ESO Jewelry Crafting - A full step-by-step guide for Jewelery crafting!

ESO Jewelry Crafting Guide
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Summerset, the new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online apart from the new landmass introduces a new crafting profession: jewelry crafting. This profession is a little bit harder to level up and use but is also very rewarding since being able to craft set accessory pieces unlocks a whole new level of depth when tinkering with sets for your character. 


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how to learn jewelcrafting?

To gain access to the profession you must have Summerset expansion purchased. You will, however, be able to harvest jewelry resource nodes and purchase crafted jewelry from guild market the limitation being that you won't be able to craft, upgrade and change traits of your rings and necklaces. 


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This new profession allows you to craft jewellery pieces for all existing sets, change their traits, upgrade the quality and research six new traits unavailable before. All across Tamriel, you will find a new type of a harvest node called "seams" spawning in place of metal nodes on rare occasion, those nodes will yield a new raw material, "dust" which can then be transformed into new crafting material called "ounce". Materials, scale up with proper trait just like any other crafting profession and go as follows: 


  • Pewter – Levels 1-25

  • Copper – Levels 26-50

  • Silver – Champion Level 10-60

  • Electrum – Champion Level 70-140

  • Platinum – Champion Level 150-160.


new traits for researching

There are new traits to be researched (pre-Summerset accessories only had 3 traits available: arcane, healthy and robust). 

 ESO Power Leveling


    • ARCANE

      • Increases Max Magicka.

      • Necklaces and rings with the Arcane Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

      • Trait Material: Cobalt.

      • Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


      • Increases Max Health.

      • Necklaces and rings with the Healthy Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

      • Trait Material: Antimony.

      • Acquired by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.

    • ROBUST

      • Increases Max Stamina.

      • Necklaces and rings with the Robust Trait drop randomly all over Tamriel.

      • Trait Material: Zinc.

      • Acquired either by refining Jewelry Crafting base materials.


      • Increases Physical and Spell Resistance

      • Jewellery in the Protective Trait can now be obtained by completing the Summerset main quest and Psijic Order quest lines. A Ring is obtained for completing Summerset’s main quest, while a Necklace is obtained for completing the full Psijic Order quest line.)

      • Trait Material: Titanium.

      • The trait item, Titanium, can be found rarely in precious metal seams all over Tamriel, but are found more often in seams found on Summerset.

    • TRIUNE

      • Increases Health, Stamina, & Magicka

      • Jewellery in the Triune Trait can now be also found in Gladiator’s Rucksacks, obtained from Conquest Board dailies in Cyrodiil.

      • Trait Material: Dawn-Prism.

      • The trait item, Dawn-Prism, can be purchased from War Researchers in Cyrodiil for 100,000 AP per unit.

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    • Increases Enchantment Effectiveness

    • Acquired from Psijic Portals, with a rare chance for a refined form. Note that Psijic Portals only appear if you have the new Psijic Order Skill Line.

    • Trait Material: Aurbic Amber.

    • In order to create Aurbic Amber, you must refine 10 pieces of the material in its pulverized (raw) form.


    • Increases Movement Speed

    • You can obtain a Swift Ring or Necklace by completing your daily Jewelry Crafting Writs.

    • Trait Material: Gilding Wax.

    • Gilding Wax can be purchased from Master Writ Merchants for Writ Vouchers.


    • Increases Synergy Effectiveness

    • Jewellery in the Harmony trait can be found rarely in the Undaunted Reward chests located in the Undaunted camps near alliance capitals.

    • Trait Material: Dibellium.

    • The trait item, Dibellium, can be found in Daily Dungeon LFG reward system mails.


    • Increases Damage against low-health foes

    • Jewellery in the Bloodthirsty Trait can now be found rarely in the weekly quest reward boxes of Trials.

    • Trait Material: Slaughterstone.

    • The trait item, Slaughterstone, will be found in those same reward boxes the rest of the time.


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how to get materials for crafting jewelry in ESO?

Getting upgrade materials for jewellery crafting is way ten times harder when compared to other types of craft. When refining raw wood into a crafting material, for example, you have a random chance of obtaining one of the four upgrade materials, in case of jewelry crafting whenever you refine dust into ounce you have a chance of obtaining a grain of random upgrade material and 10 grains can be turned into a single bar which is the proper material used for upgrading your accessories.



You can gain jewellery crafting materials (and trait-research pieces) by performing crafting writs. To become eligible, you have to visit Felarian outside the crafting district of Alinor (capital of Summerset). Once certified you can pick up a Jewelry Crafting Writs from Equipment Crafting Writ Boards. Jewellery crafting stations have also been made available at Faustina Curio and require 125 Vouchers (along with "Jewelry Crafter" achievement) for the standard table and 250 for attunable one. 


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