Fallout 76 Documentary by NoClip

Fallout 76 Documentary
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

Today guys and gals from game dev documentary outfit NoClip published a new "making-of" documentary of Fallout 76 revealing huge amounts of information about the game.


What is noclip

NoClip is a YouTube channel dedicated to making a mini (sometimes maxi) documentaries about backstage of game development of some of the worlds biggest titles, on their list, you can find games like Warframe, Grand Theft Auto, six-part Witcher series and entire playlist dedicated to Rocket League. Usually, their videos premiered long after a game launch. This time, however, we are getting a look on recently announced Fallout 76 which did not even begin it's beta testing phase yet. 

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what do we know about fallout 76

In this exclusive interview with Bethesda's very owner, Todd Howard, we learn much about the philosophy behind Fallout 76, why this game came to be, what are the core differences between Fallout 76 and other survival games and how "softcore" it really is. Reporters from NoClip spent almost 6 weeks prior to the reveal of the game at E3 2018. Among many gameplay related things, we will learn how Battlecry studios became part of Bethesda development machine, and how their experience in multiplayer games made became the foundation of the game development process. We will also learn why Fallout 76 is so big and how the process of "shrinking down" an entire state of West Virginia proceeded and how rich folklore of this backwater foresty state influenced the game. 

F76 items

We chose West Virginia because it was still east coast but isn't really touched because nobody is going to nuke West Virginia. 


For this and more check out the video below

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