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FootballTeam is an online football manager created back in 2009. For more than 10 years, developers have polished the gameplay aspect to attract as many players as possible. As for 2022, over 50 000 players log into the game daily, and new players keep coming in. 

What stands behind its success? The actual gameplay and an engaged community are key, but regular updates are also important. Here, you’ll learn the original features of FootballTeam that you can hardly find in any football manager.

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Lucky XI Bet and Win

Top 3 of the Week

Cast Your Vote!

FootballTeam Legends

Play Now!

Lucky XI Bet and Win

Lucky XI Bet and Win event

Like in every online game, you need funds to prosper. Training, items, packs – everything costs money. However, there is a way for quick earnings without any risk. From time to time, developers organize a bet where you can win up to 10 000 Credits if you guess the score of the upcoming match. There’s also an option to bet on certain matches directly in-game, but with a risk of losing your money. Lucky XI Bet is a special event with no risk involved, but you must be quick instead. 

The rules are as follows:

  • Adding a comment before the start of the match (maximum one minute before the first whistle).
  • In the comment, you must include the match's exact score and the teams' names in the correct order (hosts: guests) and the exact format.

 Example: The Punishers 6:6 SAIYAJINS

Grand Prize: 10 000 Credits for the first person to guess the result. 

The remaining 10 people who guess the result will receive 4000 Credits. Winners are decided by order of correct answers in the comments. If you correctly predicted the result, the prize will go to the account from which you made the type.

Top 3 of The Week

Top 3 of the Week event

Being the best doesn't come without notice!  Every week the best players are rewarded with Credits based on their overall score in a certain category. The prizes are granted in three categories:

  • Tricks
  • Trainings
  • Bets

The first three places are eligible for a generous reward based on the OVR score. It means you can get rewarded weekly if you’re dedicated enough to a certain role.

Cast Your Vote!

Cast Your Vote event

Events are an integral part of FootballTeam and they usually come with great discounts and generous rewards. Even better, players can vote for the best weekend event for their server! These votes are centered around several training discounts, and it’s up to the players to decide which is the most suitable for them.

Requirements to vote:

  • Active account.
  • 150 OVR.
  • Active Premium Assistant.


FootballTeam LegendsFootballTeam Legends collector cards

FootballTeam Legends series was made to honor the most dedicated players. Here, regular players are meant to choose the best goalkeepers, defenders, assistants, and forwards. The administration doesn’t influence the voting process, so nobody is favored. What’s the point of that voting?

Players with the most votes are rewarded with a special collector card with their name on it and unique, animated graphics. There are a total of 30 cards for each position, so it means over 100 unique cards overall! These cards will be part of the internal card game released in the future.          

Play Now!

The community features alone separate FootballTeam from other online football managers. It shows that the community has a huge impact on the course of the game. Special events like Lucky Bet or FootballTeam Legends are extremely popular, and the best players are properly rewarded for their efforts. At the time of writing, Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and Latin American servers are available. Register now and start your soccer career! 

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