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Browser and mobile titles have flooded the market. Strategies, simulations, sports games - in theory, there is plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, most of these games are similar, as if they all used a ready-made scheme; the only difference is the graphics. Fortunately, there are still ever-popular titles that constantly introduce something new.

FootballTeam, as an elaborate football game, offers many unique mechanics you can’t find anywhere else. It's a unique combination of RPG and football manager, where you create your own player and guide him to the top of the football career. The premise is simple, but the gameplay is very original. Check out what you can expect!

Table of contents:

Your Own Player and Equipment

Special Events

Footballteam Legends

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Your Own Player and Equipment

Equipment in FootballTeam

FootballTeam has much of the feel of a traditional RPG. Creating a player is just the beginning of the journey. You must find him a club, take care of his training and get sponsors. But that's not all! The outfit of your protégé has a key impact on his statistics. The football set consists of the following items:

  • Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Boots

RPG veterans will immediately associate these as the equivalent of a helmet, armor, and boots. And it’s no surprise, as these items have similar functions. Of course, getting the best items is quite a challenge, but as in any RPG, it requires patience and perseverance.

Since we are dealing with an online game, we expect that the community aspect stands on a high level. All the players and clubs are 100% live players, so the developers must ensure that this community does not diminish. Here’s how they do it.

Special Events

Stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to an online game, so special events are here to prevent that. Those events usually come with cheaper training, work, and increased income. They can last for a weekend, an entire week, and even a month. The last event that happened in FootballTeam was Halloween Event. It lasted from 28th to 31st October. It was a short event but very rewarding for the time being:

  • Training cost was reduced to only 3 Energy.
  • Specializations were 70% cheaper.
  • 50% more Euro for every Work.
  • Training cost reduced by 10%.
  • 2x more Energy for every meal in Cafeteria.
  • 2x more Energy for Credits.   

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg regarding all events happening throughout the year. This was the most recent one, so you must start playing and check for yourself what else the game offers.         

FootballTeam Legends

FootballTeam Legends Collector Cards

There is no better way to reward the most persistent players than to put them in the game! Some time ago, the developers showed special collector cards as a part of the internal card game. 

Each card represents one of the players selected by the community, so developers have nothing to say in this aspect. Not only that, all the cards are unique and fully animated! If the upcoming card game is even half as good as the featured cards, there is much to look forward to.  

Play Now! 

With its developed RPG elements and community events, FootballTeam stands out from the competition. Approximately 40,000 players log in here daily, and this number is growing steadily. If you want to see what else this game has to offer, register now and start your football adventure! 

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