Elvenar Upgrades - the throne of the highest level is waiting for you!

Elvenar Upgrades
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If you are into civilization games, you'll love Elvenar. This brilliant game was produced by InnoGames, a German company that has mastered the fine art of developing civilization games. InnoGames also have other masterpieces in this genre, such as Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars, but there's something magical about Elvenar that can be found in any other game out there.

Elvenar can be played both in web browsers and mobile devices. InnoGames did an outstanding job developing the mobile and web versions of the game, so you shouldn't have any problem playing Elvenar from wherever you are. You can choose to play as Humans or Elves with the goal of constructing a new city full of unique adventures and a happy population that aims to upgrade their productivity as much as they can.

Just like in every civilization game, buildings are an extremely substantial part of Elvenar's development. It's more than just building some constructs over there and over here. It's all about strategy. The size of your city needs to be used wisely if you genuinely want to upgrade your game experience. We know how important it is to get the proper information to overcome all the challenges that this InnoGames project has for you. This is why we, MMOAuctions, are committed to composing high-quality articles with the right information you need to upgrade your city to the highest level of production. 


Upgrade your Elvenar experience in the blink of an eye

We have already created some valuable articles that you must check out before receiving this new information. The Elvenar Buildings and Elvenar City Builder articles are incredibly helpful to complete your quest in this Humans and Elves world correctly. Search through our news section to obtain more information about this InnoGames game or any other game.

The adrenaline burst that this strategy game gives you when you accomplish something uncanny and behold your city increases its levels is phenomenal. When you jump in the story of this magnificent game, you'll encounter magic races such as orcs and the Amuni. Your duty as a human or an elf will be to always turn the table in your favor. We unreservedly recommend you to always search for new ways to get better and get a higher level. Mainly because there's a fact about Elvenar that you need to know: you can upgrade almost everything.

It is not only adequate to upgrade your buildings and structures; it's necessary. The level you have will influence the quests and chapters you take in this game. You can gradually see how your city is going from a small village to a big Elves or Humans metropolis if you are focused enough on it. You'll see your workshop grow while you enjoy the events that the developers have for you. The Elvenar Upgrades are not easy to achieve, but if it were, then this wouldn't be an InnoGames production.

Buildings are not the only ones prone to get upgrades. Everything is - military units, streets, tools, and more. But to upgrade your buildings to increase the goods production, you must follow some steps that can take you to the following level of greatness. You might see that the Humans buildings and the Elves buildings are different from each other, but the truth is that they are not. The population of the Elves and Humans cities will act the game way. The production can be carried out if you play as Humans or Elves, and the search for new provinces is similar to each race.

Let's go into a new adventure! We will join you in your pursuit of excellence. Your new city will be the greatest of them all, and your population will see you as the true Elves or Humans king of the realm.

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Boosted Goods

If we are going to talk about upgrades, we must first understand how the upgrade of the goods works. Elves and Humans both need goods to enhance their city the best they can. The main difference between Humans and Elves are the esthetic of the buildings. Humans are more industrialized. Elves are more magical creatures. So when you first start playing, made your decision based upon this. The upgrade process will be pretty much the same, the buildings will still require a lot of attention, and the information on this guide will be useful both for Humans and Elves.

But there's something unique about Boosted Goods that nobody can see beforehand - each player has a different and random type of goods with a production boost. This happens based on whether if you are playing as Humans or Elves, the location of your city, the buildings you have decided to start with, and more. InnoGames implemented this strategy so Elvenar players could use it in their favor. Let's see how it works.

Identify what kind of boosted good InnoGames gave you

Well, this company doesn't directly assign the type of boost, but you get the idea. To see this, you must analyze the provinces around you to see the relics you got. If a player last edited the world map, he will be able to see which resources are available in a particular zone.

You can also go to the information menu and check the highlighted goods. The level of the goods will increase alongside the level of your buildings. Either way, it is much better to upgrade them according to the rhythm you have in the game. Never lose a building level or a good level out of sight. That's an Elvenar sin.

Let's understand how this works

First of all, you' unlock your first production boost. The research tree will show you exactly what good will it be. The size of your city always seems to be small. You need to play ahead to use the size correctly, but this doesn't mean that you need to spend hours analyzing if a building has the perfect size to be placed.

The boost provides a substantial increase in the number of resources you get so you can level up your buildings and all of the other constructs, but this boost can be even greater if you use relics. The boost percentage is fueled by relics, meaning that this strategy is almost mandatory to upgrade and enhance your experience.

You don't need all Elvenar manufactory types!

As we said before, the size of your village needs to be treated like its gold. It is better to have the exact number of buildings that you need instead of a lot of buildings taking a lot of your precious space. Do you need other types of goods? Trade them! There's no need to sacrifice the happiness of your population. Sell the buildings that you don't need. You won't regret it at all.

