FootballTeam - What a Good Football Manager Should Look Like

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Who doesn't remember kicking a ball with friends after school or playing table football? In the past, there were no other opportunities to develop your football hobby, not to mention running your own team or joining an influential club. 

These were the dreams of kids from the neighborhood soccer fields, wanting to break away from the surrounding reality. I remember feeling like Ronaldinho after finally doing a trick whose mastering took me hours on the field. At some point, I had to abandon the dream of becoming like my idols, but that doesn't mean I stopped developing my football passion.

I always liked FIFA or Football Manager, but when the internet became more accessible in my country, I discovered alternatives in the form of browser games. However, over time games with similar themes have sprung up like mushrooms after rain, making it difficult to choose something solid. However, there is a game that particularly caught my attention - FootballTeam. I came across it by word of mouth, simply recommended by one of my friends. Was it worth giving it a chance?

Table of contents:

What is FootballTeam?

A Soccer RPG?

Your Own Club? Why not!

Collector Cards and Card Game

How to Play FT?

What is FootballTeam?

Główny ekran pokazuje, że założenia rozgrywki nie różnią się od tego, co oferuje konkurencja

FootballTeam is a browser game that is no different from its competitors at first glance. We create a player, define his position, appearance, and then climb the ranks of a football career. What caught my attention, however, was that the footballers on each team are 100 percent real players. 

This is not so obvious because many similar games use bots to somehow fill the gap in the not very large community of players. Here this problem does not exist - about 50,000 people log into the game every day, so every player on your way is a flesh-and-blood human being. But it's not the community alone that football games stand for.

A Soccer RPG?

Interfejs jest schludny i przejrzysty, więc nietrudno jest znaleźć interesującą nas opcję

After logging in, we are welcomed by a neat and clear interface that leads us to a mass of various activities. From here, we can check the status of our player and his club, send him to training, to the city, or check the schedule of upcoming league and cup games. The multitude of different activities is almost overwhelming, and describing each one would take far too long. Nevertheless, it is worth leaning over the player development system as it comes off surprisingly well.

Just like in an RPG, our protégé must develop his skills, which are divided into different categories. These skills include:

  • Offensive play
  • Defensive play
  • Playmaking
  • Stamina
  • Anticipation
  • Pressing
  • Set Pieces
  • Efficiency

Of course, a jack of all trades is a master of none, so it makes sense to focus on developing skills crucial to your position. Each training session consumes cash and Energy points, which you earn through matches or sponsors. That said, a striker shouldn’t practice defensive play, and a goalie won't invest in set pieces. 

Przykład dobrze rozwiniętej postaci z odpowiednim EQ

The outfit also affects the effectiveness of your player, so you must make an effort to get a good jersey, shorts, socks, and boots. As befits a good RPG, properly selected equipment will significantly enhance your skills, but you have to spend a lot of time acquiring it. Combining a soccer game with RPG elements is one of the most original things I've seen and a solid reason to give it a chance.

Your Own Club? Why Not!

Zarządzanie klubem jest równie rozbudowane jak rozwój zawodnika

FootballTeam is a full-fledged manager, so in addition to developing your player, you can lead your club! Its name, lineup, or setting in the upcoming match is up to you. It sounds kind of like guild battles in RPG games, right? However, remember that the lineup is made up of live players, so someone may be unhappy that he is warming the bench this time.

As a team, you can participate in league competitions, fight for the Domestic Cup or try your hand at special events like the Champions Tournament or the European Tournament. Of course, victories in such tournaments are rewarded accordingly, and the best players can count on special benefits. Speaking of community rewards....

Collector Cards and Card Game

Karty kolekcjonerskie mają być częścią wewnętrznej gry karcianej FootballTeam

Some time ago, the developers decided to reward the best players with special collector cards. There are dozens of cards, each of which has unique graphics and is fully animated. The community chooses the players on cards, so there is no favoring by the administration. 

At the time of this writing, they serve a purely decorative role, but in the future, the developers plan to create an internal card game based on them. A great prize for the most dedicated players! Does it have a chance to compete with The Witcher’s Gwent? We will find out soon. 

How to Play FT?

FootballTeam is one of the best things that has happened to virtual soccer fans in recent years. An engaged community, talented developers, and RPG-like gameplay are the strongest assets of this production. Currently, Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and Latin American servers are available. Still, the developers announced the release of the English and American servers later in 2022, so register now and start your football adventure in FootballTeam!

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