ESO enchanting guide - all there is to know about runes and glyphs!

ESO enchanting guide
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ESO Enchanting Guide

Enchanting is one of the seven crafting professions in ESO. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s the most unique of them all. We have the four equipment crafting professions (blacksmithing, clothing, jewelry crafting, and woodworking) that are quite similar to each other, they use different materials and create different types of items, but the core mechanics are identical. Then there’s alchemy and provisioning, the standard consumables crafting professions. Finally, enchanting produces glyphs. Technically they are consumables too, but the way they work and the whole crafting process significantly differ from the rest. Let's get into ESO Enchanting Guide.


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At the beginning it’s a good idea to understand what exactly are runes and Glyphs and what to do with them. We will also talk about the different kinds of them and which runes you should combine to get the exact Glyph that you want. Let's learn how to create Glyphs and fill out a full inventory with them!


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Glyphs in ESO

Glyphs are used to enchant pieces of equipment with special effects and passive bonuses. They are permanent, but can be overwritten with another glyph. There are separate kinds of them for armor, weapons and jewelry sets. Using a crafted Glyph enchantment can further empower even your top level gear. Different builds synergize with different combinations of them.


Armor Glyphs

eso glyph Glyph of Health – increases max health

eso glyph Glyph of Magicka – increases max magicka

eso glyph Glyph of Stamina – increases max stamina

eso glyph Glyph of Prismatic Defense – increases health, magicka and stamina


Weapon Glyphs

eso glyph Glyph of Absorb Health – deals extra magic damage and lets you gain health on attack

 eso glyph Glyph of Absorb Magicka – deals extra magic damage and gains magicka

eso glyph absorb Glyph of Absorb Stamina – deals extra physical damage and gains stamina

eso glyph Glyph of Crushing – reduces target’s armor for five seconds

eso glyph Glyph of Decrease Healh –deals extra unresistable damage

eso glyph Glyph of Flame – deals extra fire damage

eso glyph foulness Glyph of Foulness – deals extra disease damage

eso glyph frost Glyph of Frost – deals extra frost damage

eso glyph hardening Glyph of Hardening – grants a damage shield for five seconds

eso glyph poison Glyph of Poison – deals extra poison damage

glyph eso Glyph of Prismatic Onslaught – deals extra magic damage to Undead and Daedra

eso glyph shock Glyph of Shock – deals extra shock damage

eso glyph Glyph of Weakening – reduces target’s damage for five seconds

glyph weapon Glyph of Weapon Damage – increases your damage for five seconds


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Jewelry Glyphs

eso glyph bashing Glyph of Bashing – grants extra Bash damage

eso glyph Glyph of Decrease Physical Harm – grants extra armor

eso glyph Glyph of Decrease Spell Harm – grants extra spell resistance

eso glyph disease Glyph of Disease Resist – grants extra disease resistance

eso glyph flame Glyph of Flame Resist – grants extra fire resistance

eso glyph frost  Glyph of Frost Resist – grants extra frost resistance

eso glyph Glyph of Health Recovery – increases health regeneration

eso glyph Glyph of Increase Physical Harm – grants extra weapon damage

eso glyph Glyph of Increase Magical Harm – grants extra spell damage

eso glyph Glyph of Magicka Recovery – increases magicka recovery

eso glyph poison Glyph of Poison Resist – grants extra poison resistance

eso glyph Glyph of Potion Boost – increase efficiency of potions

eso glyph Glyph of Potion Speed – decrease the cooldown of potions

eso glyph Glyph of Reduce Feat Cost – reduce stamina cost of abilities

eso glyph Glyph of Reduce Spell Cost – reduce magicka cost of spells

eso glyph shielding Glyph of Shielding – reduce cost of bashing and blocking

eso glyph shock Glyph of Shock Resist – grants extra shock resistance

eso glyph Glyph of Stamina Recovery – increases stamina recovery


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To craft a Glyph, you’re going to need a runestone. They are divided into three main categories: Essence Runes, Potency runes and Aspect Runes. Every Glyph consists of three runes.

Potency Runes

Potency runes define two things. Firstly, they are divided into additive and subtractive which decides the exact bonus of the created Glyphs. Often (but not always) it’s the difference between granting extra damage of a certain type and providing resistance for that damage.


The second thing they determine is in their name. Potency rune stones are responsible for the strength of an effect. You obviously want to get the correct type of Glyph, but you also want it to be as powerful as possible.


We’re not going to list them all here, just remember that the ones that end with the suffix “-ra” are additive potency runes and the ones ending with “-de” are subtractive potency runes. The only exception to that rule is Porade – an inferior additive rune.


Essence Runes

They determine what kind of effects the Glyph will carry. For example, Dekeipa rune is connected to frost. Then combining with a proper Potency Rune (additive or subtractive) will decide whether it will create a Glyph of Frost or a Glyph of Frost Resist.


These are all the stats that can be influenced by Glyphs, with the Essence Runes assigned to them.


