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Elvenar City Builder
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At this point, what can we say about Elvenar that you don't already know?! This game is fantastic, addictive, and very engaging. InnoGames did an outstanding job creating a fantasy world where Humans and Elves can conquer the World Map and create the most beautiful city. Elvenar is essentially a fantasy city builder game where all the player's energy should be invested into creating an efficient way of placing the buildings, streets, and structures to make the citizens happy as a clam in this fantasy world.

There are many things to do in Elvenar. There is a long list of buildings that you can get to know better if you check our previous Elvenar articles. Hundreds of quests for Humans and Elves are waiting to be finished. A new growing economy created by you is waiting to be started, and ferocious battles are waiting for you to win them all in this remarkable Elvenar game. InnoGames GMBH is the company that created this game. Elvenar choose a much more mystical role and ended up being an online fantasy city builder game. Elves and humans are together in the world of Elvenar. Fantasy and magic are two things that you will find in this InnoGames GMBH title.


Habitually, online city builder games have a more traditional focus and settings. The key to Elvenar success is that being a fantasy city builder game, users are allowed to choose between the magical Elves or the powerful Humans. The difference between both races is not so great, but a player may prefer fantasy buildings over industrialized buildings or the other way around. This sense of freedom is mixed with a high level of exploration due to the extensive world map that is waiting to be fully discovered.

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How to build a fantasy Elvenar city properly 

You don't need to have a degree in architecture to build the city of your dreams, but you certainly must know how to manage the buildings and get them to perform exactly what you have in mind. One of the most challenging things about this game is learning how to wisely use the resources and goods in order to manufacture something sensational. It is a fantasy world, but that doesn't mean that there are infinite resources.

We are going to help you create a new fantasy city full of magnificent buildings and thrilling adventures. MMOAuctions will serve as your guide in a stirring adventure, whether you play as Humans or Elves. The world map won't be a worthy rival for you. We are over here to convert you into the best constructor in this fantasy city builder game!


The world map

The first thing you must know before starting this city building game is the World Map. This map will show you who your neighbors are and which are the provinces you need to conquer. Gathering resources is one of the pillars of Elvenar, so this is a must-do for every player. It is easy to lose track of time in this magic online world full of creatures and interesting people that forms an active community that will welcome you and offers you real love and open support. Boost your experience by having fun connecting with people you like and exploring the features and tools that Elvenar has for you! Don't hesitate to explore the map as much as you want. You might get surprised by the amazing things you can find. If you need any help, be sure to check out the menu. New players may get stuck at first, but soon enough, they will be building their city.



The main thing that you can do in the World Map is to scout provinces so you can unlock more parts of the world. Elvenar is a city building game, but it also encourages its players to explore as much as possible. Scouting provinces cost coins, so it is crucial that your city already has some residential buildings to collect the coins in the form of taxes. Some provinces are very far away from your city. Some others are closer to you.

The farther the province is, the more time it'll take you to conquer it. However, your ranking will highly go up while you discover new provinces, so be sure to do it once in a while with the help of the main game menu. Building a relationship with your neighbors is also very important because they can provide you with some useful goods that you definitely need.



The streets are the only way to connect your buildings to the Main Hall, the most important building in your city. Let's admit it: it's very tricky to place the streets when our city's space always seems to be small. You may sense that it is impossible to place the buildings in a way that it's efficient and gorgeous at the same time. Buildings are incredibly important, and you must read the Elvenar Buildings article we composed so you can comprehend what every building does for you.

The best thing about the streets is that they don't require any population to build them. The streets can be improved by researching technologies in the Research Tree, resulting in higher mobility for your buildings and an increase in culture points.


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Every building occupies a building size, and you already know that when you start your city, this is quite small. It is evident that your objective is to expand your city as much as you can, but the development of your buildings will take some time. If you ask or wonder, how can I acquire more Elvenar knowledge? All we can say is that the best way to do this is yo play the game and fit well with the mechanics. You'll see an increase in your abilities and realize that there nothing impossible to achieve when we talk about dominating the right strategy. Play it, it will take you only five minutes to download whether if you do it in English or Spanish language. The only way to enlarge your building area is by using expansions. The expansions will add a new 5x5 square space in your city. This will help to improve your game experience by allowing you to have more Elvenar buildings.



As the architect of magical humans or elves city, you need to constantly upgrade the buildings to gain new resources and expand through the chapters. Elvenar has a fantastic main story divided into lots of chapters to enjoy. This enjoyment can be improved if you have enough culture bonus to upgrade your buildings.

Culture exists to ensure your population's happiness, healthiness, and productiveness. It means that the Culture will enhance the production of resources on each building, leveling them up as quickly as possible. To increase your available Culture, be sure to build some Culture Buildings.


Space optimization

It is the most important part of the article, so pay attention. Your space never seems to be enough, so the best course of action is to learn how to use the space wisely. Sadly, you won't experience a significant increase in your city space as you advance through it. Obviously, space does increase, but you now have so many buildings that you don't sense any significant changes. It is why we gathered some advice to help you overcome these challenges.



  • Never feel too comfortable with your layout: there will always be a more effective building than the one you already have. The point is to continuously increase your city's efficiency, not getting stuck with a single layout. Don't be scared to experience new ways to improve your Elvenar City.
  • Keep the roads number low: the roads don't require much space, but if you place them without thinking much, they may mess up with your building space. Don't use roads if you don't have to do it, always think that you have less space than you do. Your large buildings need to be placed in corners or ends of roads, mostly if the size the building occupies is more than 5x4.
  • Use Culture wisely: without the Culture, you wouldn't be able to upgrade your buildings. This resource is hard to get; therefore, you must know when to employ it. The best way to accomplish this is by planning ahead of the city you want to have. Your roads need to be upgraded if you want them to be more efficient, but this may result in an overuse of your Culture.
  • Place your expansions with hesitation: keep in mind that once you place an extension, this can't be moved. Elvenar is a game where you need to think in all the possibles outcomes before proceeding. It is good to keep your city square. It will help you improve the efficient use of space and prevent you from leaving small strips that can't be used.



Elvenar has proven one more time how civilization-based games should be done. A magical twist of fantasy blended with the exciting formula of this masterpiece makes Elvenar one of the most splendid browser-based games out there.

The fact that you can play this jewel in almost any mobile device makes it even more amazing. It is obvious that the development of each city should be based on what the player desires to achieve. Working with a goal in your mind will grant you access to everything you desire to conquer in the mystical world of Elvenar. MMOAuctions is here to escort you, but the last word will always be yours! 



What are the best buildings for my Elvenar city?

This will depend on the race you use to play and on what you want to achieve. But usually, the military buildings and cultural buildings have a bigger degree of importance. Be sure to check out our Elvenar Buildings guide!

How do I get more Culture in Elvenar?

You get Culture from Cultural Buildings and from Advanced Street Types. It's a cycle - the more Cultural Buildings you have, the more your Culture will increase. Ancient Wonders are also useful to increase your Culture.

How much does it cost to play Elvenar?

Elvenar is a free-to-play game, so you don't need to spend any money to play it. You can do it on a web browser or on a mobile device.

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