FootballTeam Betting Guide - Hit the Jackpot!

FootballTeam Betting Guide - Hit the Jackpot!
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FootballTeam Betting Guide

Many of us know the thrill of excitement associated with placing a bet on one of our favorite teams and watching the game to see if they’re going to make us proud (and richer). Even when there’s not that much money on the line, predicting the score and winning your bet feels satisfying. The developers of FootballTeam managed to encapsulate that feeling and translate it into the virtual matches that take place within the game.

FootballTeam betting system is straightforward. When you enter the Home screen, you’re going to see the list of available games for betting. You can press on one of them and enter the number of Euros that you want to stake and the team that you’re betting on (you can also choose the draw). You can also press the button below and go to the full list of matches that you can bet on.

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What matches can I bet on?

There are some restrictions regarding the games that are viable for betting. You can only place your Euros on the highest level games – 1st and 2nd domestic leagues and National Cups, European Tournament, and Champions Tournament. Friendlies and lower leagues do not apply to this feature. Moreover, the match only becomes open for bets for an hour before it starts, so you have to login in at the right hours to make your wagers.


What information do I get?

FootballTeam provides the players with some information that can help them make the right choice. First of all, you can look at the odds. Like real bookmakers, the team that’s predicted to win the match will have lower potential returns. It’s due to the fact that it’s the most likely result.

That being said, you can also look at some more data. You can compare the teams’ overall skill (OVR) and look at their most recent track record. The betting screen displays five dots below the name of each club. They show the results of the last five matches played by that team. The green dots symbolize wins, yellows ones indicate draws, and the red ones represent defeats. If you see a high OVR team that suffered five losses in a row, it might mean that they’re not as strong as the numbers would suggest.

Of course, you can go even deeper. You can open the team pages and compare their starting lineups. Take a look at their strongest and weakest players, health levels, and potential stylistic matchups to make your educated guess later.

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What else do I need to know about FT betting?

Euros are the only currency that you can stake. There are no bets for Credits or other resources in the game. Each player can only place wagers on 10 games per day. Besides winning Euros, there are some more benefits related to betting. Win bets, and compete with other players for the Top Better of the Week title!  Each week, the top 3 players receive valuable rewards in the form of packs, Energy, Free Keys, and more! You don’t even need that many Euros in this competition – the amounts that your stake doesn’t matter, you just have to predict the scores and win your bets!

No matter if your main goal is to make more currency from betting, or reaching the highest places in the ranking, we recommend diversifying your risk over multiple bets. It’s the easiest way to collect large amounts of points and make sure that you’re not losing money off your bets. Of course, there’s no way of being 100% certain that you profit off of your wagers. After all, real-life bookmaking is a massive industry, because all the people fail to predict the results of various games. That being said, if you really have the sixth sense, you might be able to hit 7, 8, or 9 of your 10 daily bets, which will most likely result in a net gain.

FootballTeam betting system doesn’t include any more advanced types of wagers. You don’t have to predict the exact final score – you have to pick the winner. There are no line bets, parlay bets or anything like that. The whole feature is really simple and easy to grasp. However, it doesn’t mean that picking the correct teams to bet on will also be easy!


Betting can be a great way of earning extra Euros in FootballTeam. Of course, all the wagers have a certain element of risk associated with them. That being said, if you make use of the provided information, you can significantly increase your chances of succeeding. Keep that in mind while making your wagers, and you may just become the next Betting Champions of the Week!  



Can I bet with Credits on matches in FootballTeam?

No, it’s impossible - you can only bet with Euros. 

How to become the Best Better of the Week?

Your best chance is to place 10 bets every day, since it gives you the biggest potential amount of ranking points. However, the competition will be pretty fierce and winning will be really difficult. After all, we’re talking about bets - you’re going to need some luck.

What to look at when I’m placing my bets?

If the odds are heavily stacked on one side the bet should be relatively safe. It won’t give you a lot of profit though. Some other things that you could consider are both teams’ OVR and their most recent track record.  

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