This advice goes for both Humans and Elves because the production boost works similarly for all the races. It is proven that producing all goods. It's a lot less efficient than producing only boosted goods. However, be sure to check the level of your manufactories buildings before removing them. The level is crucial and will determine if it's better to keep it or get rid of it.

Are you still not convinced? Reasons to produce (or not to) boosted goods

Maybe you like the variety of manufactories buildings, and you don't want to sell them. Perhaps you think you can handle the size of your city by using expansions and forgetting about new tools. The truth is that to upgrade your city, you'll need goods with appropriate levels, but if you believe that you are good enough trading resources, then you maybe don't need to use relics to power up your level. Besides, if you want a hint, we can say to you that a military unit can be bigger and have better features if they are upgraded with boosted goods. Either way, it is undeniable that there's no better way to level up your city and manage its size than by using boosted goods. Humans and Elves should both use it! Their population will appreciate it.

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Building Levels

The upgrades of the buildings highly depend on the level of effort that the players put in them. Some buildings reach higher levels first than others, increasing their population and, therefore, the resources they provide. Elvenar has many possible outcomes, so each new player should analyze them before proceeding. Either way, it is explicit that the upgrades are essential to make progress in Elvenar, not caring about the levels of your buildings might have some terrible repercussions on your population.

The buildings can go from level 1 to level 37. There are Basic Buildings, Advanced Buildings, and Superior Buildings, each one of them needs research to upgrade to the next type of building. Usually, new buildings also require more space, so keep that in mind before deciding to improve it. You can also sell these buildings no matter what the level is, gaining Elvenar resources directly for sale.

The level of the Main Hall

Elvenar has some buildings that are more important than others. This is the case of the Main Hall, a building that serves as the center of our city. The Main Hall is more than just a regular structure, you should heavily focus on it to get what you want.

You get this building since you are a new player, so don't worry about grinding, there are no requirements to get this building. Either way, search for a good spot to place it because you won't be able to sell it after it's already in place. When you upgrade your Main Hall, it will increase the number of supplies and coins you can store.

It will also increase the value of your reward when you offer Neighborly Help to other users in the World Map. You should never take the level of this building for granted. There's always an improvement to do so you can keep your population happy.

Upgrade System

The upgrade system is presumably the most crucial part in all of the Elvenar mechanics. In Elvenar, you can upgrade almost everything! This doesn't mean that you should habitually use the upgrade feature, but this will depend on your game style. If you upgrade the building level, you won't have to replace or remove the current ones.

This means if you get an existing building to a higher level, this new building will probably be more effective for your population than possessing two of the same building. When you upgrade the level of a building, it changes in appearance and improves its functionality. Be sure to always look for new technologies so you can build new structures. This is pleasant for your population - the best your buildings are, the happier your population will be, just like in real life.


Requirements and costs

To upgrade a building, it's necessary to spend coins and supplies. Some structures even require goods to get an upgrade. Elvenar is all about optimizing your resources and thinking ahead of every decision. Some good will be produced if you click and check enough time per day, but this won't always be this way. If you first started using the main street as a construction place without considering the sizes of the subsequent buildings, this might be harmful both for the image of your city and for your progress in the game. Thus it is vital to consider before doing anything related to the upgrade of a building.

It is mostly because most buildings increase their size right after they get an upgrade, meaning that the greater the level, the more extensive space the building takes in your (always) short-sized city. Your population requires space to be happy, but they also need upgraded buildings to be more productive. It might sound hard, but it's all about finding the balance.

What else can be upgraded?

Elvenar is not just about building. You also need to fight to maintain the order of your lands. The level of your units can also be increased as you move forward through the game. The units will increase their ability level, defense level, and attack level, meaning that you will win more fights and conquer more lands.

To train these units, the level of the armories should be higher, and this can only be achieved by investing resources into them. Upgrading residence buildings, workshops, streets, and culture buildings represent the everyday task you are required to accomplish in Elvenar to build the city with the highest level of the continent.


Elvenar constantly forces its players to achieve the subsequent level of accomplishment. We should never stay in a comfort zone, and this is highly explicit in Elvenar. The moment when a player last edited his city, he will never feel like it's over. There's perpetually something new to do, a new level to achieve, and unknown adventures waiting to be completed.

This doesn't mean that Elvenar is impossible to master or to complete. This just means that the level of satisfaction that this game can provide it's unmatched. The amount of fun that you experience when starting a new chapter will take you on a sensational journey that may lose track of time. No other game out there is as incredible as this InnoGames masterpiece. If you liked this article be sure to follow us! We publish new game articles every week, so come back to our page and discover a whole new world of gaming guides.


What is the higher building level in Elvenar?

It depends on the building. Some go to level 20, but most of the buildings can be upgraded to level 37.

How do I earn more culture in Elvenar?

Inevitably, you need culture to increase the level of your buildings. Upgrade your cultural buildings, obtain more neighborly help, or use ensorcelled endowment enchantments.

What else can I upgrade in this game?

You can increase the level of almost anything from residences to workshops, military units, and so long.

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