EvE Online Corporations - Before you create a corp

EvE Online Corporations
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Corporations are the lifeblood of EvE Online. EvE Online corporation at first resembles something, other MMO titles, would call a guild but that doesn’t scratch the surface of what corporation actually is. In this article we will focus on basics of creating, recruiting, and managing an organization in EvE Online.

Table of contents

    • Before you create an EVE Online Corporation
    • Corporation Skills
    • Corporation Creation


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Before you create an EVE Online Corporation

Creating a corporation is a big decision and a successful corporation needs a lot of micro and micro management. Leading an active, driven, EvE Online corporation is sometimes a full-time job that requires dedication as well as… skills.


There are no account restrictions when it comes to starting a corp but you need to meet certain requirements. First of all your character needs Corporation Management level 1 skill and have 1,6mil ISK to spend. Secondly, you need to be docked at an NPC station which will serve as corporation HQ. If you have just left another player-run corporation you will need to wait 24 hours before creating one of your own (but only if you had any roles assigned to you).


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There are four skills related to managing a corporation. If a CEO of the corp wants to upgrade the number of allowed players, after leveling up appropriate skill he then has to open up corp management UI and press “Update With My Skills” option.


Corporation Skills:

      • Corporation Management: each level increases the maximum number of members by 20.
      • Megacorp Management: each level increases maximum number of members by 100 and requires Corporation Management V to learn, the effect stacks with with other capacity increasing skills.
      • Empire Control: each level adds 400 slots to corporation capacity, with Empire Control V corporation can hold a total of 2601 members, also Empire Control V is required to form an Alliance.
      • Sovereignty increases guild capacity by 2000 members with each level, with Sovereignty V corporation can hold 12,601 members which is a maximum possible corporation size.
      • Diplomatic Relations: Skill reducing cost of hiring allies for war by 5% per skill level.

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Corporation Creation

Once in station open the corporation window button in the right neocom menu. Under Home->Details tab you will find a Create Corporation button. Now you have to go through seven steps:

      • Choose a logo: Logo is formed from three layers each with separate pattern and colour.
      • Choose a name: Corporation name has to be between four and fifty characters and may contain only alphanumeric symbols, spaces and dots. Corporation name has to be unique. Name is permanent and cannot be changed later.
      • Choose a ticker: Corporation ticker is a short name for the corporation displayed in brackets after the wreck names. The maximum ticker length is five characters. Ticker has to be unique so you have to play around a bit, pressing the “Ticker” button will give you a suggested ticker. Tocker is permanent and cannot be changed later.
      • Enter a Home Page: If you don’t have a website ready you can always place link to a facebook profile or EvE Online forum recruitment post.
      • Enter a description: Describe your corporation in 4,000 characters. Descriptions are visible to the public ingame and on third-party websites like EvEWho so it’s a good idea to use that space well.
      • Allow Friendly Fire: Decide whether or not you want to allow members of your corporation to open fire upon one another without facing CONCORD intervention.

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As soon as you create your corporation game will prompt you to “Select Wallet Division” for the time being click “Yes” and select Master Wallet (meaning that for the time being your corporation will use one account). Another important thing is to seize control over all corporation shares. All corporations start with 1,000 shares that can be divided for various purposes. You will find corporation shares in the corporation wallet window in Shares tab. Leaving shares in the wallet will make your corporation susceptible to takeovers by nefarious players.


So there you have it! Your corporation is now active and running. To close a corporation all members must first leave or be removed, if CEO is the only person left in the corporation he should file a resignation, once this is done the corporation will cease to exist.


Your next step should be recruitment and rights distribution, appointing officers and corporation logistics which will be covered in another article.

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