Elvenar quests - all you need to know to complete every chapter!

Elvenar quests
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Real-time strategy games always push our brains to the limit. It is brilliant because it permits us to experience a whole different gaming universe than the one shooting or action game provides us. Elvenar is an incredible MMO RTS game created by Innogames GMBH, a company well known for developing fantastic civilization games such as Forge of Empires and Grepolis.

Unlike these previously mentioned games, Elvenar has a much more fantasy approach, introducing the player to a whole new magical world filled with incredible quests, amazing landscapes worth taking photos, images or portraying them, and engaging gameplay.

Innogames GMBH performed an outstanding job creating this game. It represents a big chapter on the company trajectory because Elvenar can be played in almost any browser or mobile device. It makes it a game available for everyone, constantly inviting the users to share information to improve the player experience. This means that Innogames or Elvenar is always there intended to help new gamers to discover the quests and adventures that the mysterious lore expresses to the world.


A new Elvenar chapter is about to begin

The ultimate goal in Elvenar is to build the most precious and efficient city of all the continent. It won't be easy - a player needs to know how to use the resources, the Elvenar buildings, and the gems of knowledge. Elvenar, in any way, intends to block the sense of the progression of each player.

As a matter of fact, Innogames or Elvenar always share information to improve the player performance, meaning that they are always intended to help users with any problem they may have faced. MMOAuctions is an unofficial fansite to help out all users to complete a chapter or the quests that can be found in this Innogames GMBH game. We want to share information to improve the player experience when going through the ruthless and beautiful moorlands.

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What are Elvenar quests?

The secrets that the World Map has for you won't be discovered in just one day. It means that Elvenar might feel a little slow in the beginning, but it is normal. Patience is well-rewarded in this game, and at the very beginning, you'll need to have tons of it. The main story of Elvenar is terrific, and you can perceive that from the first chapter. Each chapter is different, and it's filled with unique things. 

Many strategies and civilization games have floppy main story quests, but in the case of Elvenar, you can play as powerful humans or magical elves, which means that the world will advance accordingly to how you decide to play. The quests are the principal way that Innogames or Elvenar have to present the users with an incredible setting full of new secrets that are waiting to be unraveled. 

There are some in-game goods, like gems of knowledge, that are intended to help improve the player experience. Some of the goods can be purchased in the Elvenar Shop, whether in the Elvenar US server or the Spanish server looking for quests. Either way, keep in mind to complete each chapter of the game according to the abilities you have at the moment. 

Main story quests

It is impossible to properly play Elvenar without completing the main story quests. This is mandatory for every new player because these quests are a significant source of goods, coins, gems of knowledge, and much more. You should never overlook the main quests, mostly if we are talking about a chapter that contains an important piece of the Elvenar history.

A good tip is to share information to improve the overall experience with other players. In the unofficial fansite, some articles are intended to help as many new gamers as they can, but you can also find information on this site about everything you need.

The story quests are essentials, and they can only be completed in order. You can't repeat a chapter, and you can't skip quests, therefore remember to really focus when going through main story quests. The decisions you make in the storyline will heavily impact the course of the chapter; this is why it is indispensable to gather the gems of knowledge and all the resources you can before proceeding. 

The main quests are divided into Human Quests and Elves Quests. There are from 30 to 50 or more quests per chapter, and there are five different chapters from each race. Remember that completing them is mandatory if you genuinely want to prevail in this world.

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Generic quests

We already said that the main quests can not be skipped. Well, generic quests can be declined, but that doesn't mean you should do it. The good thing is that they can repeat in a cycle any time, and there is not a chapter with higher priority than the other, so they are fully optional.

Elvenar, in any way, is a game to skip the quests, but if you feel like you have enough gems of knowledge or goods, you can easily pass from doing the generic quests. Just like the main quests, each chapter of the generic quests is very different from each other.

Cycling through generic quests

It is the action of looping quests, meaning that you do as many generic quests as you can to get extra rewards. There's no problem with doing this. In fact, we already mentioned that Elvenar, in any way, is a game made to block your progress, so if you are familiar enough with your quest cycle, make sure to use this knowledge to your advantage and gain extra supplies, coins, and more goods if you need them.

Of course, you need to use your time as wisely as possible. It means that you can't spend hours doing one particular quest and lose focus on more important things. You have a city that needs to be constantly checked, using workshops is a must-do and never decline a new quest; it's all about finding the right balance between completing a quest and focusing on your city.

Elvenar event quests

The events are quests that happen every once in a while, according to the season of the year. They appear from time to time and are meant to provide the players with fun missions and unique rewards.


You can find more information on this site or on the unofficial fansite. There are production quests, magic academy quests, map quests, building quests, and more, all of them focused on offering a specific reward according to the ongoing event. These are three of our favorite Elvenar events of all time:

  • Elvarian Carnival: it began on January 21, 2020, and ended in February of the same year. The chances that this event comes back every year are high, so if you missed it, don't worry about it. The Elvarian Carnival allowed users to earn candies to spend on the upgrade of certain buildings. They could also be invested in chests for a chance of winning better prizes.
  • Gathering of the Phoenix: this event was available from March 5 to March 29, 2020. It allowed players to collect "Sky Essence" by completing quests or clicking through the city. The Sky Essence could also be invested in chests, and players now have access to new buildings such as the Phoenix Sculptor, the Phoenix Painter, or the Lava Egg.
  • Elvenar Steel Tournament: This is not an event per se, but the Steel Tournaments are a fantastic way to enjoy Elvenar in any way you can. Before going to a tournament, be sure to prepare yourself by providing enough goods to your units. You can participate as an elf or as a human, and you'll be facing powerful enemies such as the Thornrose Mage, the Thief, or the Orc Warrior. You can also auto-fight, but if you read the information on this site or any other webpage, you'll realize that auto-fight is not a good option.

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If you do a short research, you can guide yourself to start a new event when it takes place. Check out the official Elvenar page and click on the events. Be ready to unlock a whole new experience! The developers are used to showing the events on some lists where they explain which quests were already done and which will be the next ones. If you are used to following these events, take a look at all the special things that they have for you!


Elvenar has so many things to offer that we can't concentrate on just one thing. It is clear now that Elvenar quests are the fundamental pillar of this amazing strategy game, but we need to go deeper - our tactics, buildings, troops, and personality define the essence of our city. 

Goods are necessary, and you mostly get them by undertaking quests. That's true, but we enthusiastically encourage you to go beyond the information on this site and discover all that Elvenar has for you. After all, we are just an unofficial fansite, but you can be sure MMOAuctions is here to enhance your Elvenar experience as much as we can. Be sure to properly check all of the other Elvenar guides we have for you!


How can I play Elvenar?

You can either play Elvenar on your Android or iOs phone or in a PC web browser. It's easy, quick, and enjoyable.

Can I skip Elvenar quests?

You can skip the Generic Quests if you want, but you can't skip the Main Quests. Either way, you shouldn't skip any of them; the reward a quest gives you is amazing.

What's the hardest Elvenar quest?

The hardest quests are the ones you need to face in Chapter 5 of the main story. Be prepared, or you'll fail.

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