Essence Rune

Additive effect

Subtractive effect


eso dekeipa Dekeipa


Weapon Glyph

Frost Resist

Jewelry Glyph


eso deni Deni


Armor Glyph

Absorb Stamina

Weapon Glyph


eso denima Denima

Stamina Recovery

Jewelry Glyph

Reduce Feat Cost

Jewelry Glyph


eso runes Deteri


Weapon Glyph


Weapon Glyph


eso hakeijo Hakeijo

Prismatic Defence

Armor Glyph


Weapon Glyph


eso haoko Haoko


Weapon Glyph

Disease Resist

Jewelry Glyph


eso runes Kaderi


Jewelry Glyph


Jewelry Glyph


eso kuoko Kuoko


Weapon Glyph

Poison Resist

Jewelry Glyph


eso runes Makderi

Increase Magical Harm   

Jewelry Glyph

Decrease Spell Harm  

Jewelry Glyph


eso makko Makko


Armor Glyph

Absorb Magicka

Weapon Glyph


eso makkoma Makkoma   

Magicka Recovery

Jewelry Glyph

Reduce Spell Cost

Jewelry Glyph


eso meip Meip


Weapon Glyph

Shock Resist 

Jewelry Glyph


eso oko Oko


Armor Glyph

Absorb Health

Weapon Glyph


eso okoma Okoma

Health Recovery

Jewelry Glyph

Decrease Health

Weapon Glyph


eso okori Okori

Weapon Damage

Weapon Glyph


Weapon Glyph


eso oru Oru

Potion Boost

Jewelry Glyph

Potion Speed

Jewelry Glyph


eso rekeipa Rekeipa


Weapon Glyph

Flame Resist

Jewelry Glyph


eso taderi Taderi

Increase Physical Harm

Jewelry Glyph

Decrease Physical Harm  

Jewelry Glyph


All of the professions can feel a little bit too grindy. Consider buying ESO Gold to speed up your Enchanting and get to the endgame faster!

Aspect Runes

Aspect runes determine the quality of your Glyphs. Every Aspect Rune belongs to one of the five tiers that are color coded.


eso runes Ta – base, white runes

eso runes Jejota – fine, green runes

eso runes Denata – superior, blue runes

eso runes Rekuta – artifact, purple runes

ESO enchanting Kuta rune Kuta – legendary, gold runes


Remember that it’s not really worth it to use the Kuta runes while you’re still leveling. You should either save them for your endgame CP160 items or sell them and use the gold for something that will be more useful in the early levels.


ESO Enchanting skill line progression

Another unique aspect of enchanting is the fact that you won’t need to invest in the Keen Eye skill. All Runes glow anyway, so they are really easy to notice and you shouldn’t be able to miss them. There are three crucial and one optional skill for the Enchanters.


eso aspect extraction Aspect Extraction – it increases the chance of getting runestones while deconstructing Glyphs. It will provide you with more components for your Glyph crafting. If you get more of them, then it’s a big chance that you’ll get the ones you need faster.


eso potency Potency Improvement – it enables you to use stronger Potency Runes that will be usable on a higher level item, while you’re crafting Glyphs. You need to put points in it as you level up and get stronger gear.


eso aspect Aspect Improvement – every skill point spent on it unlocks a new tier of Aspect Runes in your crafting. Level it up to use Denata, Rekuta and Kuta Runes.


eso hireling Hireling - this one is not obligatory, but you might think about investing some points into it. Hireling will gather some runestones while you’re offline. Extra influx of components is of course useful, but not necessary.


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Best ways of leveling enchanting

There are a few things to keep in mind while trying to level enchanting. In general you’re going to deconstruct and craft Glyphs to get Inspiration Points. Remember to complete the Crafting Writs too, they are really simple and can help out a lot.


The first time u use a certain rune while crafting, you perform a rune translation. It grants you a special inspiration bonus that scales with your current enchanting level. It’s the reason why it’s a good idea to wait with some unnecessary rune translations until you get level 40. This way you will optimize the inspiration gains.


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Crafting Glyphs provides less Inspiration Points than deconstructing them, so you probably should only craft the ones you or your friends will use. Remember to never deconstruct the Glyphs you created, because it will significantly diminish the inspiration gains.


You can also increase your Inspiration Points influx by 20%, by spending 30 Champion Points in The Tower and by 10% by subscribing to ESO+.


That should do it for an Elder Scrolls Online enchanting guide. Go to Tamriel, collect runestones and craft all the Glyphs you want.


Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the top MMORPGs. It’s developed by ZeniMax Studios. The players can choose out of five playable classes: Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, Templar and Warden and travel through Tamriel to finally defeat the cruel Molag Bal. Every couple of months ZeniMax releases a new DLC with tons of additional content. 


While creating a character, every player has to choose not only the class, but also one of the three major factions: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant or Ebonheart Pact.


In this game, players can run around the map, seeing the various locations that Tamriel has to offer and collect Skyshards. Clear Dungeons and master various skills on their characters, throught the Skiil Points and Champion Points system, that require tons of experience to get maxed out. They can also get higher Alliance Rank in PvP modes. At level 50, players achieve the Veteran Rank but it's just the beginning of the long progression. 


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