Fallout 76: Online Survival from Bethesda?

Fallout 76 Online Survival
WhiskyBob 11.04.2019 0

A teaser for the new Fallout game caused quite a stir in the gaming community. Not only it came out of nowhere but it is clear, that is not the continuation of the series (hence the name "76" not "5"). And even tho the teaser follows the same style and theme of previous titles something seems off, is it the upbeat feel of the perfectly functioning vault? Or maybe the country song playing in the background? Speculations flood the internet. 


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Let's begin with what we know about Vault 76. Vault 76 was one of the proper, control vaults created by Vault-Tec, no malicious evil social experiments took place there, the purpose of the Vault was to repopulate the surface as early as possible so it's one of the first Vaults to open merely 20 years after the Great War. Even tho the Vault 76 was supposed to open (according to Fallout Bible source) in 2097, the PipBoy in the cinematic hints the date 27 October 2102 - a small hiccup? Or just lore inconsistency? Or something more? In the year 2102, Richard Grey becomes the Master taking over Mariposa military base and begins his experiments on Force Evolutionary Virus.


Originally the Vault consisted of 500 inhabitants that were supposed to rebuild and repopulate the surface as the first Vault Dwellers to emerge in the capital wasteland, 150 years prior events of Fallout 3. 


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According to anonymous sources at Kotaku, the game will not be a single-player RPG/shooter, instead, it is rumoured to be an online survival game similar to Rust and DayZ but with storyline and quest. Focused on the base building and surviving the savage wasteland that will probably way less accommodating of that we know from Fallout 3, 4 and NewVegas. Unfortunately it's all speculation based on one source, hopefully, we'll learn more during Bethesda pre-E3 press event on June 10. 

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