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Every soccer fan loves the sport for different reasons. Some admire specific soccer players, others delight in the technical play of their favorite team, while others thoroughly analyze every match. And most importantly, soccer can satisfy all of these needs. Can it be the same with a browser game? FootballTeam proves that it’s possible! I’ve spent some time with this game, so I will share my impressions.

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What is FootballTeam?

Your Own Club

Events and Updates

Collector Card & Card Game

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What is FootballTeam?

Create your footballer and manage his whole career

FootballTeam is a browser-based online football game where you create your footballer and lead his entire career. In addition, you can become a football coach where you manage your own club. At the moment, about 50,000 players are logging into the game every day, so you can see that this gameplay model is doing well. 

The game's strongest point is that you don't need to know soccer to have fun. You can entirely focus on developing your player and completely ignore the creation and management of your club. However, considering what opportunities open up to the founder and coach of your own team, you're missing out on quite a bit. Here's what you can expect when deciding on the manager's path.

Your Own Club

Club management interface

Before you can manage your own team, you must develop your player properly. Only after you have reached the required OVR, you’ll be able to create your own club. But, here comes the fun part. The FootballTeam community consists of living players, and there are no bots here! Once you've set up your club, you'll need to look for people willing to join. Fortunately, it will be visible to other players, so sooner or later, you will manage to complete a team.

You can participate in league competitions, Champions Tournament, the European Tournament, and many other championships. As a founder and coach, it's up to you to decide what lineup and formation you will go out on the turf. Remember that you can advise your players, as someone may not be happy that they are heating the bench in this match. Good communication is crucial in this case, so don't forget that players are not just a bunch of pixels.

Events and Updates

Training facility is the upcoming addition to FootballTeam

The community is of great importance to the developers of FootballTeam, so updates and special events are quite common here. The School Event brought special discounts for Training, improved chances of getting unique items, and announced new features. 

Soon, club owners will be able to invest in a special training center with extensive infrastructure for several new features and improvements for the entire team. All that remains is to wait and see if the gameplay will jump to an even higher level! The hype is real, and I hope it will bring the gameplay aspect to a new level! 

Collector Cards & Card Game

Collector cards are going to be part of FootbalTeam's card game

To reward the most dedicated players, the developers have prepared fully animated collectible cards that will become part of the upcoming card game. Each of the dozens of cards features unique graphics and includes the nickname of one of the players. 

Pretty much, it's the community who chooses who to feature on these cards, so in the main, it's the other players who co-create it! If the game itself won’t differ in quality from the presented cards, we’re up for a real treat!

Play Now!

FootballTeam is constantly developing, and the community greatly influences how the game looks today. Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and Latin American servers are available at the time of writing. Register now and start your soccer career! 

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