building serves a singular purpose according to the type of building we are talking about. The race you choose will determine the aspect of your city. 

It doesn't mean that one race is better than the other Elvenar race. In the Elvenar world, Elves are magical and fantasy beings, so their cities and buildings are more sophisticated and have a more natural style. On the other hand, humans are very determined and ambitious, so their buildings are more medieval and industrialized. Our city population lives in buildings, but the buildings can be used for much more than that. 

As you might guess, InnoGames are no new guys to this universe. Keep reading the information we have for you to discover how you can use the various buildings at your will to increase the happiness of your humans or elves population.


Types of buildings

The type of building you decide to build will have a specific effect on your city, depending on its class and other factors that we will show to you. Humans' buildings and Elves' buildings are similar. In fact, they share a lot of new and old types of buildings with the same stats and qualities, but the building essence is different from what humans or elves are used to get.

The same thing happens in a chapter. Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, and Chapter V are all different from each other in the game, but very similar when we refer to Elves and Humans temporary lines. Leaving the race aside, these are the different classes of buildings that you need to have in mind to give them good use:


Residence building

This building is meant to bring the population into your city. The more population you have, the more coins you will be able to collect thanks to the taxes imposed on your villagers. The production of these buildings can be done through the main menu of the game.

It's not complicated at all, and human residence buildings and elves residence buildings are very similar. Look up the menu and research as many residential buildings as you can use! Humans and elves both have the Magic Residence building, which provides more coins and more population to your city. If you want to build a new Magic Residence building, be sure to upgrade it every once in a while to use its resources wisely.


These buildings produce the primary resources to construct more buildings. The different Workshops you can use can produce simple tools, bread, beverages, advanced tools, a basket of groceries, or toolbox, depending on the type of Workshop we are talking about.

Military buildings

Humans and Elves both need to defend themselves against the continent's threats, so it's essential to have a military building upgraded to the max level you want. This kind of building represents a constant production of military troops that a player can use to get more firepower. You can build them just by simply using the buildings' main menu. In order to get some of these buildings, you need to complete a specific chapter of the main story. The Research Tree will indicate to you what you need to unlock new Elvenar buildings.

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Manufactories buildings

These buildings are, without a doubt, one of the critical elements of Elvenar. Their goal is to produce Goods, a valuable resource needed for the research of technologies, the production of new buildings, and exploring new provinces. You can find a Manufactory building in the Buildings Menu. Depending on the chapter, they can produce Standard Goods or Sentient Goods, and if you need to upgrade them, be sure to complete as many quests as you can.


Culture buildings 

As we said before, Elvenar is more than just pretty buildings and delightful landscapes. This is proven by the presence of Culture Buildings, a complex structure created to ensure your population's health and productivity. Culture Buildings are an essential part of Elvenar because you will certainly require them to upgrade buildings and other resources. Your city will look more beautiful, and your resources will increase after you unlock a Cultural Building in the Research Tree. Check the Buildings Menu and build one of these marvelous constructs!


The Main Hall

The purpose of The Main Hall is to be the center of your city and your main storage. The architecture behind an Elvenar city is complex, but it's not impossible to master. Every building in your Elvenar city should be connected to the Main Hall by the streets to be functional and increase their building level as much as they can. This building will provide you with storage space for Coins, Goods, and Supplies, so it's essential to upgrade it whenever possible. Humans and Elves have similar Main Halls, so there's no major difference between each race. Either way, remember to build your city as efficiently as you can do it.


The Builder's Hut

No city would be completed if there wasn't anybody to build it, and that's the primary purpose of The Builders' Hult. It is why builders are so important, so if you want to start a construction process, be sure to check what your builders are up to. It will allow you to see how many builders are available to build new edifications. The Builders' Hut can be easily upgraded with your progress, and it's accessible through the Menu. Keep in mind that Humans Builders Hut and Elves Builders Hut are pretty much the same, except for some esthetic changes.


Buildings levels and how to manage them

Like most civilization-based games, Elvenar features a curve of leveling for almost all the buildings that can be upgraded. The building level will determine how efficient it is in the production of supplies, goods, coins, and more. There are many requirements to upgrade a building to the next level, but we will get to that soon enough. The level of the buildings goes from Basic Buildings to Advanced Buildings and, finally, Superior Buildings. Each of these classes needs to be upgraded first before reaching a certain level of power in the game, so let's find out how to do it.



  • Basic Buildings: the main way to get these buildings upgraded is by properly completing quests. The main story quests and the generic quests are necessary to complete your progress through Elvenar. If you don't complete them, you might get stuck with some low-level buildings that won't grant you what you need. Furthermore, Residences, Workshops, and Trading buildings grant you unimaginable advantages when they are progressively upgraded to a new level.
  • Upgrading the Main Hall: you already know how vital the Main Hall is. It's the center of your city, so you need to focus on it as much as you can. When it's upgraded, the Coin and Supply capacity will increase a lot. Besides, the Neighborly Help and the Ranking Points are two of the principal perks that'll get increased. You need to level this building if you genuinely want to make progress in this game.
  • Culture Bonus: it is comprehended that to have Culture Buildings to need to unlock them in the Research Tree, but the important thing about these buildings is the Culture Bonus. This bonus enhances the production rate of all of your buildings, and it goes from level 1 to level 4. From time to time, you need to replace a Cultural Building for a new one to save space in your city, so make sure you know how to proceed when this time arrives.


Selling your buildings

Sometimes, you need to sell your buildings if you want to make space for some other structures. It may also happen if you feel that you are too low on resources, and the only way to get some of them is by selling your buildings. You can always go to the menu and build a new construct, so don't worry about the basic buildings.

But some of the buildings that can be found on Elvenar can not be acquired again, so you need to be careful when you decide to sell a building. If you made your mind and you decided to sell a building, all you need to do is go to the menu, click the $ icon, and complete the sale. The game will show you how many resources, goods, or coins you are getting back for selling that building.



Elvenar has so many things to discover that it is habitual to feel overwhelmed at first. InnoGames produced a masterpiece that can certainly be enjoyed for everyone, but there's a very important thing that a new player must have to advance in the Elvenar story: persistence. Persistence to discover a suitable strategy. Persistence to analyze all the possible outcomes so you can know how to proceed.

Elvenar is not rocket science, and you'll realize that after just a few hours of playing it. MMOAuctions is here to conduct you on this fantastic journey. It doesn't matter if you prefer to play as humans or as elves, all that matters is the effort you put in this InnoGames masterpiece.

Now that you know all of the buildings that can be found in this game, you completed the first step to the path of greatness. The feeling you'll experience when you see your city become the most powerful and gorgeous one on the entire World map is unmatching. Keep it going. We will be here right by your side!



What are the best buildings in Elvenar?

It all depends on how you decide to manage your city. The buildings' menu will show you the pros and cons of each building, and you need to select the one whose production level it's exactly what you are looking for.

How can I upgrade the buildings in Elvenar?

The primary way to achieve this is by completing all of the quests that you can. The principal story quests are mandatory; therefore they will give you enough resources to advance and make your city bigger. It is also good to do quest cycling to increase the goods and supplies you can get.

Is Elvenar free-to-play?

Yes, this game is totally free to play. You can play it on your mobile device or a web browser, and you don't have to pay anything to do it. However, some premium currencies can be bought with real-life money, but if you are patient, you won't need to do that at all.

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